Amarna Miller – American Taboo

Mom just picked up foreign exchange student, Amarna Miller, from the airport & brings her into your room to introduce her. “This is Amarna. She’s Mexican,” she tells you. Amarna tries to say that she’s Spanish & from Europe but mom barely hears her. The only thing that matters is that she got a very cute foreign girl to be your new friend. Mom explains to Amarna that she’s provided a good opportunity for her to learn in America but had another motive in allowing her to stay in our home: “my son is shy & not very good with women.” You’re embarrassed at what mother is saying, but you know it’s true. “Amarna is a cute girl, worldly, and she can help you get more comfortable around girls,” she explains. “The only girl he’s ever been with is his mother.” Amarna thinks it’s a very weird situation & she’s quite uncomfortable, you can tell, but you don’t care. You want to get to know her. Mom explains that she only wants the best for you, and she takes out your cock & starts sucking. You’re a little shy at first because of the new girl, but pretty soon you warm up to mommy’s familiar mouth. She tells Amarna that you’re outgrowing your mother & you need another woman in your life. Amarna is very reluctant & at first she won’t suck your cock, but eventually she warms up to you. She realizes that your mom is just a good mother, and she also realizes that she’s going to have to co-exist with us for the next 6 months, so she’d better play along. Amarna & mom take turns riding you, and she really gets into it. This isn’t so bad. You might be a little odd, but you have a nice cock & it feels good. You’ve been shy about being with other girls, but now you know that being with your mom has helped prepare you for this. As you explode in an amazing orgasm inside the foreign exchange student, you feel grateful to your mom for bringing you this girl. Your mom interrupts your thoughts: “You’re not cumming inside her are you?” Then she asks Amarna if she’s on birth control. Amarna isn’t, and she looks very worried. Your mom tries to dig out the creampie & reassures Amarna that it will probably be okay, but she isn’t so sure.

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Xev Bellringer – Your Father Doesn’t Need To know

What have we done… We can never take that back. I thought it was your father the whole time! Oh God. Those things you did to me… your own mother. You watched me through the door with him, getting undressed, kissing him… then he put the blindfold on me. If he hadn’t left me to go answer his work call… you wouldn’t have secretly come into the room and- Oh dear, you saw your mother do such dirty things! How long did you stand over me before I heard you breathing so hard?? Stroking your young cock as I pressed the vibrator against my pussy… Oh dear, then I touched you!! I… I touched my own son’s throbbing cock. I should have known, it didn’t feel like your father’s. It was… sooo much harder. You should have stopped me when I pulled you down on top of me, when I wrapped my legs around you, begging you to rub my pussy. My poor boy… it’s no wonder your hands were shaking, and that you came so quickly when I swallowed your cock! If only my blindfold had fallen off before I ripped my pantyhose open and had you fuck me! But it was too late… and I feel so wrong thinking this… saying it… but I want you, honey. It’s Ok, touch Mommy like you did before. Please, put it in again. Ohhhh oh God, yes!! Shh, your father is coming!! Oh honey, not while he’s right outside the door!!

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Rachel Steele – Morning Wood

Rachel’s lazy son is sleeping late again. She tells him to get up and help her around the house. He does not move. She pulls the covers off him to find a huge morning woody. She is so turned on by his cock she has to touch it. He does not say a word as he is hard for mother. She jerks him and sucks him. She is so hot for his young cock. He watches his mother do this to him. He gets harder. Mother sucks a huge load out of his young cock. She takes it all over her face so he can see it drip off her lovely lips. That is what happens when you are lazy in Rachel’s house.

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Mona Wales – Family morals

In order to demonstrate her deep love and affection for her son, Mona has made a video love letter of sorts. She loves her son dearly, and is in constant admiration of how much hes grown into a strong, gentile young man. She has had very special feelings for him, and shes always wanted to share this fantasy with him. Every night when shes holding her son in her arms, she imagines what it would feel like to have him as her lover. She doesnt want it to frighten him, but as his mother no one else knows him like she does. No one else can love him as much as she does. Not to mention, shes quite skilled in the erotic arts. In this video she shows him what she would do to his perfect cock. She pulls out a flesh colored dildo and starts to suck it, showing her son what she would do to his perfect cock. She continues to talk dirty as she demonstrates.Then she slides the dildo, slick with her drool into her pussy. Shes so wet and hot for him, she wants to fuck him so bad. She fucks herself with the dildo, thinking about her son and how much she wants him. She cums so hard thinking about him, licking her fingers.

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Rachel Steele Stacie Starr – MILF Island, Two Mothers

Rachel and Stacie were MILF sisters. Each had a grown son – Brian and Ricky. One summer the four of them went for a month long vacation on a remote tropic island where they had the run of a luxury condo.

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Fox Smoulder – Hot Teacher JOI

I’ve called you into my office to discuss your falling grades. You confess that you are distracted in class by fantasies of my body. I’m shocked at first, but then insist that you need to get it out of your system. I strip and instruct you to jerk off for me.

