Raylene – Friends mom caught you in my own house

I thought you were with my son heading to the liquor store. I can’t believe you are here in my house and jerking yourself off! What kind of excuse did you give my son so you could stay here and relieve yourself? What made you think it’s ok to be at your friend’s house and jerk off in his mother’s bathroom? I am kind of grossed out by this yet kind of turned on that you find me so attractive. Is it my huge tits, my long hair, my pretty face? Well since I found you and know what you are doing you may as well finish yourself. I’ll even help you cause I am flattered to be your object of lust.
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Kylee Nash – Mom catches you jerking off in bathtub

You dirty boy! I caught you jerking off in the bathroom…no no, don’t let mama stop you. Were you thinking of your mom’s big tits? How about I get naked and show off my body while you work your cock for me. I hope you can be a good boy and keep this a secret…
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Sasha Mizaree – Older Step moms lesson to son

Your father got married to this hot younger woman, though she is still older (and more experienced) than you, and you haven’t been able to keep her out of your fantasies. You suspect she knows. When she says you and her need to talk in private, you think she is going to reprimand you and tell your dad. Instead, she starts to seduce you into stroking for her. She says she wants to teach you to be a good lover for your future girlfriend, and that means being able to obtain from cumming too quickly. “it will be our little secret” she says as she teases you relentlessly while telling you not to cum. Can you last the entire time or will you blow it like the inexperienced young man that you are?
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Mothers attention – Son fucked mother till she came hard

MILF1772 – Mother’s Attention
Rachel, a single mother, had her hands full with her 70 hour a week plus executive job, her home, social events and her honor role student Michael. The long day was just about over when the dean of Michael’s school phoned. He informed Rachel that Michael had been absent for over a month. Rachel flew home to confront her son. Michael came in drunk and belligerent. Rachel tried to reason with him but he only became more aggressive with her. He pulled at her dress lifting it up exposing her shiny panty hose and her bare crotch.
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Samantha Paris – Teaching my new stepson home from college my brand of naughty joi

Hey you startled ME! Your dad gave you keys to our new house without telling ME I see. As you can see I am half dressed getting ready to leave. Excuse ME? Do I have implants? That’s very personal, but no I don’t I am an all natural 36 DDD. Well thank you, you have a nice body too. You have a confession to make? Well now that’s a BIG confession isn’t it. Since I’m your new stepmother & we don’t know each other very well, because you are away at college, let’s get better acquainted. Rest assured, guys in their early 20’s get erections all the time. I sure would like to help you with that big problem. MILF, Jerk Off Instructions, Bra Fetish, Big Tits, Breast Shaking, Step mom, Stepmother,Taboo,Cougar,Mature
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Mistress T – Sex training from MILF

Taboo MILF hand job with orgasm control & sex ed! It’s time you learn how to be a good lover. I’ll teach you everything, how to lick pussy, how to please a women…today you’ll start to learn orgasm control. I can see you are easily excited & prone to premature ejaculation. That just won’t do! I’ll bring you to the edge over & over, helping you practice holding off your orgasm…eventually allowing you to (enthusiastically) release. It’s all just so naughty, isn’t it?
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Closer than most mothers and sons

Rachel and her son Michael are sexually involved and have been for 3 years. Watch as they make a sex video just for you. Their passion is real, no acting, no faking

Rachel speaks directly at the camera and tells how she and her son have a very close relationship, closer than most mothers and sons. She then has her “Son” join her on the bed and he fingers her pussy and then licks her pussy, later after a few passionate kisses she leans back as he rubs his dick up and down her pussy then finally sticks his dick in her BAREBACK (No condom is used) He fucks her missionary style then doggy then she gets on top and rides her son. They switch back to him on top and she can feel him about to shot his load she bages for his cum. He pulls his dick out of her and shots his load of cum from her pussy to her face and also her stomach and tits.
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Kylie Ireland – Banging your lonely stepmom

Your stepmom is worried that your Dad is having an affair & after a heart to heart in the kitchen, she finds some solace… in your pants.
After teasing you for a while, your stepmom eventually grabs your dick & starts to jerk you off. The next thing you know she is down on her knees sucking your cock & begging you to fuck her.
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Xev Bellringer – Mommy Swallows Before School

Good morning sweetie! All ready for your first day back at school? Oh no honey, what’s wrong – you haven’t even gotten dressed yet. Are you nervous about your first day in a new grade? There’s nothing to worry about, everyone will want to be your friend and who knows…you may even meet a girl you like! This is all part of becoming a man, sweetie, you just need to find ways to relax so the stress doesn’t get to you.
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