Nicole Oring – Mommys Boy

Mom is sitting at the edge of her bed slipping thigh highs on when you walk in on her. After apologizing for not seeing you, she asks you what your plans are for the night. You tell her that you are going out. When your mom finds out that there will be girls from your school there, she immediately disapproves.

After all, those are just silly little girls from school, and you are mommy’s boy! You keep catching glimpses of her pussy and her now stockinged legs, and she can’t help but notice your hard on. Mommy decides to teach you a lesson in the experience of an older woman. She beckons you over and then straddles you, taking her shirt off. Mommy places your cock at the lips of her pussy and slides down your erection. She rides you, breasts in your face, all the while telling you that you belong to her. You’re her naughty boy who is enjoying fucking her, and she’s the naughty mommy who can’t resist her big boy.


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