Xev Bellringer – Mommy Rewards You for Good Grades

Now, honey, we need to have a little talk about your future. College is just around the corner and that means you will be applying all over the country this next year. Your GPA is going to play a huge role in whether or not admissions will consider you, so we need to focus on your grades. Mommy isn’t disappointed at all by how you’ve been doing sweetie, but you need to put yourself entirely into your school work. That means no girls, OK?

Hey, my face is up here Mister. I’m your mother for goodness sake. This is what I’m talking about – sex is all you can manage to think about isn’t it? Well fantasizing about your own mother is not productive…hmm…

No, I was just thinking…OK, mommy has an idea, but you must keep this to yourself. Absolutely no one can know about what I’m going to tell you, especially your father. If…if you improve your GPA by the end of this coming year, I will…give you a blow job. Your first blow job. Alright, we have a deal!


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