Mama Fiona – Yes Mom! Pls Take My Virginity

Wow sweetheart I cannot believe you’re already going off to college! You have grown up so quickly, and I know how hard you’ve worked. But, there’s one thing I really do regret hunny – and that’s the fact that I didn’t push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to girls. You’re still a virgin! I love you so much darling, and I think its very important for you to have some experience before heading off to the big leagues. I know you’ve always kind of had a thing for me hunny… so… If its alright its you, I’d like to be the one to show you the ropes. I know alllll your little fetishes… I know how much you love momma’s ass and momma’s feet, and I know exactly the way to show them off to you while we’re getting intimate! I also know how much you love to be teased… and don’t worry hunny – if you cum too early, I’ll have you up again in no time! When you go off to school darling – you’re going to be SO glad that your m o m ma was the one to give you some experience!!! Let me suck your cock until you burst, then lets fuck while giving you perfect views of my ass and feet. I’m going to make you cum HARD!!! There is no pussy like your mothers!

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Sloansmoans – Mommy’s Shiney Hiney

Watch as I gift you, my son, with something really special. Something really naughty.. it’s me, hehe! I seduce you and tease you with my body and I know exactly what you like, what you need… I rub my boobies and tushy in oil and use cute little words to describe my body: tushy-tush, naughty hiney, sugartushy, shiney hiney tushy tush and bouncy boobies. I know those words drive you wild as I show off my body just for you, sweetheart…

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Emmas Secret Life – Seducing My Son Again

After that amazing experience with your son you cannot stop thinking about it and need to have him again. Its getting so bad that you can barely keep from touching yourself even in public when you think of it. On top of that he’s about to deploy and be away for quite a few months soon. Finally you make a decision and tell your husband that you’re going out for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends. What you really do is show up at your son’s place in a surprise visit and start the talk off innocently enough while feeling out whether he still wants you in the same manner. You tell him all of your dirty taboo thoughts like how you’ve almost slipped while talking with your friends, saying his name, etc. and its making you hornier and hornier just thinking about it night after night. You tell him that he’s about to have the best weekend of his life or something similarly seductive and the scene cuts. In the next segment if you could be wearing sexy lingerie and heels it would be perfect and you would slowly strip and tease your son until your gorgeous body is fully revealed and then the two of you have passionate sex. Towards the end though if you could ask your son to really give it to his naughty mother and punish her or something like that that would be amazing. IE some light spanking and really vigorous doggy or whatever you feel works best for a mom asking for a little bondage from her son for the first time.Like before, if you could do a fair amount of the taboo talk (i.e. “mother” “son”), dirty talk (take me, fuck me harder etc.), and moaning, that would be.

