Natalie Wonder – Nothing Satisfies Mommy More Than Her Son

I’m sorry to wake you up,honey. Do you mind if mommy uses your body for a bit? Your father and I were having sex before and he had his orgasm but I didn’t get to have mine…and of course after we finished he just rolled over and went to sleep. He is such a jerk sometimes. That’s why mommy needs her number one man right now to help her feel good. You’re the only one who really satisfies me, honey.

Mmmmm your cock is hard already…were you playing with yourself before I came in here. Can I put your cock in my mouth for a bit….mmm good boy. Just relax and let mommy do all the work. I can’t wait to get on top of you and ride your cock. Mommy’s pussy is so wet…you are going to slide right inside of me. What did you say..? Oh no, your father won’t hear us, he is . It’s going to be just you and I, honey. The way it should be….

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