Angie Noir – Obsessed With Moms Panties

My Mom support us by stripping at local strip joints. She was 5’8″ with hazel eyes, long dark brown hair, and luscious, firm 34DD breasts. My mom just came home from stripping one night wearing a tight neon green club dress. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when she sat down beside me. “Whew, I’m ,” she said as she laid her head back on the couch “My feet are me” she stated while staring at the ceiling.

“Need me to massage your feet for you?” I immediately offered. “Sure baby, that would be great” she replied while turning to the side of the couch and laying her feet across my lap. I moved my hands very slowly across the base and toes. A small “mmmmm” was released from her mouth as I massaged her feet. I looked at her face and noticed that her eyes were closed. She was clearly enjoying the massage. I then moved my eyes from her face to her breasts. I could easily see her breasts and the bumps her nipples made through her very thin dress.
I moved my eyes lower to her waist area and saw that her legs were open a bit. and caught a good glimpse of her blue panties. I kept looking at her panties and my mind could not let go of the image of the moist pussy that lay underneath. “Well thanks a bunch baby, but I am gonna go take a shower now” she said as she stood up from the couch. She was on her way up the stairs as I watched her swaying ass and that is when I noticed that I was hard. Very hard!

I waited a few minutes then decided to spy on my mother. I knew I had to see more! I walked up stairs and towards my mother’s room. I slowly walked in the bathroom and spotted my mothers clothes on the floor saw her blue panties that she was wearing earlier. I picked them up and brought them to my nose. I took a nice long whiff at the crotch of the panties. There’s nothing like the smell of a woman’s pussy. I was incredibly hard at this point and I knew right away that I had to masturbate. I noticed a new pair of pink panties near the shower and moved slowly to grab them and jerk off into them! I took a huge whiff from the crotch of the used panties and jerked my cock till I quickly exploded and I filled her panties with my cum. It was the best feeling I had ever felt.

I was embarrassed of my brazen actions, but was relieved that she had no idea at what just occurred. I left her room and watched the rest of some crappy movie on TV then switched it off. I wonder if she’s asleep? I thought. I walked up the steps and walked towards her room again. She left her door open for some reason. She usually closed it when she would go to sleep. I quietly approached her doorway and saw her laying in her bed sound asleep. She had the covers up to her tummy. I quietly approached the side of her bed and gazed down at her beauty. I was curious if she were wearing the pink panties that I came in earlier. I just had to find out. I slowly got a hold of the edge of her sheet and slid it below her waist, exposing the very same pink panties. My cock sprang to life with the thought of my cum on her pussy. I got bolder and reached my left hand out, softly touching the crotch of her panty-covered pussy. It was incredibly warm and soft. I felt the crease of her pussy lips. But more to the point…I felt my wet cum on them! I can’t take it anymore!

I kept pushing the forbidden, taboo limits and fondling her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples, then boldly spreading and rubbing her hot, wet pussy! It didn’t seem to wake her, but I didn’t care if it did anyway. All I knew was that I wanted this woman! That is when she woke up…she was still very groggy from her herbal sleep aid…and saw me! She mumbled something about a nice dream and asked what I was doing there. I asked if it was okay and would she like to masterbate together…she answered yes and took out her large dildo and shoved it into her hot hole. Soon I took a bold step and rubbed her pussy and fingered her ass! She moaned and grabbed my cock and started jerking it! She came and pulled the dildo out then laid me down on the bed. Mom started sucking my cock…deep into her throat. Soon, she moved her body over mine and lowered that wet cunt onto my hard cock! She fucked me so furiously and came several times! I reciprocated and pounded her pussy from below! Her tits bounced with each stroke and she grunted and squirted on my cock! I grabbed her neck and held on tight till I sprayed my seed into her pussy!

“Thank you baby, but don’t tell anyone about what happened here okay?” I said “okay” because “I wanna do it again! But this time.. lets do it doggie style!” She agreed with a evil grin!!


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