Cory Chase – Mother sends you away unloaded

Mom is so proud of you, in a week, her little guy is going away to college…She invited you into her room to congratulate you…With a raised eyebrow you wonder why Cory is already naked…She does not want to send you off to school not knowing how to handle yourself…College girls will be throwing themselves all over you the minute you step past the door…Mommy wants you to remember who is number one and who will always love you the most…She seductively asks you to strip down so she can suck you off…No need for any foreplay, your cock is ready…Mom lays down and instructs you to mount her…You think this is wrong but you are going away, this might be the last time you see her…Oh the sweet warmth of her pussy reminds you back to your childhood…When you would peak thru her door to see what a naked woman looked like…There was no older sister around to peak at… Cory then moves to all fours and wants you to make love to her from behind…Your cock is still hard and you move in…Cory feels that cock of yours getting harder and harder and knows what is next…One more position change and Mommy is ready for your cum…You fill Cory’s tight pussy with your load and you are finally ready for College…Maybe when you come back there will be a surprise in the empty room…Maybe…


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