Luna Sapphire – Mommy Rewards Good Little Boy

Hey baby boy, come sit on Mommy’s bed. I had a meeting with your teachers earlier and they told me all about how well you’ve been doing in school! They all think you’re such a good little boy, and they’re right. You are a very good boy and I think you deserve a special treat. First I show off my body to you, teasing you with my round ass in a black thong. I can see that Mommy’s ass makes your cock so hard, so take it out for Me, baby. I want to take care of My little boy. I give you a mind-blowing handjob, switching between slow sensual strokes and jerking you fast. I tease you by kissing the tip of your dick, rubbing my ass on you, and edging you several times. All the while I am encouraging and dirty talking to you, telling you that you are Mommy’s good little boy, and mine alone. I don’t want to share you with anyone else baby, especially those teachers who all think my boy is so cute and smart. So you have to be all mine, okay? What an obedient son I have. Now blow that big load for Mommy.


Download file – 687.3 MB
Download file – 687.3 MB

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