Natalie Wonder – Mommy Demands You To Get Her Pregnant

Mommy’s been doing a lot of thinking lately. Ever since your step-daddy passed away, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Especially that huge sum of money. We don’t have much of a family left sweetie. It’s just you and I. That’s it. And it’s a whole lot of money. I want to keep it in our family. How great would it be for you to have another sibling? I should probably just be blunt with you. Mommy’s ovulating right now, and I’m going to fuck you so that you can get me pregnant. I’m also extremely horny.

It’s the only way to keep that huge amount of money in our family. Nobody will ever know sweetie. It’s okay, really. What do you mean ‘no, it’s weird’? Don’t back out on this. Stop being selfish! Mommy does A LOT for you. Anything you ever need, I do it. Now I am asking you to do this favor for me, for us. Enough of your complaining. This is an order! I am going to get on top of you & fuck you. I’ll grind my pussy down on your cock really hard so that when you cum it’s so deep that you coat mommy’s cervix with your cream. Give me your strong seed & get mommy pregnant.


Download file – 212.6 MB
Download file – 212.6 MB

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