Natalie Wonder – Mom exposes her dirty fantasies to her son

My son’s friends are coming over. I’ve had a couple beers so I’m feeling a little uninhibited. I’m afraid I’m going to tell my son some things that are way too honest. I wonder how he will react to my ideas? I know he acts all innocent but deep down he has very naughty thoughts about his mommy. I can only imagine the conversations he probably has with his friends.

After all, I am a young mother, and quite attractive. I don’t doubt that his friends would want to fuck me. Do all kinds of dirty things with my pussy & mouth. I would totally let them. I know that’s so bad. As a mother I should be the responsible one. But my crazy hormones get the best of me sometimes. How hot would it be if one of these days there was a big orgy right here in my living room. See more at While my son watched? Or even joined in? I have such dirty thoughts. I need to tell my son. This liquid courage is going to have me saying things that definitely cross mother/son boundaries. But I don’t care. Deep down I know my son & his friends want it too. I’m going to go talk to him about it right now.


Download file – 154.6 MB
Download file – 154.6 MB

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