Noelle Easton – Boy Scout Seduced By Horny Mom

When my neighborhood boy scout shows up at my door selling cookies, I knew I had to have some even though my husband wasn’t home to pay. I invite him in for a glass of water and he nervously obliges. I strike up a conversation, hoping he will get comfortable with me. I love younger boys… the curiousity and eagerness always turns me on. I know I shouldn’t tease or fuck young boys but I simply can’t help myself when I see how their eyes bulge out of their heads when they see my big tits and my womanly curves. I love teasing him, his eyes widen with every piece of clothing that comes off. I can’t help myself, another young boy will lose his virginity to me today, I’m going to titty fuck, suck, and fuck him POV until he cums for the first time all over my pussy like a good little boy.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommys Pussy Was Gangbanged

You waited up for mommy to come and tell you all about her hot Friday night evening with 4 of your school friends. Mommy has quite the reputation at your school! You love hearing about how many of your friends got to feel your mommy’s tight, wet pussy. Mommy craves young cock, but you know you are her favorite. Mommy likes to come home and tell you all about the night and how many creampies she took bareback!!! This time there were 4 of your friends!!! I literally have so much cum dripping from my pussy…but honey, you know you love it when I tell you how it all went down and you get to end my evening with sliding your bare cock inside me, and yes that squishing you hear is the sound of all the young boys’ cum that is left inside mommy. Now slide your bare cock in me and leave the 5th load!

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Jayne Cobb – Stepmom fucks naughty stepson

We were out and about today and you just wouldn’t listen. You kept doing things I asked you not to, you even embarrassed me while we were shopping for my new lingerie! I’m so mad right now! It’s time for you to be punished! I want you to sit down, and take what’s coming to you! I’m going to tease you with my hot MILF body, and make you crazy jealous of what your dad gets to fuck! My perfect soft milky white tits with pretty little pink nipples! They’re so hard when see that bulge in your pants! My pussy is so juicy! I can see you trying to fight it. Your dick is getting harder by the second, your balls ache and your dirty mouth waters at the sight of my pink pussy. How did your dad get so lucky! I play with my wet pussy, making it wetter until it’s dripping down my smooth thighs. I love the taste of my own pussy. It’s just so sweet! But then your cock is so hard you can’t take it. You knew you wouldn’t be able to hide it forever, and now I’m touching you with my feet while wearing those stockings you like to sneak into my bedroom and sniff. You’ve even used them to jerk off before. They feel so good and I know it’s torture for you so I wrap my feet around your throbbing cock, getting your precum all over them and start stroking you. Your heart is pounding, your knees are weak. You’d do just about anything for me at this point! Now that I’m so turned on by how bad you want me, I tell you to get up, it’s time for you to make it up to me. So you take your big dick and start rubbing mommy’s pussy with it.Teasing my clit and making it swell. Take your dick and press it inside me nice and slow. First just the head, you can already feel how tight I am. You’d always wondered why you could hear me moaning when your dad’s out of town. Now you know! It’s because his cock is so small, I’m practically a virgin. You’re better in every way, including your bigger dick! It fills and stretched my pussy until it almost hurts! You can see me blushing now, my pussy creaming more and more with every thrust! I want it bad! I want you to fuck me and show me how good you feel inside me! I can’t take it anymore, you’ve been pounding my pussy and it just feel so good! I start cumming and screaming your name and you can’t hold back either. My tight pussy squeezing your cock and milking your cum right out of you! I beg you to cum in my pussy! It’s okay, baby, no one will know! Just do it for Mommy! Cum in my pussy.

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Xev Bellringer – Mommys Naughty Boy

Are you going to help your mother hang ornaments or are you just going to stand there staring?? Oh you silly boy, then just tell me where to hang this one. All the way down there?? You’re making your poor mother get on her hands and knees… is this where you want it? It’s just so hard to reach! No one’s ever going to see it, I can’t imagine why you’d have me get on all fours like this unless. Honey… did you pick that spot just so you could see Mommy bending over in front of you? You know… if you did, that’d be very naughty. Well then… where should I hang the next one? You can make Mommy put it up ANYWHERE you want. At the top? Oh my, well you’re going to have to hold onto me really really tight to make sure I don’t fall. Promise? Be sure to grab onto my legs… higher baby. That’s it. Oh…. I better… just… oh, adjust some of these ornaments while I’m… up here. Please, honey, squeeze me tight, don’t let go no matter what… You ready to help me down? Nice and slow… ohh… I need to hold onto you, and slide down against you baby. Ohhh… thank you honey. I feel so safe in your arms. Doesn’t it feel so good to be close like this? You don’t wanna let go of Mommy… do you. Ohhh, you ARE a naughty, naughty boy, aren’t you? Looks like your mother will have to teach you a little lesson tonight. Naughty boys always get punished.

