Alexandra Snow – Mommie Helps with Your Homework

Look, honey, I know that you’re struggling with math but you and I both know that you have to pass if you want to go to college. You don’t want to be stuck here forever! So sit down and let’s work on your homework. Ugh, what has you so distracted? My cleavage again?

I’ll button it up so you can concentrate… no, it’s not working. Look, what is it going to take for you to buckle down? Hmm.. if I “help” you with your little stiffy down there, will you get this done? Alright, well get it out and let’s get started. No, no, stroke it like I show you! Just like that… just at this speed.

I know you’ve always been so preoccupied with your cock, perhaps this is the best way to keep you dedicated to your schooling.

This video includes: taboo / mommie-son roleplay, masturbation instruction, orgasm control, tit worship, POV cock tease, JOI encouragement


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