Natalie Wonder – Mom confronts son about naughty friends and gets embarrassing surprise

You & your friends are such dirty, naughty boys. Oh don’t act all surprised sweetie. Mommy hears & sees everything that goes on around here. I heard you guys, you little perverts. Talking about how you and your friends want to grab me from behind, take my pants down, throw me on the couch & take turns fucking me hard.

Your own mother! I can’t believe I heard that. But I must admit, it was quite flattering. And it turn mommy on very much. Thinking that my handsome son & his friends want to fuck me. That’s hot. Don’t be shy now sweetie. You didn’t seem shy when you were talking about this stuff to your friends. So why don’t you invite a friend or two over one day. Maybe we can all play together. Mmmmm this is turning you on. Making your dick so hard, hearing mommy talk about doing dirty, nasty things with you & your friends. Let’s talk some more while we play together. Come on, get it out for mommy. Good boy. Let mommy touch it while we come up with naughty ideas. Mommy wants to play with her pussy too.


Download file – 140.8 MB
Download file – 140.8 MB

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