Casca Akashova – You’re A Disappointment To This Family

I have been having a hard time in school, in better terms, I was failing. I knew I could never let my Dad know I would never hear the end of it from him and his wife. I was trying to be on my best behavior but my Stepmom Casca realized and knew I was up to something. I had to admit to her that I was failing, she lost it on me and kept yelling at me. I need her to promise not to tell my father, she agrees but only if I do one thing for her… fuck her…

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Dawn Willow – Trashy Mom Light JOI

I’m your naughty momma and feeling so needy this morning, won’t you come in bed and cuddle? You’re never too old to love your Mom and she loves you too…. in that special kind of way. She isn’t perfect but no one is could you really break her heart and say no?

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AnnabelleRogers – Daddy Left, Time to Play

Your father has left for a few days on a business trip. That means it’s time for you and I to have some special play time. I tease you in my tight low cut sweater and then I get your cock out and start to jerk you off. I shove your face into my cleavage and once you are nice and hard I lead you to the bedroom where we fuck missionary until you cream pie mommy.

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Vanessa Videl – Naughty Birthday Photoshoot With Mom

It was a normal birthday for Dan. He came home to an empty house on Friday at 5 pm, knowing that his Mother would be home in a few minutes, hopefully with at the present he asked for – a new digital camera. Dan had gotten interested in photography and cinematography a few months earlier. Unfortunately, his Father was away on business for the whole week, so he was going to miss his son’s birthday, meaning just Mother and Son alone for the evening… Dan’s Mom comes with the gift we has hoping for. “Happy Birthday, Honey!” Son is instantly excited by his new digital camera, and insists that his Mom become his new model. Mom is really shy at first, but agrees to go along. “Anything for my little boy on his special day.” The shots/poses start off very tame and professional, but Dan keeps insisting on his Mother being more proactive for the camera. “These are just tests shots.. I promise I’ll delete them, Mom.” After some wine lower her inhibitions and wanting to desperate please her Son on his birthday, Mom eventually becomes topless, wearing just a thong and stocks, as her very eager baby boy starts stripping off his pants in preparation for some “practice” blow job shots…. Dan whips out his massive cock while his sexy Mom is sitting on her knees, eagerly waiting for her son’s next taboo pose. Wanting to make sure Dan’s birthday shots come out perfect, Mom puts the tip of her son’s dick in her mouth. Mom can’t help but to suck her son’s massive cock some while it’s just right there in her mouth. Dan then has the idea of his Mom bent over as he strips off her panties for some even more taboo shots. It’s not long before this leads to Dan fingering his Mom’s tight pussy, and then Son orally worshipping his Mom’s sweet pussy. After a very intense orgasms, Mom pauses. “No… we’ve gone too far.” The mother-son duo lovingly embrace before their hormones take back over and their focus moves back to the taboo photo shoot. Mom and Son then move to the ground for some “fake” fucking shots. Have his Mom’s sweet yearning pussy right by his cock is too much Dan as he decides to take it all the way with Mom and sticks his dick right inside her. She moans in shock and pleasure. Dan then fucks his Mom in doggy before sliding his cock up and down Mom’s beautiful cleavage… Dan is ready to take his birthday present to the next level as he asks his Mom for some picks with his dick near her sweet asshole. Dan rubs his Mom’s asshole and then sneakily shoves his massive cock in her tight butthole. “Oh Mommy, your ass is so tight!” Mother and son fuck anally in doggstyle, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. “Anything for my BabyBoy’s birthday!” Dan’s young cock is so full of cum when he finally shoots his huge load all over his Mom’s yearning face. “Just remember.. it’s our little secret.. Happy Birthday, Son!”

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Mindi Mink – Taboo Proposal

My son. You and I have crossed a threshold. I never thought it would be like this with you, my own son. At first it seemed so wrong to be having these feelings towards you Michael, but when I found out that you felt the same way I knew this couldn’t be wrong. And then your proposal to me, to your mother was so beautiful. Not many people will understand us. But the way you look into my eyes when you cum inside of me, and when we cum together can’t be mistaken. We are in love and I don’t want you with another woman, and I know you don’t want me with another man.

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Mindi Mink – Amazon Mom

Your mom, Mindi Mink, is dressed as an amazon woman and needs to instruct you about how to treat all the other Amazon women in the village. You are eager to learn and watch as she undresses herself, revealing her large tits. She continues to undress and has you suck on her titty. Soon, you are allowed to suck her clit and fuck her in the ass just right. Just like that, son! You could get used to fucking amazon women, but none of them are as hot as your mom! You secretly wish you could just fuck her all the time instead of the other women in the village.

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Mindi Mink – Mom Talks To Son About A Threesome

My son and I have had a great intimate relationship for some time now. But I’m into girls too, so I suggest we find some young hot chick on the weekend at a bar & take her home with us. I get super horny thinking and talking about the idea, so I tell him you need to take care of my throbbing pussy…just like any good son would do for his Mom.

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Mindi Mink – Aunty Mindi Relieves Your Blue Balls

You have the worst cast of blue balls. You go to tell your aunt Mindi Mink about how bad they are and that your girlfriend got you turned on. She is in a super hot nighty and she isnt afraid to show it off. She is ready to help you relieve your blue balls. She starts teasing and turning you on. She tells you to pull your cock out and stroke it to her while she masturbates.

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Mindi Mink – Auntie Needs Help Moving

Your aunt Mindi Mink needs help moving so she has invited you over to talk about it.She wants to know what she can do for you. Shes very concerned because she doesnt have anyone to help her out. I can pay you! What do you mean you want a different form of payment? You want to do what? You want her to strip and let you suck on her tits while she masturbates. She is really in a bind because she desperately needs help moving. I guess we can do that. She caresses and strokes her big tits. Teasing you and turning you on. She really starts getting into it, she starts taking off her clothes. Mindi is really loving it now, she starts playing with her pussy and then pulls out a huge dildo. You want to watch me fuck myself with this dildo.

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