Hotwiferio – Taboo mommy talk part 9

It’s been so long since I’ve played with Billy’s young dick. I’ve been thinking about having him in my mouth for days and I just can’t wait any longer; so as I’m waiting for him to get home from school he comes into the living room and sees me sitting there holding one of my big cock toys.

“He then asks me what I’m doing and why was I dressed like that.” “I tell him that I’ve been thinking a lot about what I said about not ever wanting to play with his dick again and how I really don’t want to stop doing it. I then ask him if that’s ok and he say’s yes.” I can tell he’s excited to have me play with his dick again, and I’m even more excited knowing that he wants me to!! I begin our playtime by showing him my new sexy bustier, stockings and heels. He loves seeing me dressed up like a pretty little slut and I know it gets his dick nice and hard for me! I show him my big titties and I pinch my nipples to get them hard. I then pull down my panties and show him my hairy pussy and then bend over so he can see my tight little ass hole. I can see the bulge in his shorts and that he’s getting real hard. I then lay back on the sofa and lube up my big cock toy so I can slide it inside me. I do it nice and slow so I can stretch my little pussy out so I can fit it inside me. I fuck it really good and my pussy is so wet now. I tell Billy to take his dick out so I can see it. His pre-cum is already dripping from it’s head. I’m so excited seeing it again and how nice and hard it is for me! I tell him to stroke it and to watch me while I’m fucking the big cock toy. I then can’t stand it anymore and tell him to bring his dick over to me. “I ask him if he want me to suck on it for him.” “He says yes and I begin to lick and suck on it”. I’m enjoying every minute of it and want to go slow since it’s been so long since I’ve played with Billy’s dick. It seems so much bigger then the last time I had it in my mouth! I suck on him for a long time and stroke it while I caress and lick his balls too. I am building up so much cum for me! I’m so excited now knowing I’m going to have all that cum in my mouth soon! I am fingering my pussy and I cum just as I tell him I want to eat his cum. He lets out a huge load in my mouth and on my lips. I lick it up and swallow it all up!! It’s so good!


Download file – 387.8 MB
Download file – 387.8 MB

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