Domination for your own good – Secret Bath Visit

Imagine you are a young boy spending the night at your best friend’s house. You’ve always thought his Mom was hot & always checked her out but would keep quiet about it. After your best buddy falls asleep, you sneek into his Mom’s room where you hear bathwater running & music playing. The curiosity overwhelms you. You peek in the door & find his Mom starting her bath & taking off her lingerie. You crawl in without her seeing & see her panties beside the tub. You sniff them, getting wildly aroused.

She is so elegant and demure – her panties smell so sweet. About that time you accidentally make a noise & she catches you red handed -spying on her with you holding her panties & a hard on. She is startled, threatens to call your Mom & tell on you but she knows what a curious little Mommie’s Boy you are & has empathy. Instead of getting you in trouble, she seductively taunts you. She grabs your hand & forces you to feel her breast, her bottom, her private part & even stick a finger inside of her. She forces you to masterbate in front of her. You can’t take anymore & explode a big load of jizz all in her bathtub. An encounter you’ll never forget… Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone – it will stay our little secret…


Download file – 416.0 MB
Download file – 416.0 MB

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