Littleredheadlisa – Mom Is Your Horny Slut

I come into the room very horny and really wanting my sons cock, saying how much I need your cock and only you, my son, can satisfy my pussy. Bending over and slowly pulling my panties down and spreading my pussy lips and ass while saying how much I need your tongue up my pussy and ass, showing my big tits while asking you to suck then, then I lay down and finger my pussy and asshole. I stop to put on a collar telling you that I only belong to your and only you can satisfy me, finishing with you fucking me and asking you to cum in mommys pussy.

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Littleredheadlisa – Jerking Off With Moms Panties

I am doing laundry and find a few pairs of your panties that are filled with cum. I am shocked and amazed by the amount of cum in the panties. You know that it must be your son cumming in the panties. I am concerned because there is so much cum I think that my son must be jerking off multiple times into the panties and decide to confront him about it.

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Brooke Woods – Gold Digging Stepmom Sucks Dad And Son Off

The story – You, me and your son are at the company Halloween party and I am PISSED after finding out you are giving your son a fat bonus and not me. I decide to get revenge, I seduce you both and start sucking both your cocks, comparing the two. Son is smaller than dad, I start humilating you for your small cock and comparing you to your dads much bigger cock. I tell you that I know you and your girlfriend have been going to the sperm clinic to try and get pregnant, but I snuck into the clinic and switched your cum out for someone else’s. This is turning both of you on so much, daddy cums on my face and tits and then I keep sucking his son off until he blows a huge load all over my already cummed on face and tits.

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Penelope P X – Let Me Breastfeed You Son

You and your Mommy are very close and have a very special relationship..You have never really stopped breastfeeding although you haven’t done it for awhile. You are stressed and Mommy knows exactly what to do to relax you. Let Mommy take your stresses away with her big boobs, very large nipples and the sweet milk you love so much. She also knows that a milky hand job while suckling on her delicious milky breasts will make you a new man.

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BellaBates – Mommy’s Best Son

As your mommy used to also tonight she wants you, his own sons, to compete in a small competition. The winner will, of course, receive a prize. Your mommy will put you and your brother to stand side by side. You know the rules, the one who cum first wins. Your mommy will sucks you and strokes your cocks. You stand in the middle and you are her favorite. She wants you to win, because she loves your cock most, it is the best. It fits perfectly in the mommy’s pussy. You must guess who wins..? Yes.. you get the prize, and you know for sure what it is. Good luck for the competition.

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MisterCoxProductions – Mommy Tucks You In For The Night

Mommy comes into your bedroom to tuck you in for the night, Mommy also remembers that she forgot to serve you your dessert after you ate all your dinner like such a good boy so tonight you get Mommy for dessert! She crawls up on your bed, pulling your covers down to discover your big cock. Mommy serves you your first course of dessert as she sucks on your cock and balls. Mommy serves you your second course of dessert as she climbs on top of your hard cock and rides you with her big natural tits hitting you in the face. Mommy serves you your third course of dessert while she turns around to ride your hard cock reverse cowgirl so you can see all the action with her big sweet ass and cute little feet facing you. Mommy serves you your fourth and final course; Asking you to fuck her doggy style and cum all over her. You pull out of her pussy and unload a HUGE cumshot all over Mommy’s sweet ass. Mommy tells you how proud of you she is!

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MisterCoxProductions – Fucking Mommy While Daddy Is Away

Mommy sends Daddy off to the grocery store… Not just because she needs some groceries for cooking dinner tonight, but also because Mommy wants to spend some good quality time with you while she wishes you a “Good morning…” and climbs up onto your bed to snuggle your big cock inside her mouth! “I know those balls are swollen… Mommy thought she should come drain them” she says as she sucks your cock and dirty talks. That’s not all she wants though… “You wanna see Mommy’s ass?” she asks as she turns around and plants your cock DEEP inside her pussy, fucking you reverse cowgirl and you spank her ass! “You want to fuck Mommy doggystyle?” she asks. She bends over as you stick your big cock back inside, fucking her harder and harder making her ass wave. “Yeah fuck Mommy harder….. Ooooh yeah Mommy likes that” as you continue fucking her doggystyle until your swollen nuts unload a huge cum load all over Mommy’s foot and toes! “Such a GOOD Boy….You always know how to make Mommy happy!”.

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