Angie Noir – Let Mom Teach You Sex

Angie is upset with her son Luke! She started to look something up on the internet using Luke’s laptop and discovered PORN! Luke! This is not right! You cannot learn how to romance and perform well with women if you use PORN as your guide! Luke is embarrassed and to make matters worse, Mom wants to teach him the proper way to seduce women. So Angie explains what to do and demonstrates! So… Luke gets to practice Taboo Loving on Mom! Step by step, TITTY to CLITTY! Kissing to licking…spoil the girl! Don’t just put it in! More TEASING! If your girlfriend does not know what to do…show her…

Let Mom show you the PROPER way for a girl to suck on a cock! Luke is loving life! Angie is dripping wet and she decides it is time to ride Luke’s cock! Mom straddles his hot rod and starts bouncing hard up and down on his big cock! He decides to show Mom his talent – fucking pussy! He turns her over and gets on top of Angie and begins to stroke his cock in and out of her wet cunt! Mom is grunting and moaning from his pounding! She is really getting fucked well by Luke and tells him! He even asks her where should he cum? Angie wants it in her mouth so she can taste his seed. Yummy for Mom! Luke decides it is time for Angie to bend over for more pussy pounding! Wow! The lessons are working and Luke takes his time to fuck her well. But he is getting close so he turns her over and fucks his dick into Mom! He pounds her juice-filled cunt then pulls out and straddles her face to jerk off into her mouth! Ahhhh! Angie just loves a big load of JIZZ filling her up! She loves that salty taste and makes sure to lick up any spilled cum! Angie finishes by showing her son his seed and then swallows it! LESSON LEARNED!


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