yogabella – MILF Talks to Sons Friends

Hey boys, come over here. I want to ask you some questions about what my son has been telling you. Has he told you about sucking his MILF mom’s titties? How about how he fucks me? well, It’s all true! Why dont you boys go home and fuck your MILF mom’s too!! You are all virgins, and I know your moms… they totally want to fuck you!

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Kelly Payne – Pool Party Boner

You and mommy are at your friends pool party for his birthday. Mom is enjoying sun bathing by the pool when she notices you sitting pretty close to her. She asks you why your not playing with your friends, you and her can enjoy some quality time later on… you show her your “problem” you have a massive boner. Mom thinks quickly and wraps you in a towel and makes an excuse to go inside and help you with your little problem. Mommy tells you how we have to be very careful and quick, because this is normally just a mommy house thing. Mommy starts stroking you, and you ask to fuck mommy. She tells you no, but she can tell you need something more to cum… she bends down and starts sucking you… but you continue asking her to fuck mommy… finally rather aroused herself she agrees, but you have to cum quickly. You climb on top of mommy and bring both of you to orgasm… mommy cleans you up with her mouth… accidentally getting carried away by pleasure and you get hard again…. she pulls you close and you fuck mommy again… almost getting caught when your friends mom comes to check in on us.

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ScarletEllie – Watching Mom Sunbathing Leads to Fucking

Mom loves to lay in the the backyard and sunbathe. You love watching mommy In her bikini . You start touching yourself as she catches you. She’s upset at first then starts to get horny watching her son jerk off to her . She takes off her top and starts watching you and then joins in . She then cant help herself and climbs on top of you and fucks you outside hoping nobody catches you both. You watch mommy’s huge tits bounce as she counts you down to a huge load inside her. taboo sunbathing tan tanning blonde thicc bbw mom curvy bikini suit son mom.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Encourages Son To Masturbate

Script: You are masturbating for your 18yo son who you’ve been cock teasing for a while to the point that you want him to cum with you while you masturbate together before you cross the line and fuck. Use A LOT of dirty hot incestuous talk (you’re one of the best at this) while playing with your breasts and with your hand in your panties. encouraging him to watch you and what you’ll do for him. You take of your bra so you can get your nipples really hard and then your panties come off to show your son how you finger yourself and how good it would feel to have his cock inside of you, how much you want to fuck him. You tell your son what a dirty whore you are for your son’s cock,encourage your son ..say that’s it , say it out loud call your mother a dirty slut for her son’s cock, say you’re going to cum inside your mother, say you’re going to cum inside your mom’s pussy. yeah that’s hot, that’s so dirty, oh this is so wrong but tell me how much you like it. You want to cum on me ? want you to cum with me, Mommy wants your cum, cum anywhere you want, you want to cum in my mouth, in your own mother’s mouth, etc, You want to fuck your own mother don’t you? I think you know what I’m talking about. Limit “mommy” use mother, mom instead. Don’t use “cunt” use pussy instead. Sexy voice, moaning , nipple and breast play.

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Rae Knight – Secretly Wanting My Son

I went into your room before you got home from lacrosse practice and found naughty taboo porn left open playing on your laptop!!! It’s just been us since step-daddy left so I have been very lonely. You came home from lacrosse practice and jumped into the shower. Little did you know, I have been secretly watching you naked in the shower and rubbing my swollen clit to your hard, young cock!!! I approach you after the shower to tell you what I saw and that you don’t need to watch that anymore!!! I think we can fulfill each other’s needs and desires!!! I am very lonely and very horny, just like you. I will even let you in my tightest, naughtiest hole!!! Give me a very naughty anal creampie!

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Nicole Nabors – Mommys Poolside Blowjob

Mommy gets in the pool in her new bikini while you sit by the pool. She asks you to get in but you know that you can’t. You have a boner from looking at her in her bikini. She comes over and realizes you have a boner. She teases you with her big boobs, knowing that’s what got you hard. She asks if she can take care of it if you want. She pulls out your hard cock and sucks your cock. Your such a good boy. She then gives you a tit job with her big tits. She dirty talks, begging you to cum for mommy. She then jerks you and sucks you until you cum in her mouth.

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MelaniesMuffin – Mommy Modeling Days

You play as son. Some how you found some revealing photos of me. I am horrified when I notice that your not wearing pants while viewing them. Despite my best efforts to hide how flattered I am when you tell me I still got it I start to get wet. You offer to take new updated photos of me .. I pose for you telling you that its okay but don’t masteurbate to me. As time goes on I become more and more horny soon not being able to help my self .. I want to suck your cock and ride you.

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Elouise Please – Encouraging Auntie Fucks Her Nephew

Aw, it’s been such a long time since I last saw you, I’m so glad that you’re here at this party. And wow, my nephew is so grown up now! You’re such a big boy aren’t you?! You know, ever since you were little you used to always stare at my boobs, so why don’t I show you them? Don’t worry, nobody will disturb us. And I guess you shouldn’t just stop there, how about if you use that tongue to lick your aunts pussy? Come on, don’t stop now! You don’t want anybody to find out that you licked my pussy, do you? I think you’re gonna have to do a lot more to please your auntie now… otherwise I’ll have to tell your Mum, my sister, and I don’t think she would be very happy.

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Kimberly Kane – Mommy Creampie Training

Mommy wants to talk to you. Mommy heard you were going out on a date tonight, and you know Step-Mommy doesn’t like that. You know Mommy is the best that you’re ever going to have… So Step-Mommy is going to drain you to remind you who your cum belongs to.

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