Mommy Loves Her Big Boy

Sweetie, I know it’s early but ur father just left for work and I wanted us to have some special mommy/son time. U look a little flushed? Do u have a fever? Oh no you’re just not used to seeing mommy getting ready for work, I usually have more on but I was just in a hurry to spend time with u. U don’t mind do u? Ur not too old to hang out with your mom? U used to see me like this all the time, but now ur growing up and breasts must be a big deal for u huh? U checking out all the girls at school? The teachers? I bet you like older woman don’t u… there’s nothing wrong with that! It just means ur very mature. Ohh, I didn’t even notice I was on top of you. U don’t mind how mommy’s sitting, do u? I just want to be close to my boy. What if I stroke you like this? You like that? Good boy. Mommy likes when u behave. You don’t think it’s weird your mommy is holding your fat dick in her hand do you? Do you like when I call it cock or dick or penis? What does my sweet baby boy want his mommy to call his huge fat monster? What do the other boys call it? They must see it in the locker room right? You must be like a huge daddy to them. Mmm my baby boy is my daddy now. You wanna be mommy’s daddy, sweetie? Wanna see if you can make mommy squeal?? How do you even walk around with this thing? You must be constantly hard too, you’re just at that age you know? Everyone must know you’re packing…that big bulge just out and getting all the girls panties wet…i bet you some of your female teachers have to take their lunch break in the teachers bathroom so they can release all their pent up horniness…tell me who are the ones that stare at your crotch too long? Or don’t I might get jealous…tho it is my right i’m your mom and you belong to me not any other whore. Whenever you have an erection at school or soccer practice you call me…you need release and I need to be there for you as a mom. From now i’m making sure you have a good hard cum before you go to school so your cock doesn’t ache all day walking around what that big fat penis hanging out in those tight jeans. God all your pants must be so tight on you I was wondering why you’ve been growing out of your clothes so fast. And after your father knocks out from his long hard day…we’ll have a big nasty hard fuck to put you right to bed, angel.”

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Your Best Friends Mom

You come over to visit your best friend and are greeted by his mother. She informs you her son’s flight was delayed. God, she’s hot for her age you think, a total MILF! She’s been up all night partying with her girlfriends and she’s still a little intoxicated. She accidentally flashes her bare pussy to you and you just can’t help getting an erection. She wants you to meet her in her room in 5 so you get cozy on her bed, wasting no time getting undressed as she changes into lingerie in the bathroom. You used to wrestle your best bud on this bed and now you’re about to fuck his mother on it! You’ve always had a thing for older women, and now you’re about to have her cum all over your dick multiple times. She loves riding your yo ung cock but can tell you’re trying your best to hold back. She lays on her back and tells you to fuck her so you go to town. Against her wishes, you blow your load right into her pussy leaving a creamy mess dripping down her crack!

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Fucking My Sister’s Big Tits

It was the perfect plan. You found out what your big sister was up to at school, what she let those boys do with her juicy tits. It was her secret, and you’d hold it against her until she gave you what you wanted. You just couldn’t get the image out of your head, not that you wanted to. Countless cocks sliding into her cleavage over and over. All of that cum drenching her chest. Now it was your turn. But your sister wasn’t at all surprised when you barged into her bedroom. The slut had you all figured out, she knew the score… It didn’t help that you couldn’t stop staring. Her milky tits looked so good pushed together in that tight tank top and sports bra. Your raging boner gave you away… and she took full advantage of it. She your perversion, pushed you deeper into your arousal, teased you, made you feel so wrong for even conjuring this sick plan to use her for your pleasure. She was your sister after all… but that wasn’t enough to stop her either. Not when she could get something out of it too. Oh, you’d get to pump your rigid cock in and out of her cleavage just like the other boys… but not for free.

