Sydney Harwin – Babysitter

You like your babysitter, but she sometimes makes you feel… funny and you don’t know why. Tonight, she tells you that her boyfriend thinks you are cute and can she take some pictures of you for him. He sounds nice… then all of a sudden things change. Your babysitter starts to talk about your private parts and mentions that she can make them feel REALLY good. She puts her fingers around your bits and starts to tug on it. You like it.. you think, but you must not under any circumstances tell your mommy.

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MoRina – Love For Mom Grows

Your mom enters the room in a very slinkiy, sexy velvet dress and strappy high heel sandals. She’s going on a date and you find yourself jealous. The two of you have a very real, intimate discussion where she reveals how lonely she’s been and, well, she’s horny and needs to start finding a man to satisy those desires. One thing leads to another and, even though she is hesitant at first, you both end up getting exactly what you need.

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Missbehavin26 – 1st Night At Your Cougar Aunts

Script: You are the Cougar Aunt. Your teenage nephew comes to stay with you. My mother had told you in the past about my little obsession with her pantyhose and tights. About finding them with cum stains in them and such. You use that to seduce me. The first night there you come downstairs after dinner wearing a pair of plain black opaque tights as if they were your pajama bottoms with a cute night shirt without a bra. You play it off like no big deal but you notice me unable to look away from you in those tights. You LOVE the attention and knowing how much you are exciting me. You lay on the opposite end of the couch. You tease me by waving your feet and rubbing your legs together. Knowing how eager I must be to touch you. You act coy and ask if I would mind giving you a foot rub. You can tell how nervous I am and you love it. What starts with a innocent foot massage leads to us “misbehavin” Please let me see you masturbate with your tights on the whole time. Using your fingers over and under the tights. Maybe even use a vibrator if you like. I just want to make sure you get those tights nice and scented up to send me. Leave the tights on the whole time please. After letting me watch you masturbate you take a pair of your sheer pantyhose you wore to work that day and roll the leg up and slide it over my cock like a nylon condom. Use a small dildo. Then talk really dirty to me about how my mother told you how I like doing this with her worn pantyhose. How you have always wanted to watch a boy cum. You Stroke my cock through the nylons until I release all by building tension into your pantyhose. You tell me we are going to have a fun time together while I stay with you.

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Goldie Blair – Feels So Right

Step-Mom Milf Goldie in Her satin nightdress dirty talks to You Her POV Step-Son about the wet dreams She has about You , Her dildo cock in hand She cock teases and JOI while sucking the dildo as if it’d Your cock,reveals Her sexy tits sliding it between Her big tits for a titty fucking She plays with Her breasts still dirty talking and inviting You to masturbate with Her imagining that You and Her are entwined in each other ,Your cock exploring Her firm milf ass for dry humping before She flips over for a fucking Her legs in the air like You are fucking Her hard , then astride the cock cowgirl with Her tits bouncing in Your face inviting You to cum with Her!…

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Feel Better Blowjob

Your girlfriend got mad at you the other day. She got so mad, because you couldn’t hold in your load while she was sucking you off, and you shot right down her throat! It was an honest mistake, but she was so mad she told you that you cum too quick and your cock is too small–hitting below the belt, the one thing you’re self conscious about. You can’t stop thinking about it, wondering if its true, so you went to the school nurse and got out early to go home and mope. When you walk in, your mom is on the couch, and she can tell something is wrong. “Come on honey,” she coaxes, “you can talk to me.” So you lay it all out, and after talking a little, you feel a tiny bit better, but…you’re not convinced. Your mother is just trying to make you feel better. “No,” she says, “I’m really not. You had that little nudist phase a while back, and well…there is nothing to be worried about in that department. And cumming too quick? Well, that can be changed. You just need practice…”

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Pregnant Kelly – Step Mom Teaches Son To Be Nice

Your step-mom is desperate to bond with you and have some kind of close relationship with you. She’s already won over your father and little brother but you haven’t quite come around. She asks you to please share your favorite old bear your mom got you when you were smaller with your brother, he asks and begs for it constantly and she is determined to convince you to share. She sits down with you and admits she wishes you both were closer and she seduces you a bit into being nicer, we all care for one another because we’re family and you both could be intimate if you promise to be nicer and share, beside she’s not your real mom anyway… she’s your step-mom which makes it perfectly okay.

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