Meana Wolf – Practice With Mommy

Sweetie why aren’t you sleeping? Tomorrow is your first day of the 6th grade…I know you’re nervous but you really have to sleep for mommy okay? Oh come on what are you worried about? Girls? hahah Oh come now…there’s nothing to be worried about.Everyone is gonna love you. All the teachers, all the other boys, and all the girls are all going to love you. Oh come on honey…you’re still nervous? Look…don’t tell your daddy…but maybe you wouldn’t be so nervous if you practiced with mommy. I know you’re worried about kissing…so why don’t you let mommy help you? Maybe then you won’t be so nervous? Okay…now just pout your lips like this…and close your eyes. Mommy is going to kiss you. mmmm you like that don’t you? You want to try some more advanced techniques? hahah of course you do…you’re my dirty little boy aren’t you?


Download file – 707.9 MB
Download file – 707.9 MB

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