Ashley Alban – Quarantine Makes Step Mom Crazy

It’s April 2020 and the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You have been sent home from college, and the remainder of your semester is being spent with your step-mom since your dad is at work at an essential job. You’re hanging out playing a video game, when your step-mom comes wandering over to see what you’re doing. You can tell that she’s buzzed (again) and she stands right in front of the TV, and starts ranting about how you only play video games all day and she’s so bored stuck at home with you. She even takes off her top and bends over asking if the squats are making a difference. While she is hot, you’re so annoyed that she interrupted you, plus she’s being such a mess. You can’t deal with it so you get up and go to your room. You barely get a minute of respite before she comes barging into your room. You try to just ignore her in hopes that she goes away. She explains that she’s just so bored cooped up at home. She can’t leave. Dad is gone pretty much all day every day and he’s exhausted when he is home. She still has need, and she knows you do too. She suggests a little arrangement since the two of you are home all day together. She takes off her tube top, and says that she knows you’re attracted to her. She turns and bounces her ass, saying that she has seen you trying to catch peeks of her coming out of the shower before. She pulls her leggings down and you can’t help but get hard when you see that juicy ass. She sees the tent you’re starting to pitch, so she tells you to get up and pull your dick out. She starts to suck, lick and gag on your dick. She loves it; she says this will definitely have to be a regular thing. She needs you in her pussy though, so she gets on all fours on the bed and pulls her thong down. You slide your cock inside her velvety, warm pussy. You fuck her and make her booty bounce until she cums. She says she’s too sensitive after she cums, so you pull out and jizz all over her ass.

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Mona Wales – Your Moms Big Secret

Your mom has a big secret to tell you, although she raised you, loved you, took care of you her whole life, she is in-fact not your real mom. She has another secret too she is deeply and profoundly attracted to you and really wants to suck your cock. Will you put your cock in mommys mouth? It will feel so good.

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Helena Price – Auntie Helena Jerks Me Into Her Panties

Auntie Helena, clad only in her silk robe and some lacy panties, finds me snoozing one day in her living room, and she surprises me by kneeling down to take my cock into her soft, oiled hands! She starts stroking my cock gently, talking to me about how she knows this is what I want, and how much she wants to play with me IF I agree to play with her in return. She is getting turned on by my young cock, and she strokes me harder and faster, begging me to cum inside her pretty pink panties. When I am close to cumming, Auntie Helena stands and pulls down her panties to make room for my cock so she can stroke my load out into her panties. Once I cum, she rubs my cum all over her pussy and pulls her panties back into place. She tells me she is going to lie down, and leaves me with confusion about what just happened…

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Cherie DeVille – Happy Birthday Virtual Sex

Mommy loves you so much and I think you’ve grown into an amazing young man. Do you remember when your dad suggested we have sex so I would have company? I saw you as his replacement and he let you in. You would never let your Mother go because what we have is too special and I want to spend my life with you. I put on this sexy outfit and your father paid for it because I wanted him involved when you saw it. It makes daddy is more pathetic when he buys the lingerie you’re going to fuck me in. (POV virtual implied) Take out your cock so I can face fuck myself. Gagging on your large cock, I always forget how much bigger it is than your dad’s shrimp dick. You fill me up in a way he never could. It’s time you cum inside me and I want to breed with you. No condom, so put your seed in me. Your precum makes Mama’s tight pussy even wetter! The more I orgasm, the more I will suck that jizz up and get pregnant. Pound your mommy because we make the best team and love each other so much that it can’t be wrong. I’m cumming all over your cock so fuck me harder doggystyle. You know how to satisfy me unlike your dad who has premature ejaculations. Go slowly so Momma can feel every inch. Let me ride you cowgirl style and my large boobs bouncing in your face. Don’t tell me to be quiet because I don’t care if your sissy daddy hears me yell your name. Worship my large tits and lick them like when you were younger. These are all yours because I haven’t fucked your father in years. My red fingernails grab onto my face and big breasts as I climax on your shaft. I cum by grinding my clit on you, so wait for me to shudder again. Put me on my back and this is how I want you to climax in me. Go deeper and blast your load in your Mum’s pussy. Look at me in the eyes because I love you so much. I’m rubbing your seed all over your Father’s side of the bed so he can smell what a real man smells like. My eyes roll to back of my head and blushing like a schoolgirl but I need your load. Go clean up and we can cuddle while I get this spunk deeper inside.

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Kittycream – Mummys Video Calls Her Army Boy

I’m chatting to my boy who is away with the army. He is missing his mommy who likes to satisfy him when he is at home. She wants him to feel she loves him very much so she shows him in the only way a good mommy knows how…

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Jessia Starling – An Accident With Mommy

Your mommy REALLY needs to learn how to knock before she comes into your room. You were in the middle of jerking off when she barged in your room and decided to cuddle with you. You soon learn mommy wasn’t wearing any panties when your still-erect cock accidentally slips inside her pussy! At first, you’re both shocked and panicked — but neither of you can deny how good it feels. Neither of you could resist the temptation. Your mommy tells you to fuck her, because she can’t believe how good her baby boy’s cock feels inside her. You fuck your mommy spooning, then facing each other. Next, she gets on top and rides your cock, her huge tits bouncing in your face as she does so. Finally, you get on top and pound your mommy’s pussy until you both cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Flirting with Mom Through The Decades

You and mom have been developing something, building something between you…it feels like it’s evolving over time. A look here, a glance there…a word, a touch…all of it, building and building, day after day, year after year, decades pas until the tension comes to a head, as your mother finally pulls off her clothes and reveals herself to you, exposing herself, baring her skin to her son and imploring you, begging you, to finally take her, touch her, cum with her!

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Brittany Andrews – Stepson Walks In On Mommy

Misstress Mommy sees you watching her, and she tries to shoo you away, but after you ignore her pleas, and pull down your pants, Brittany cannot keep her eyes and mouth off your beautiful cock, and yes you get to have hot sex with her too!

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Brittany Andrews – Stepson Seduction

Daddy is Away, so Mommy Needs to Play with Her Naughty Stepson! We Won’t Tell Anyone What We Do, it’ll be Our Little Secret! Take Out your Cock and Let Mommy Have a Taste and then Get Ready to Fuck Me Like the Slut You Are!

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