Natalie Wonder – Mommy’s skimpy workout outfit seduces son and friends

Mommy’s going to the gym, sweetie. Oh, well you didn’t tell me you had a couple of your friends over. Hello there boys. If I would of known I would of made you guys something to eat. But anyways, I’m going to leave for the gym sweetie. What’s that? My outfit is too skimpy?

Sweetie, do you want me to go workout in long, hot pants and a sweater? Of course not! My trainer said wear something comfortable. And this outfit is quite comfortable for me. And no I’m not wearing any panties or bra but mommy usually never wears a bra. My tits are pretty firm and perky all on their own sweetie. Oooopps! I forgot you other boys were here. But I’m sure you guys talk about tis & ass all the time, am I right? As a matter of fact, my skimpy gym outfit is probably turning you boys on, isn’t it. Oh sweetie, don’t’ be shy with mommy just because your friends are here. It’s natural for you boys to get turned on by a hot, older woman. What do you boys call someone like me..? A MILF, right? Mmmmm let me show you what a hot, confident MILF is capable of doing to you innocent, boys.


Download file – 163.7 MB
Download file – 163.7 MB

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