Lucy Marie – Mom fucks her son after reading his diary

Mom and son are reunited after a 2 week school trip, both have been longing for each other, and quickly things get out of hand…
I am so pleased with your report card results! and you make me so proud, I have missed you so much the last two weeks while you have been on that trip, its been so long since we were together, you know in that way..have you missed your mother? I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I need to touch you darling… hmmmm so hard already.

Mommy has a confession, please don’t be cross, I went in your room and read your diary, I’m so sorry baby, but god it was so hot! you put into words everything that I’ve been feeling… I loved to hear all the things you want to do to me, you don’t realize the things i want to do to you. I have a present for you baby, look here are the panties you like to wank over… Mommy wants you to wank over them and then Im going to rub your cum over my pussy baby.. hmmmm…now rub the panties over your balls hunny and Im going to stroke you, Ive missed your young hard cock so much.

Mommy is going to have to be selfish darling, I cant wait I need to fuck you, you want to feel your cock in my tight wet cunt don’t you!….hey don’t blush I like to talk dirty, you make me so hot… hmmmmm taste my juices baby. I know you want to fuck me again, it says in your diary ,and I know you have been watching porn to try and learn, dirty boy.Mommy is going to show you… now spit on that cock and make it all silky for Mommy’s cunt.. I’m going to spread my legs and I want you to slowly push your cock in me… hmmmmm yesssssss fuck that feels good! fuck me harder!


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