Princess Leia – Babysitter Puts You To Bed

Hey Buddy, my boyfriend is coming over and he’s going to be here very soon. I know you’re probably not tired yet… It’s still a little early, but we do need our privacy! I promise you will get a very special treat if you go to sleep for me right now. ….Oh, what my boyfriend and I are going to do is just between him and I! –but hey, that gives me an idea. I know something I can do for you that will really help you fall asleep. It’s a lot like a treat! Do you wanna try?
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Alexis Fawx – Don’t waste time with her

I don’t know why a good-looking guy like you is wasting time trying to make my daughter your girlfriend. You know shes a lesbian right? Its such a shame to see you come over here so often and be such a charmer to her when ultimately it will get you nowhere near her panties. Now on the other hand, I have all the time in the world with her dad being out of town so much. I am definitely not a lesbian. I also definitely will let you get near and inside my panties.
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Lucy Marie – You will eat Mommys lovely pussy

I saw the magazines in your room darling, the pictures with the girls with their legs spread wide open, you like looking at pussy dont you? hmmm do you imagine what they taste like? what they feel like, licking those soft wet lips? I thought you were only interested in breasts, but no my boys really growing up… I need you to check if my suspender straps are in place, you don’t mind checking for me do you? you like looking at Mommy’s arse like this… hmmm when I am on fours, would you like to stroke me, go on don’t be shy, feel your Mommy’s ass… hmmmm baby that feels so nice…oh yeah just caress me right there, rub your fingers against my pussy… that feels so good. I know why don’t you lick my pussy, I think you would love to taste me, you want Mommy to spread her legs like the girls in the pictures? that’s right I want you to eat my pussy son, give it a good licking….hmmmmm
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Lucy Marie – Mommy Loves you Too Much

Darling what are you doing at the end of the bed? cant you sleep? you waiting for Mommy to tuck you in? you know sometimes I think I love you too much. Do you know what happens when Mommy’s love their son’s too much… they have to touch them and spend extra special time with them and they have to touch Mommy too. this is the most natural beautiful thing in the world. I know how much you like our time together…now just stay there darling…. hmmmm look at my big sexy butt darling…. you want Mommy to take her bra off too? I love you so much. Do you know what I want more than anything, to feel that hard little penis inside my soaking wet pussy..hmmmmm . Now I am going to stand over you and play with myself and I want you to stroke that little pee pee for me… that’s it sweetie you just look up at mommy’s titties… good boy. Just look how excited you are…hmmm I need you inside me!
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Lucy Gresty – Mom and Son

Part 1
Your Step-Mom doesn’t want you going out clubbing with a set of loaded balls… She thinks it’s important that you have a WANK before you go out to party. There’s nothing worse than doing all the thinking with your COCK after all. Lucy is wearing a revealing blouse, her mature hooters are bursting out and it looks like she’s in the mood for a bit of naughty fun. Lucy wants you to have a WANK over her before you go you and promises to take things further if you don’t pull tonight! With a pair of TITS like those on offer it’s a difficult one to refuse!

Part 2
When you walk home your Step-Mom is eagerly waiting up hoping you’re still in the mood for her offer! She’s glad to see you haven’t pulled in the nightclub and with your Dad passed out upstairs, she can’t wait to wrap her warm lips around your thick COCK! Lucy gags on your DICK until she’s ready to bend over the sofa and let you FUCK her with every inch of your throbbing member. She encourages you to FUCK her until you’re ready to blow your load all over her massive TITS!
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Mandy Flores – After Class

I’ve asked you to say after class. You seem distracted and withdrawn and now its affecting your grades in my class. I begin to strip as I tell you that Im keeping you late to help you fit in since you’re new. I know you have been staring at me with lust day after day and I see that you dont know how to act around girls and you need a sexual lesson to gain confidence in not only your social life but you need to fulfill your fantasy about me so that you can focus in class.
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The Day I Slipped Inside My Mothers Hot-as-Fuck Body

She didn’t know what hit her. I swooped in, took control, had my way with her – again and again and again – then I left. Yes, I fucked my own mother… in her own body. It was so easy to work the magic I’d just learned, to take control of her mind right over the phone, and plant myself right in there. When she woke up the next morning – when I woke up in her body – her mind was gone, and I had a fucking field day in my mom’s body. So fucking hot… I touched her in ways I never thought I’d ever know, did EVERYTHING to her I always wanted to, and felt a woman’s multiple orgasms under my own hands. I sucked… fucked… fingered… penetrated… and came over and over again. Until I couldn’t hold on anymore. Until I left my mother’s used body to her own mind again. All she knew when she returned to her own body was that she felt totally fucking violated. She’ll never know it was by her own son.
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Mindi Mink – Wicked Queen Mom Son

Wicked Milf Queen Mindi Mink has discovered her son, you, have a princess after you! She is wearing stockings and high heels.You know how much I love to please you son she moans, in between sucks on your cock, which is now hard and throbbing.Soon she strips to not hing but lacy stockings, high heels and a choker. You eat her pussyTaste your mothers sweet juices! she laughs maniacally.She insists on riding your large hard cock until she orgasms!After delighting her, you are now ready to carry out her plan to poison the princess.
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Ashley Alban – MILF Cumslut

You see your friend Tommy’s mom at the gym. You know his parents just got divorced, plus she is looking pretty hot, so you flirt with her a bit. She invites you to come over after you’re finished with your workout. You take a seat on the sofa, and she chats with you for a bit. She suddenly asks you if you think she is attractive. Since she’s single, she wants to know a guy’s perspective. She stands and unbuttons her shirt. Her breasts look amazing, and she still has a nice ass in her tight jeans. She tells you that she’s not ready to have sex with anyone yet, but maybe she can still make you feel good.
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