Sophia Sylvan – Secret Time With Mommy

You come into Mommie’s home office, anxious for my attention. Daddy isn’t home yet, and I know just what you want- some of Mommie’s special attention. I know just how to take care of my son, so I tell you to strip down. I take my boy in hand and give you Mommie’s special treatment. I jerk you off POV style, but you want more- you want what Mommie gave you before, her breasts, her body, everything. Daddy will be home soon so I’m nervous but I take off my top, and bra..for my sexy son. I jerk you off but you want Mommie’s pussy- there’s no time for that but I take off my skirt and slide my satin panties over your cock and flash my pussy at you, and then rub my ass on your dick, so silky with Mommie’s panties. I talk dirty to you about your little girlfriends, getting the nasty details about what you do with those little girls. I’ve taught you well. I jerk you off on my breasts and then lick the come off the end of your dick…


Download file – 125.1 MB
Download file – 125.1 MB

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