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Mother Is A Clip Whore

Your son has found your manyvids account…. he’s been jerking off to it for a while. You found out while using his computer to check your email. He has a file folder named “mom” you wait till he gets home from school and confront him about it. You sit him down while you stand in front of a couch. You are wearing a robe with nothing underneath. Hey kiddo, soo I wanted to talk to you about something I found on your computer. ME! So you like watching mom get fucked huh? Shut up! You think that’s okay? Jerking off to your mom? Well if you think it’s okay on a computer screen then get your dick out. I’m serious, get your dick out. I’m your mom, I made you, so that dick belongs to me. (Take your robe off) go ahead, jerk off. You like mom’s pussy? (Start rubbing your clit) Look at it! Look at your mom’s slutty pussy. Here I’ll spread it for you. Yeah, mommy has nice wet fuckhole. Look at mommy’s fuckhole. You want mom to be your whore? Your dick is leaking little boy. Look at you getting hard for the pussy that made you. Your mom’s pussy. You wanna fuck the pussy that made you?. (Get real close to the camera and spread your pussy open) see that hole son? You came out of there. My little baby boy. Now you wanna fuck that hole. Can you smell it? You like the smell of mom’s pussy? Jerk that dick while you smell your mom’s fuckhole. I was just masturbating before you got home. I came really hard. That’s how your mom’s pussy smells after it cums. Maybe I’ll sit right down on your dick and fuck it. (Back up so I can see your body and face again and squeeze your tits together) What about mom’s tits? you like’m? I breastfed you with these tits. My little baby boy sucking on my tits, eating my milk. Now my baby boy is milking his cock for my tits. You wanna suck on mom’s nipples again little boy? I noticed you had a lot my of anal scenes. You like watching mom get fucked in her ass. (Bend over and spread your ass) look at your mom’s tight fucking assshole. I love getting fucked in my ass. How many times have you watched your mom cum while getting fucked in the ass? Does it make you cum hard? Maybe next time I make a video you can sit and watch mom get assfucked, and jerk off. You wanna buttfuck your mom? Maybe I’ll let you fuck my butt. (Turn around and spread your legs while laying back on the couch and continue masturbating) You like mommy being your whore? I do everything. I’ll even let you piss inside my pussy. You wanna piss in your mom’s pussy? You wanna piss in mommy little boy? you can piss in my ass too. You wanna piss in mommy’s asshole? I want my little baby boy to piss in my fuckholes. Call me a bitch, call me a bitch who lets her son fuck her ass. Call me a whore who lets her son piss in her pussy. I’m a dirty fucking whore for my son. I love my son’s piss inside my pussy. You look like you’re going to cum. Before you cum stick your dick in mom’s ass. I wanna feel it cum. (He sticks it in) Call mommy a slut, call mommy a slut that lets her son fuck her asshole. Use your mom’s asshole to cum. Fuck mommy’s ass until you cum. Then repeat fuck mommy’s ass 3 times….(son cums) keep fucking mom’s ass until I cum. Fuck your cum into mommy’s ass. I love my baby’s dick in my ass. My little baby boy is fucking my ass. Fuck your moms ass. (Rub yourself or finger yourself really hard and fast during this portion) fuck mommy while she cums. (Repeat 2 times)-My little baby boy is inside me. (Then repeat 2 times) my little baby. I can’t, I need you in my pussy!. Mommy needs you back inside her pussy. I want my baby boy back inside my horny fucking pussy. Mommy wants to cum on your dick! I wanna fuck my baby’s dick. I love my baby’s dick. Fuck mommy little boy. Fuck my hole. Fuck the hole you came from. (Then repeat 3 times) I love my little boys cock. I’m gonna cum on my son’s cock. End with creampie.

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Emmas Secret Life – Shower Time With Mommy

The video starts off with you in your robe going into the bathroom. The camera follows to the doorway of the bathroom and you turn around and see your son standing there. You say sweetie mommies about to take a shower. The son responds saying he knows and he wanted to watch you shower and ask you if it’s alright. You feign surprise at this but only tell him okay as long as he is a good boy and does whatever you tell him. He agrees. You tell him that he needs to take off his clothes first and he does. You take off your robe and turn on the shower. After getting in the shower you start massaging your breasts and playing with your nipples. You ask your son if this is what he wanted to see his mommy rubbing her tits. You then start rubbing your clit and ask him if instead it was this his mommy playing with her pussy as you then start fingering yourself standing up for a short time. you turn off the water and sit down in the shower spreading your legs. you briefly go back to rubbing your clit before spreading your pussy lips and telling your son how tight your pussy is. Now you really start fingering yourself for a while. while you are fingering yourself you tell your son to stroke his cock/dick whichever you prefer along with things about how it feels and how much mommy loves to play with herself along with how wet you are getting. you then tell your son to lay down on the towel in the middle of the bathroom. The camera moves back a litt;e bit and lowers to the ground just above the torso toy . you get out of the shower and dry off before smiling at the camera. You get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to the torso toy and start giving it a blowjob. After that you get on top and start riding it facing the camera. You start off riding straight up and down you moan in pleasure and mention he may be as big as his daddy maybe even bigger. you then lean forward a bit so we see your breasts bouncing/swinging towards the camera. after a couple minutes of that you lean back while riding. you eventually turn around so your riding it with your back to the camera. you lean forward away from the camera. the camera angles should alternate between a straight on angle and a slightly side view to simulate your son turning his head and neck to see your tits bouncing/swaying as you ride him giving a side boob and under boob sort of view if that makes sense. finally you tell him to fuck you in missionary. Now you are laying on the towel. the camera focuses on your pussy as your son slowly penetrates you he starts out slow at first but starts to pick up speed. the camera angles here would alternate between your pussy, your tits and face and third a view of all three. You end the scene telling your son to fill mommies pussy with his warm cum. He obeys and creampies you. Trough out the video say things like how much fucking your son excites you and makes you wet. How good his cock/dick feels in your pussy and asking him if he loves the feel of mommies tight/ wet pussy wrapped around cock/dick and any other thing of that nature along with some moans of pleasure of course.

