Bettie Bondage – Moms Bad Bet

You and your parents have a Friday night tradition: game night. Every week, basically, you sit down and play something. Lately, though, your mom has wanted to play poker, not Life or Monopoly or anything. And she wants to bet real money, too. The thing is…she isn’t very good. She’s bad at bluffing, and she plays way beyond her means. This week is no exception, and although you’re used to her putting big money into the pot, the ante is really upped this time: she’s got the deed to the house, her car title…everything is on the line! She’s so sure she’s got it in the bag, that this hand is the one that’ll win the whole thing…but everything’s already in the pot. Your dad leans over, suggests something else for her offer…she blushes. You can’t imagine what’s happening but there’s a bit of back and forth between them before your mother stands, shimmying in her skirt, pulling down her panties before dropping them ceremoniously onto the pile of money on the card table. What?! NO, she can’t be this desperate, can she? I mean, yeah, she may feel like she needs to win some of this back…but is she really proposing…no, she can’t be??…but her steely reserve makes you take the bait. You’ve always had a thing for your mom, wrong though it is, and there is no beating this hand. Of course, when you set your cards down on the table, she balks. She tries to back out, but you’ve won, fair and square, and it’s time for her to pay up. Besides, watching her beg, squirm, blush…it’s all just turning you on more. You head into the back bedroom and watch as she tries shyly to talk you down. But there’s no going back now, you tell her. “Just a handjob?” she begs, and you nod, knowing that a handjob is just the beginning. She may not like it yet, but you’re going to fuck her holes however you please, and as much as she may hate giving head, you’re going to cum right into your mom’s pouting mouth. She’s always been a sore loser.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Work Friend Watches You Fuck

You always like it when mom’s friend’s cum around. All those middle-aged women with their pent up sexual urges, they can practically smell your teenage hormones. And mom is all too happy to oblige! “How could I resist?” she coos to her new work friend over coffee, as she fishes into your pants, struggling to free your raging boner. “With a cock like his, I just have to stroke it!” Mom’s new friend watches as she strokes and sucks your cock before greedily sitting down and bouncing your dick deep into her pussy, all the while carrying on a conversation with her friend. Mom explains to her friend that it all started with your pesky and persistent boners. “I figured, I might as well deal with it myself, right?…well, it wasn’t long before he was coming to me for relief all the time. Even during book club! Of course, once the other ladies got a look at his cock, well, let’s just say our membership grew accordingly!”

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Missbehavin26 – Moms Hot Friend Uve Been Sexting

Script: (Uve met an older woman via tinder, but now she shows up at ur house ! Turns out shes ur moms best friend !!! ) Hey, the last video i ordered from you was really hot. So i got a new one here if you could do this in POV/Virtual Style only would be great! I order for 30mins maybe you could this story more realistic and add from yourself something to it would be great :* Story: Moms hot friend. A boy aged 18 years love MILFs, but at the time both did not know anything about each other. So the boy started to search in some Love-Apps MILF’s / Older womens. He found MOMs hot friend. He started to text her. After a while she sent him hot pictures. (Maybe you could here film urself doing some Pictures with ur Phone and how u send it him about Snapchat or other App). Next day Mom had a visit. It was HER! The boy tried to hide but his Mom was like Hey son that my new Friend. She was really sexy dressed and after she saw him, she was shocked and speechless. All three sat at the table for dinner, Mom had to go to the bathroom. He was really horny and said to her such hot stuff, your Pictures was really hot yesterday. He tried to touched her tits. But she was very nervous and said stop your mother is here. He said stand up for me show me your figure in real now. She said okay but you have to stopp after this. She bended over for him showed him her ass. Mom was comming from the bathroom it was really close. Mom said im getting ready now for the lady night, im going under the shower fast be right back. After mom was away both were so horny so they started to have sex. She was so loud moaning and said i cant hold it if your Mom can hear us we are dead. Mom comes out of the bathroom and saw how Son comes on her ass. All three were speechless.

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CaraDay – Bimbo Big Sis Sucks And Fucks Lil Brother

Hey! Are you spying on me? What you think your big sis is hot? Haha youre so lame little brother, but I guess I can entertain you… First Ill strip for you, making sure your cock is nice and hard, then I cant help but notice how big youve gotten and damn that kinda gets me horny… I start sucking on your hard cock, spitting and gagging all over it until Im ready to let you fuck me! I tell you to hurry before mom and dad get home and bend over for you, spreading my pussy so your cock can pound me hard.

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Dinkybum – Cum Fast For Mommy

I know you’ve been having some trouble recently with the girls you’ve been seeing. You can’t cum? I think you need some practice with someone you already know. Slide your cock into mommy’s tight warm pussy. You’re doing such a good job, I can tell how excited you are already. Are you going to cum for me, already ? See? All it takes is some motherly guidance! What a good boy!

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BuddahsPlayground – Blow Your Load For Mommy

Your mom is so hot for her age. She is a redheaded MILF and all of your friends want to fuck her. She parades around the house in her thong and t shirt all the time just teasing you guys. mom: I need to make up your bed for you honey. I don’t know why you always keep your room so messy… Wait- are you looking at my ass? Thats weird, but I have to admit that it does turn me on. Can you keep secret? I have seen the way you look at me and have seen how you try topee does my blouse every chance you get. How about I just give you a peek at what it is that you have been trying to see for so long. Look at this full bush…so much hotter than all the snotty girls your age right? I am an older woman. I cut to the chase and don’t sugar coat things. Come here. i want to stroke your cock for you…but… remember you can’t say anything to anyone. They would NOT get it or understand. I want to stroke your cock and have you blow your load all over my huge dd kitties… wanna??? You will se mommy’s hot big tits, big, round, thick ass and get a hand job as she encourages you to blow your load!

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BuddahsPlayground – Cream Pie For Mommys Pussy

I had no clue that my son would be at home taking a nap in my bed when I got home from work today. I walked through the door still wearing my leather skirt, thigh high leather boots, soft pantyhose, business top, long satin gloves and even carrying my handbag. I talked with him briefly and then hike up my skirt to reveal my shiny, sexy pantyhose and I could see him getting hard. I know that “she” won’t wear things like I do and I know how much it turns him on to see me in them. I remove my blazer to reveal that I have been wearing a shiny, tight satin corset all day long. I like to wear sexy things under my business clothing to make myself feel sexy. My big tits were about to bust out of that corset any second and I exposed my voluptuous bosom to watch my son get harder and harder. I couldn’t hardly stop from dripping my sweet pussy juice all over the gusset of my pantyhose as I peeled them off and threw them on the edge of the bed. I then took my satin gloved hands and slid them under the cover that he was under and ran my gloved hand up his leg and thigh finally reaching his hard cock. I throat fucked his cock and could taste the salty pre cum. I suck him for a while and then climb on top of him and ram his cock deep into my pussy. I ride him until he busts a nut deep in my pussy and then I masturbate with his cock still in me as I cum hard all over his rock hard cock and we have a creamy load of cum that is dripping from us both. I know this is so wrong, but I just can’t help myself. I hope that nobody will ever find out.

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Heel2toeaction – Mom Scores With Football Team

Hey guys, Great game! My son gets his skills from his mama. I was quite the touchdown queen when I was in school. Although, “touchdown” had a whole different meaning for me. You guys worked really hard tonight, and you should be rewarded. Pull your cocks out… Are you ready for some football? I’m not just any mom, I’m a COOL MOM! I’m about to SCORE with you ALL!

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