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Taking Advantage Of Mom

You’ll walk into the bathroom while wearing yoga pants and a tee. You’ll pull down your pants and panties and pee in the toilet while talking on the phone. Once you’re done, you’ll pull up your pants and go to the sink to wash your hands. One of your rings or something will fall in the sink and you’ll put your hand in to retrieve it, but it’ll get stuck. So you call your son over since he’s the only one home at the time. He comes over and makes fun of you at first. You tell him to help you get unstuck. He isn’t feeling very friendly, especially since you don’t let him fuck you anymore. He asks what’s in for him if he helps you out. He starts groping your butt through your yoga pants and sliding his hand up and down your butt crack. You ask him what he wants and he tells you that he’ll help you get out, but after 15 minutes. For those 15 mins, you have to let him do what he wants. You reluctantly agree and he continues playing with your butt. He then pulls down your yoga pants and starts humping you through your panties. You are mad and disgusted with what he is doing, but he tells you that unless you let him continue, you’ll be stuck there. He tells you that you have to encourage what he’s doing and tells you to start talking dirty to him. For the rest of the video you’ll be doing dirty talk in an unamused tone. Saying things like, “Do you like rubbing your dick around mommy’s butt crack?” and “Be a good son and fuck mommy’s pussy baby” Here’s the order for the video: You pee then wash up After you get stuck at the sink, your son comes and starts taking advantage of you He gropes your butt through your yoga pants He pulls down your pants and continues playing with your butt, grinding on it You are disgusted but encourage him otherwise he won’t help you You start talking dirty while he rubs his dick up and down your butt crack with your panties on He pulls down your panties and spreads your cheeks and tells you to rub your asshole with your free hand You start grinding on his dick and he plays with your boobs He starts fucking you from the back and slapping your ass He pulls up your panties and pulls on the waistband while cumming on your ass, so the cum lands in the panties and on your ass He pulls up your yoga pants then grabs the back of your head and makes out with you He then leaves the bathroom while you’re still stuck.

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Mommy Takes a Creampie on Prom Night

Honey, you are home so early, why? You have been dumped? Oh dear, that is terrible. Honey, I am so sorry. Tonight was supposed to be special for you. No need to be shy, I know what guys and girls get up to on their prom night. I was your age once you know! Honey, I love you and I want you to be as happy as you possibly can. I know what we can do, I can give you a special night. That is right honey, I will give you what you had hoped your girlfriend would. Honey, let me take your virginity. Just one thing darling, ever since your father left, I have not needed to use birth control. I am still fertile, so whatever you do, please, do not cum inside of me. I would be devastated if I became pregnant with your baby.

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Soccer Mom Prepares Son for Big Game

It’s the big day, your championship soccer match, and I’m here to help you prepare. Sure, I understand that having your mom as your soccer coach might feel like a bit of a drag at times, but darling, I’m all about getting the right results for you. You’re my star player sweetheart, and it’s easy to see why. Under my stewardship, you’re team have been on a marvellous winning streak, and now that the big game is here, I want to make sure we win. Honey, we have to stay focused on the big picture. With the press your team have been attracting lately, and the number of goals you keep scoring, I’m sure my MVP is on his way to securing that scholarship. But darling, I need you to loosen up on the pitch. I need greater fluidity. Your ball control is sloppy at times, and I need to be sure you don’t stumble when I need yo to dribble. Your sprint game is good. You’re a sure bet for a short spurt, but I need my MVP to exhibit stamina and power. I need you mowing down the opposition and dominating that box in the final stages. You need to be ready to go deep and go strong. Darling, mommy needs to give you some special training to make sure you really know how to impress on game day.

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Mom Tries to Teach Son About Porn: Son Creampies Mom

Your mom calls a meeting with you to discuss your addiction to porn. She has heard you masturbating and has found your boxers, covered in ejaculate, in the laundry basket. She understands that it is natural to masturbate at your age, but she is worried that porn is giving you a distorted view of women and sex. The magazines she found under your bed are full of airbrushed hairless goddesses, who do not resemble real women. She searched your browsing history and saw the types of sites you are visiting, then she searched your computer and found a file of the clips you have purchased. All of the clips are mother son taboo clips. Mom wants to teach you that the taboo is just a silly fantasy, that the women are always faking it, and that a mother son relationship never really happens in real life. Unfortunately for mom, in the process of teaching you what real sex looks like, she awakens your mother son lust. Overcome with horniness, you just have to bend your mom over and fuck until until you cum inside of her.