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Emmas Secret Life – Motherfucker Club Pt 2

You come into my room, wearing just a towel. You start to ask me if I know where my sister put her conditioner because you’re out but then you see the camera and me, lying naked on the bed and ask what the hell is going on? Why am I naked? Why is there a camera here? You make like you’re going to leave and I ask you to stay. I am a little shy and reluctant, but you manage to interrogate out of me that my friend told me about the Motherfucker Club and I want to join because girls my age just aren’t working for me. You are disgusted and angry at first, telling me that is perverted but then sigh and ask me gently if I really want to do it with you. You say that you see, Mommy is also a pervert and you tried to raise me to not be a pervert, but we’re family and nature overcomes nurture. You say that if I really want it, Mommy is happy to be a pervert with her pervert son on camera for other perverts to watch. I say yes and you open your towel and ask me if I like my mother’s body. Ask if I like my mom’s breasts and the belly that carried me and the cunt my father fucked to make. You come over onto the bed and straddle me, saying how excited and horny it makes you to know that there are other pervert mothers who want to fuck their sons. You look at me and look at the camera and say, “Let’s do it. Let’s join the motherfucker club together.” and “We’re doing it! We’re committing taboo sex on camera.” You wave at the camera and ask the ladies if they’re fucking their sons while they watch us. You tell me to describe mommy fucking to the camera and call me a motherfucker and a mommy fucker a lot. Talk about how much of a pervert your son is and how only a bad pervert mommy could raise such a pervert son. Tell me that no other good girl will ever compare to degenerate family sex. Use lots of encouragement to get me to talk dirty to you and the camera about how much we love being motherfucking perverts for other mommy fuckers to watch and how much we want to watch them too. All that the dirty talk makes you cum on your motherfucking son’s cock. After you cum, ask me where I want to cum. Talk about how good it would feel to cum down Mommy’s throat or deep inside Mommy’s ass, but you know that the first time you know I want blow my gooey load deep in my mom’s unprotected womb. You can say things like “That’s it. Drive your big hard cock, deep inside your mom” and “Don’t pull out. I bet they’ll come too when they see you squirt your semen inside your mommy.” Encourage me to cum inside you by saying things like ‘Do it you pervert motherfucker. Cum inside your mom on camera’. Once I cum, tell me how good it was and say you wonder if there’s a Daddyfucker club my sister could join.

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Hot Juls Fetishes – Cabin Getaway With Hot Greedy Mommy

What mommy wants, mommy ALWAYS gets. I drive you to our holiday cabin and tell you that everyone is already there. When we get there after a snowy drive, you get nervous because no one is there: just you and me. I am acting all relaxed but demanding as always. I tell you that I lied to you and drove you to the cabin because I wanted to continue what we have already done before. You are not very enthusiastic about this sudden trip however seeing your hot mommy looking all hot is a plus. I tell you to sit still and not to move…there’s nowhere to go. Be a good boy and listen to me for your own good. I am going to change my clothes in a minute… I come back a few minutes later wearing long sexy black nightgown, tiny panties, red heels. I start to tease you, showing you my long legs, my ass, slowly pulling my panties down; tell you how horny I’ve been and I need your young hard cock. You are not sure about fucking your mommy but I am insisting so much, there’s no backing out of this.I take you by the hand and walk you to the couch. Push you down and tell you to take off your pants. I lift up my nightie and lean over you, I whisper how I’ve been wanting this for so long …. I hold you down and I slide my pussy on your cock (POV SEX) and start riding you, moaning so loud, faster and faster. You can’t stop looking at my big bouncy tits, hot orgasmic face expressions….I cum hard on your cock, stand up, adjust myself and tell you “That wasn’t too hard, was it?!”

