Diane Andrews – Your Graduation Present

Well hello honey, and congratulations! I’m so very proud of you. That’s a huge accomplishment, graduating high school! Now, it’s time for us to discuss your REAL graduation present.

I mean, of course you can still have the car we promised you, but if you want… there’s another present you can have that I know you’ve really, really wanted for a very long time. That’s right… me.

I know your party is going on in the other room, so we would have to be very quiet, but who would ever suspect that we are in here doing what we are about to do? So, if you promise not to tell, and promise to try to be quiet, you can have me for your present.

I wore this dress just for you, and I wore it without a bra just so it would be easy access while we do what we’re about to do. I also wore these sexy black lace panties just for you, too!

Oh my Gosh your cock is so big! I had no idea! It’s going to be so hard to keep quiet while you fuck me with that. Wow. Take it nice and slow at first please, as I’m not used to a cock of that size. Wow, going faster makes so much noise, but I want you to fuck me hard. Maybe it would be best if I get on top.

You like it when mommy rides your big cock don’t you my baby? I really enjoy it too. Wow, this feels so incredible, I think I’m going to cum. Oh my it’s going to be so difficult to stay quiet. Wow.

Now, when it’s your turn to cum, make sure you fill me up with your cum!

Wow, now mommy has a pussy full of your cum! Shhhh…


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