Lux Orchid – Mommy Helps Him Study

Son is studying for his SATs, mom enters the room and asks son how he is doing. Son isn’t doing very good. Mom asks if he’ll do better with some motivation. Mom gets on her knees and son pulls out his cock. Dirty talk. Son asks mom to stand up, and she wonders why. He then lays her on the bed, and begins eating her out, to mom’s surprise. He starts fucking her. Dirty talk continues. Son flips her over, and continues fucking her hard. Mom is enjoying it a lot. Son gets on the bed, and mom rides her. Mom gets on her knees over the bed and gets fucked in doggy again. She seems to be enjoying it a lot. She gets on her back and gets fucked hard again. Scene ends with mom sucking son off while he lays on the bed.


Download file – 725.9 MB
Download file – 725.9 MB

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