Natalie Wonder – Son Makes His Deposit Inside Mommy

What is this I find on your bedroom floor again? It’s your cum. I can smell it. Mommy knows what cum smells like. This makes mommy very upset. Sweetie, don’t you realize you are so special. Your cum is even MORE special. You shouldn’t be wasting it and cumming all over the floor or letting it go down the shower drain. I realize you have urges & you need to release them but from now on I want you to come to mommy for your release. Mommy will take your cum. All of it. I won’t have you wasting it away anymore. I want it. No matter what I’m doing I want you to come to me and tell me you need a release. Mommy will be there for you & I will happily take your cum. Anywhere you want, in my mouth, on my body & even inside my pussy. Let mommy be your cum deposit. Don’t waste your special juice. Why don’t you give it to mommy right now. I know you have some & I want you to make your deposit inside my pussy. Look at how mommy spreads it for you. Fill mommy up with your thick load.


Download file – 152.4 MB
Download file – 152.4 MB

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