Kathia Nobili – Take advantage of your robbed handcuffed and gagged mother

It’s so early morning and you just coming back from the party. You told you have to be very quiet and just quickly slip in to your room. You hope your mother will not realize you are coming back so late! But that’s weird, some very strange noise coming out of your mother room. First you just told horny mom enjoy her self, but to listen a bit more, no, it can’t be it! You coming closer to your mom’s bedroom, you open the door and you see her bondage on the bed: You quickly jump there, try to help her rip the tape off of her mouth.

Your mom is starting to explain that the rubber make this with her and how desperate she feels and when you are listening and watching how she is tight you start to have very growing feeling in your pants. You try to fight with your self, that the idea with is turning you on is so sick, but you can help it! You hold your mother’s head, put back the tape and take a real advantage of your mom! You start to fingering her pussy feel how worm and wet is it! And then you just stick your hard dick inside your mother! She try to screams a bit, but her wet pussy doesn’t lie, she like this situation to be so hopeless and feel her son’s cock inside her! And to make this completely like your fantasy you pull her up and fuck her mouth so hardly so deeply you just use your mother like your sex toy and doing her everything you were always secretly dream of! And to be the real dominant man you just cum all over her face! Nice white facial that’s what your mother deserve.


Download file – 752.9 MB
Download file – 752.9 MB

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