Alyssa Reece – Mommy Gives You A Lapdance

Mom is in the kitchen about to make dinner. Her son walks in.I know today is a big day for you -you’re finally eighteen! I can’t tell you what a proud mom I am! It feels like just yesterday I caught you peeking at me in the shower, do you remember? Oh don’t be embarrassed, all boys do that. Anyway I’ve been feeling a bit bad that you haven’t had a dad around all these years to throw a baseball with, or have a beer with. He should be here to take you to your first strip club, and get you drunk. It’s your big day, right?

I thought I could bring the strip club to you …IF you want… You know I was still dancing until a couple years ago, but did you know your mom used to be a feature dancer? That’s right. I was a headliner – that’s how I paid for college and everything you have! She leans in close and puts her hands on his knees. Yeah I’m serious, you see private dances with a feature dancer are very expensive. That’s how I made enough money to afford all this..but you’re probably not interested in seeing your mother do that kind of thing are you? It would probably be weird right? I’ll just go back to cooking dinner. What’s that dear? It’s not THAT weird? Ha! Didn’t take you long to reconsider huh? You want to see if mommy’s still got it?You want to see me take off my clothes and dance for you? Your own mother…Do you like what you see baby? How much did you see that time you watched me in the shower? Did you see mommy’s ass? I’ve often wondered if you’ve tried to peek at me again, more recently?


Download file – 114.9 MB
Download file – 114.9 MB

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