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Nothing Beats Cumming for Mommy

Oh no, it has happened again? Sweetheart, you know that not every girl you date will be willing or able to relieve you each time you get excited. You are a special young man. You are my pride and joy. There are certain things that a mom can and should do to help her son navigate this cruel world. I understand you better than any girl your age ever will. I can handle your problems, no matter how big and intrusive they feel. Honey, you know that mommy has your best interest at heart. I hate to see you suffer. You can always turn to me to offer you comfort in your times of need. When you are aroused, I understand how much you ache for relief. I know that the girls your own age are scared off when they see your trousers tighten and your monster dick swell. They are too young to appreciate how much pleasure you can bring them. They are too inexperienced to be able to offer you the relief you desire. Baby, let mommy take care of you. You know nothing beats cumming for mommy. You know how easily mommy helps you find release. When you called me, proclaiming how much pain you were in, how much you needed my help to relieve you, I was at work. I could not come home to take care of you in person, but I could offer you my sweet motherly advice; kind words to help solve your problem. We tried it over the phone, but to no avail, the problem just grew bigger. You were in a real conundrum. You felt like you were going to explode, but despite all of the build, you just could not find release. Okay then, maybe it would help if I provided you with a show. Honey, we should webcam. Perhaps if you can see me pleasuring myself, perhaps if you can see and hear how wet you make me, perhaps then you will be able to cum. We can masturbate together. I am in my office my colleagues or boss could walk in on me at any time. But I do not care. You are my . I love you. I would do anything to help you. Still no joy. Oh darling, it pains me to see how much discomfort you are in. You need me. Only mommy can take care of your erection. Only mommy can bring you to climax. Okay sweetheart, there is only one thing for it you must come to my office. I cannot leave work, but, it is bring your to work day, so, it would not look strange you being here. Come to my office baby, but make sure you hide that huge erection. If the girls in my office see it, you will surely scare them out of their minds. I am so glad you are here now, with your mommy. Let me see how big your problem is. Oh my! No wonder you have been so distressed. I have an idea baby. I can take care of you with my mouth and hands. That has always worked in the past. Honey, why are you unable to cum? What can mommy do to help? There is one more thing we could try. Mommy could give you her sweet little pussy. But honey, if mommy lets you fuck her, you will have to cum inside her. Mommy has to stay at work today; she cannot afford to be walking around covered in your seed. She cannot afford for you to make a mess of her office and desk. That is it baby ease yourself into my pussy. Take me. Fuck me as hard as you can. Make mommy cum baby and in return, I will let you explode inside of me.

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Son Creampies Stuck Yoga Mom

Mom is in the living room practicing her yoga. In her skin tight, white yoga pants and her little blue sports top, mom stretches and tones her MILF body. When she gets into the cat pose, mom’s back gives out, she’s stuck on all fours, unable to move. Mom calls for help, ‘Son? Is that you? Can you help me? I’m stuck. Please help me up.’ As her dutiiful son, you could obey and assist your mother, or, you could make the most of this scenario. Is mom doing yoga without any panties on? And, is that a wet patch you see between her legs? Mom’s voluptuous booty looks so curvaceous, so appealing in those tight white yoga pants. You can’t help it, you have to reach out and start touching your mother. Mom protests of course, ‘Stop that right now! How dare you. You are in so much trouble young man! You better not be getting your dick out!’ Of course you are. The temptation is too great. You rip down your mom’s yoga pants, exposing her moist MILF pussy. Ignoring her orders for you to stop, you slip your fingers inside of her and start massaging her g-spot. Your lust builds the wetter your mother gets. The more she tells you you are a naughty young man, the more wicked you want to be. You position yourself behind her and slide in. My god! Your mother’s pussy is so warm and inviting. You fuck her hard. At first she protests, but then she begins to call you names, telling you how pathetic you are, ‘No wonder you can’t get a girlfriend. You’re just a sad little man who has to fuck his mother. The only reason you’re fucking me is because I can’t stop you.’ You keep going, fucking your mother until she cums on your dick. She’s so ashamed that she came from her son’s dick. She has one last request, ‘Please don’t come in me. You are young and fertile. If you cum in me you could get me pregnant.’ You know you should listen to her warning, but to hell with it, she feels too good to stop now. You explode inside your mother’s pussy. You unleash so much cum that when you pull out; it is like a volcano of cum erupts from your mother. You bubble and spurt out of her, soiling the gusset of her yoga pants.

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