Natalie Wonder – Mom Lets You Watch After She Showers

What are you doing?! Sweetie, were you out here the whole time while mommy was showering? You were trying to sneak a peek, weren’t you. You could of just asked me. I would of been okay with you hanging out with me while I showered. Your friends? What about them? Oh, I see. Your friend’s moms aren’t’ okay with them seeing them nude in the shower. Well sweetie, you know our relationship is quite different. So if you still want, you can stay with me here while I dry up & get ready. I won’t mind you seeing my naked body. Mommy is going to take her towel off now. Don’t feel uncomfortable. This is mommy in her natural state. If you find yourself getting turned on while seeing mommy’s nude body, you can touch yourself. It’s okay & natural. I want my boy to feel completely comfortable in every way with me. Even sexually. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’d rather you jerk off to your loving mommy than some strange girl. Go ahead sweetie, loosen your pants up. That’s my boy. You might make mommy want to touch herself too. Let me put some lotion on. It’ll help me slide my hands around my body better. On my tits, in between my ass, around my pussy. Mommy wants to show you how she takes care of her body after showering.


Download file – 102.4 MB
Download file – 102.4 MB

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