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Stacie Starr – Faking and Fucking

Andrew was serving a 10 year sentence for a violent sexual assault. He was involved in an altercation in prison that resulted in him being in a wheelchair and capable of very little movement or speech. He granted early parole based on his condition. Stacie was very naive. She did not believe that her son did anything wrong. She was convinced that the girl had lied about the assault and that her son was innocent. His mother Stacie picked him up when he was released and brought him home. The doctors told her that there was no physical reason for his inability to walk and talk. The first problem she had to deal with was a non-wheelchair friendly house. She was ill equipped to deal with this situation. She tried to be positive. She always stayed upbeat with Andrew. Stacie had to do everything for her son. Little did she know that Andrew had been faking his problems in order to get early release from prison. He was going to reveal it to his mother but decided to hold off to make sure no one was watching him from the prosecutor’s office. While Stacie was helping him into the bed for the night she could not help bending over a lot. He got an eyeful of his mother’s tits and ass every time she bent over. He had not had a woman since that little whore that got him put in prison. He was horny as hell. He jerked off that night thinking about those big tits that his mother was dangling right in front of his face. She was just like that little whore. She wanted him to fuck her. It was not his fault, she was asking for it. The next morning she came in the room and told him it was time for his bath. He immediately got hard thinking about his mother bending over the tub and washing him. She got him into the wheelchair and pulled off his stop. When she opened his pajama bottoms his hard on popped. She immediately reacted by covering up his cock with her hands and looking away. He could not stand it any longer. He stood up and grabbed her by the hair. He started fucking his mother’s face as fast as he could. She was shocked not only by the cock shoved in her mouth but to see her son standing with a normal expression on his face. He pushed her back on his bed and yanked open her robe. He pulled off her panties and yanked off her bra. In less than a minute she was naked, on her back and getting her son’s big cock shoved up her pussy. He told her that he had to fake it in order to get out of prison. She could not believe what she was hearing nor the fact that her son was pile driving her pussy with the biggest cock she had had in years. He did not last long. He pulled out his cock, sat her up and blew his load on her face. She fell back on the bed, crying with a load of cum dripping off her chin onto her tits. She was shell shocked.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mommy’s Guilt

Oh sweetie, I know I’m late tonight.. I had to work so much and time just got away from me. Yes, yes, I’m listening.. Come over here and tell me about your day. Uh huh.. Are you staring at my breasts?! Oh my. Yes.. I suppose that I haven’t been around much and I haven’t been giving you enough attention. You’re developing into a young man and I’m not around to help you. I suppose I’d better address that.. starting with that raging erection.

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Mandy Flores – Mom and Son Share a Creampie

You have gotten home early from school and hear some strange noises coming from your mom’s room. As you look through the cracked open door you see one of your friends on top of your mom, convulsing in orgasm inside her! He stands up and you see your mom pussy soaking wet from all of the cum smeared all over her pussy. Your friend quickly leaves and you watch her playing gently and happily with her wet pussy. She notices you and you enter the room. She tries to explain, describing her need for sex, for cum inside her. It excites you when she tells you that all of your friends fuck her, most of the football team was there, cumming inside her today. This has made your cock start to grow, and you ask her if it’s ok that you like thinking about their cum inside her. “Of course that’s ok honey! You should never feel bad about liking cum too!” She spreads open her legs to show you her soaking wet pussy, dipping her fingers inside and spreading her beautiful pussy lips, while rubbing her toes on your shorts against your obvious erection. She then takes out her big soft breasts and guides your had to touch her nipples. She pulls out your cak and begins stroking it, lubing it up with your the wetness from her pussy, and then sucks it clean before offering to bend over and let you enter her. You can’t help but plunge your cock deep inside her and look down at her perfect asshole in complete shock at what is happening. She says we can do this all the time. She flips onto her back and tells you she wants to feel your hot cum shooting inside her and moments later you unload your swollen balls like never before inside the only woman you have ever truly loved! Her face is a picture of joy as you pull out and she feels it drip[ping out of her pussy and across her asshole, you watch your cum travel in beautiful HD from her pussy to the bed.

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Carmen Valentina – Helping Mom Make a Little Brother

Part 1 – The Secret Request
Baby, calm down. I’m not mad you’re jerking off with my panties. It’s actually a very good thing… Mommy wants to tell you a secret… You know how your Father and I have been trying to make you a little brother? Well so far it hasn’t been going so great… But I think I know a way you can help….

Part 2 – Daddy Doesn’t Need to Know
You’ve been doing so good baby… And you listen to Mommy so well… I’m sure I’ll be pregnant in no time. But you have to keep helping Mommy to make sure it works… And of course your Father still doesn’t need to know, and he also doesn’t need to know how much bigger your dick is than his… It’s much more fun to have secrets don’t you think son?

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