Alyssa Reece – Beaten Up By A Girl

You are laying flat on your back on the ground , looking up at your mom as she leans over you. She just watched you get your ass kicked. You tried to confront your bully and she crushed you. Your mom is disappointed in you. You’re eighteen now, technically a man. Nicole is the girl who beat you up and she is only 15. A who man got beaten up by a girl who is a ch*ld, Your mom tells you to get up, but you can’t. You’ve been beaten up so badly that you’re just lying sobbing on the ground.

Your mom reaches down and scoops you up in her arms like a baby. You ask you whether you at least put up a good fight. Your mom has to tell me that you did not. Nicole dominated you, toyed with you. She was laughing at you, putting her foot on your face, flexing her muscles for the crowd of people who watched you fight .Your mom shifts you and is now holding you in only one arm. She flexes her free arm and suggests that maybe she can teach you how to defend yourself. Mom asks you to flex your own arm and then she compares your muscles. Yours are so little and puny compared to your mom’s strong muscles. She gives up on the idea of teaching you to fight. With how weak your muscles are, you will never be stronger than Nicole. She’s so athletic and muscular from all of her ballet training. Instead of learning to fight, she tells you that you’re just going to have to run home to Mommy. Mommy will protect you.As you continue to cry, mom tries to soothe you. She cuddles you up to her breasts and decides to give you a handjob. “I can’t believe how small your penis is now .I’ve seen it before and it has gotten much smaller, like Nicole has taken your manhood away” your mom says.Nonetheless she jerks you off gently, using just two fingers, cooing, soothing, reminding you that you’re lucky to have a strong mommy who protects you.


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Download file – 104.6 MB

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