Angie Noir – Son Comforts Distraught Mom with 10 inches

Well…Angie’s husband Mr Noir is very upset and has left her. She is distraught and her Son Shaggy has cum home from school to COMFORT her. For a moment they held each other. Angie drew strength from her son’s love and support and she wanted to hold him a little longer and feel safe. She didn’t even notice that she was pressing her body to him. Shaggy was very aware of it, however. Her breasts were pressing into his chest and he could not help noticing how firm and exciting they were. Worst of all, her groin was pressing against his and once again he could feel his cock stiffen in response. They sat on the bed and talked while Angie caressed her Son.

Angie was so happy that it seemed perfectly natural for her to kiss Shaggy at that moment. As she did so, both of their lips parted and Angie’s tongue slid into her son’s mouth instinctively. Angie was also shaken by what she had done. But it felt so right. She knew she should stop, that she she should run from the room at the horror of what she was doing, but she found she didn’t care. She still felt a deep longing to mate and her son was so much like his father that she couldn’t resist the urge to seduce him. Shaggy quickly came to the realization that his mother wanted him and that she was his for the taking. He wasted no time in laying claim to her!

Shaggy couldn’t believe what was happening. He was sitting next to his mostly naked mother, sharing an open mouth kiss and playing with her tits. His rock hard cock was painfully trapped in his trousers. They decided to break their kiss and Mom pulled his shorts off. Angie knew her son needed to fuck her real bad, and she really wanted it too, but there is something else she wanted to do first. She had to suck on his 10” cock! She slid her lips and tongue up and down that shaft and tasted all of Shaggy. She loves spending time pleasuring a man’s cock and balls with her slutty mouth! Shaggy was in heaven but he desired to get Mom’s panties off and FUCK her! He entered her from behind as they laid next to each other and Angie grunted, moaned and groaned while that huge cock fucked her pussy! Angie and Shaggy continued their forbidden fucking – Mom straddled him and sat down on his hot shaft and got pounded! In the end, she layed on her back and Shaggy slid his big cock into her wet hole and fucked her more! Shaggy was ready and told mom and he even asked where he should cum! Mom groaned and asked for a hot load of seed in her pussy so she could get pregnant!


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