Natalie Wonder – Enjoying Mommy’s Pantyhose In More Ways Then One

What do you keep staring at sweetie. Oh, mommy’s nice panty hose. I know it’s not the typical style of pantyhose but you know that your mommy is not the ‘typical’ type of woman. You’ve never seen me wearing these yet, have you. How about mommy gives you the full experience of looking at them, appreciating them, maybe even touching them if you get extra close. Come, come closer to me sweetie.

Mmmmmm there you go. Touch them. Uh oh, and I’m not wearing any panties either. You’re getting an extra naughty view of mommy’s sexy parts, but I think you’re enjoying it. I think you may be enjoying it so much that you’re even curious to find out what it feels like to wear mommy’s panty hose yourself. It’s normal to be curious about it. I think you should try my pantyhose on right now. You can feel the soft and silky material against your own body, and other certain special parts on you. You’re going to love how it feels, sweetie. Especially with mommy’s help.


Download file – 154.4 MB
Download file – 154.4 MB

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