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Natalie Wonder – Nothing Like That Warm Cozy Feeling You Get From Spending The Night At Home With Mommy

Hey, and where are you rushing off to? Getting ready to go out and meet your friends? Let me guess…to go to a bar and find girls. Sweetie, I’m usually not this um, blunt, BUT it would mean SO MUCH if you stayed home with ME. I mean really, girls you’d meet at a bar aren’t the type to bring home to your mother. What you need is a good mom who brings out your very kinky naughty-boy side. Someone who you feel totally comfortable with. No need to go out searching for someone to satisfy your sexual needs when mommy’s right here. Imagine the night we can have together. Me teasing you, getting your cock all hard and horny ACHING for my pussy…while I strip and temp you with my private parts. Craving me until I allow you to touch. No girl is going to stir up your desires as much as I can. My boy can have anything he wants. Mmmm you haven’t moved a muscle. This must mean you enjoy seeing me slowly undress. Ooooo I don’t think I’ve ever sat down bare-assed on our staircase before. Kinky. Why does it feel so wrong yet so arousing to totally spread my legs for you like this. I’m wide open for you baby. Am I bad mom? Mmmmm GOOD. I promise you won’t regret staying home and cozying up INSIDE mommy…

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Natalie Wonder – While You Were Resting Mom Was Waking Up Your Cock

You are resting in your bedroom when mom walks in to put away your laundry. She gazes at you, thinking thoughts NO mother should have about her own son. What you also don’t know is that she read your journal. She knows about how you dream of having mommy suck your cock. What would her warm mouth feel like? Her loving brown eyes staring back at you while she does something so intimate and forbidden… Don’t mind me sweetie, I just came into your room to put away laundry. I see you’re resting. Sorry for shaking the bed, just trying to organize the clothes. These are your pants…these are mine. Hmmm maybe I should try and change the sheets while you rest. I’ll work around you…hopefully I don’t disturb you. mom stares at your package. It’s so tempting. She rubs her breasts and gently crawls on the bed, getting closer until she straddles you. Braless, her erect nipples poke right through that sheer top. I’ve always wondered what you would feel like in my mouth. Oh but I shouldn’t…fuck but I want to so badly. This is my chance. Let me do all the work. I’ll pull your pants down, make you so erect…feel you pulsate in my hands…then in my mouth. I’ve always dreamed of tasting you. I’ll kiss your cock first, your beautiful cock that mommy made. Mmmm I love it. I shouldn’t feel guilty. You wanted this but I want it even more…

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Natalie Wonder – Showing Mom Who Her Big Boy Really Is

I’m surprised it took you this long to catch on, sweetie. I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re always with your nose in a book. Such a studious boy. mommy’s proud of you. Your brother on the other hand, GOD, he is ALL muscle and ALL man and ooooooo he gives it to me good if you know what I mean. Lots of moms do it with their sons. No big deal. Don’t be jealous. You each were blessed with things that make you great in different ways. What did your brother get blessed with, you ask? I just told you…and well…a very BIG satisfying appendage. Mmmmm. Honey, have you seen it?? No way, there’s no way yours is bigger. You want to show it to me to prove it, you say? Impossible. Are you taking it out…? Is that…real?!! That’s some sort of big penis attachment you bought and put it on yourself. Show me your real penis. I’ll just pull this fake thing off myself. Omg, I’m tugging but it’s not coming off! This is really your cock? Woah. It’s humungous. Have I been fucking the wrong son this whole time? Sweetie, will you ever forgive me? I’ll do anything. I’m begging you. I NEED to feel your monster cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk for days! Show me who mommy’s BIG boy REALLY is…

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