Payton Hall – Blowjob from mommy for my improved grades at school

Payton’s son has something to show his mom. A big A+! Well she had promised that she would let him choose whatever he wanted if he improved his poor grades. Well he did and now he wants to collect from his attractive mom. She of course wants to follow through, after all he did get a A+. Well it turns out what he wants is to see his own mother naked. Payton finally agrees to give him a tiny peek if he doesn’t tell anyone. She had offered him money for the strip club, a trip a new phone and no avail he chooses her.

She turns on some music and attempts a small strip tease showing her thong under, her ass crack, her natural boobies and flashes of her tiny clean shaven pussy. Well that seems to have an effect on her fit young son and his youthful cock becomes hard as a rock. So Payton is curious and wants to just touch the stiffy he conjured up watching her. It has been years since that cock was in her hands and it was much different then. She is secretly aroused. He now wants a blow job from his own mom. She feels it is wrong and tells him no. Well he isn’t accepting that answer. Okay Payton gives in a bit , and agrees to just a tiny blow job. So she is sucking the huge throbbing cock of her son and looking at his gorgeous flat abs and she is sucking away. He asks if he can cum in her mouth and she explicitly


Download file – 118.0 MB
Download file – 118.0 MB

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