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Kitty Leroux – Mommas muffin

Let’s go back to the 1950’s and enjoy a fun roleplay. Your sweet stay-at-home mom comes to play with you because daddy is working late. She looks so beautiful in her pearls. Tonight, she doesn’t want you teasing her and pulling out. Tonight, momma wants you to fill her muffin right up. Isn’t the risk so sexy? Before you fill her up, momma stretches her pussy wide open as shoe shows off her pretty pained toes to you. Will you suck momma’s toes? Lick her soles? Momma is gonna wrap her legs right around your back. Now you stop being such a good boy, and cum taste momma’s muffin. It’d be so peachy keen if you filled it up for momma. Your momma is all the sweet you’ll ever need.

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Missbehavin26 – Step Mom and Newly Cut Cock

Part 2 is basically where the young man has been circumcised under your direction and it is 6 weeks later once the stitches have dissolved. The cock is now your lover’s circumcised cock but its shot POV so it looks like the viewer’s newly circumcised cock. Same type of outfit as before. The main elements would be: you have him strip down so you can very thoroughly examine his circumcised penis. Its wrapped in gauze/bandages from the circumcision, so you have to unwrap it for the first time and reveal the healed cock. once the cock is revealed, you’ve just overcome with how perfect the circumcision is and how amazing the cock looks now. you comment on the quality of your circumcision direction, how the perfect amount of foreskin was removed, how the scar is so straight and sexy, how there’s no extra skin bunched up behind the head even when flaccid, how perfect the pink bulbuous head looks now that its permanently uncovered, etc you remind the boy of how disgusting his cock looked last time he was in. perhaps you have a “before” picture taken before his surgery of his uncircumcised dick? you can point out the foreskin in the picture and show him where the cut was made to remove it all on his new cock and how much better he looks now. you remind the boy of all the smegma you had to clean off him last time. you note how this time, his cock is so clean and fresh. and there’s no smegma gathered on his dick and there’s no horrible odor like last time. you tell the boy how you and your girlfriends have all been talking about his circumcision since you made him get circumcised. you tell the boy about a guy you dated when you were in school who was uncircumcised and how much you hated his cock. you tell him how you used to cheat on that boyfriend all the time with guys you would pick up who were circumcised. you can talk a lot about how you loved sucking any guy you could find who was cut at the time because you love to give blowjobs but couldn’t bring yourself to suck the uncut boyfriend. you could go into a lot of detail about how you LOVED blowing your first husband, who had a 9 inch circumcised dick and how you can’t keep your mouth off him. every night, when he gets home from work, the first thing you do is give him a blowjob, worshiping his hard, cut cock. you could go into a lot of detail about how good a circumcised cock feels in your mouth, the feeling of the exposed ridge, etc. the boy tells you that he doesn’t know how to masturbate his new cock. you ask him to show you how he would do it, and he tried to pull the non-existant foreskin from the shaft over the cockhead, but that obviously doesn’t work anymore. you tell him that’s not how cut guys masturbate so you’ll have to teach him the new techniques. you tell him that you’re going to reward him for getting circumcised be teaching him how to jack it yourself and also reward him with a nice bj you undress to thigh highs and heels You carefully, and in great verbal and physical detail, show him a host of techniques to use on a cut cock. And you talk about how these are all things you do to your husbands’s big circumcised dick. nice, slow teasing of the bare head with the fingertips, which uncut guys cannot do because its too sensitive running the finger under the ridge of the cockhead, which uncut guys cannot do because of the bunched up foreskin in the way working some spit into the head to get it nice and slippery, something uncut guys don’t do taking him through working up to nice, long, luxurious strokes from the tip of the cock to the base with lots of spit, and all the way up again, along a smooth, tight shaft with no loose skin flopping around working intensely just the bare head with fast strokes Whatever else you want to think of here! You finish him off with a nice BJ, sucking his big hard cut cock until he cums.

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Sweetmilktits – Giving my good boy a bath

You are my little boy let mommy take care of you. ** Storyline and roleplay “Home from practice already?”.. How about you tell me about your day. Oh you dont want to talk. *pouts. How about I give you a bath so you can relax and get all clean. Lets go. Let me start the bath for you and make sure its nice and hot. *mommy bends over and you cant help but stare at her with admiration and love. How she cares for you and your needs over hers. Let mommy take off those stinky clothes of yours. I pull down my sons pants and shyly with my eyes closed pull down your boxers…but i open my eyes and get a full face of your giant penis. OHhhh how you’ve grown since the last time I’ve given you baths. Come on lets get you in the bath. Mommy scrubs you all over while talking to my sweet boy. How much I love you and how much you’ve grown. Oh I missed a spot where?? I lean in closer to get that spot on your back my bussom popping out my top tempting you. You can’t control yourself and grab my bussom hard. Jerking back fast “you cant touch mommy like that”… “Im sorry my breast are Turing you on”..”to be honest seeing your penis earlier had my mind wondering” … “no we shouldnt want to do things more or feel this way.. its wrong”…. How about I hop in the bath and we can see where this goes. Mommy undresses in front of you before she catches you peeking. you close your eyes shut fast. Waiting for mommy to be naked in the bath with you. Mommy misses how she used to bath you, clean you and bathe with you when you were younger. You miss it too?? I miss you too son. Ohhh how these bubbles around you are fading exposing parts of you I haven’t seen in quite some time. I know you like seeing me naked and soapy in the bath with you but… *mommy confronts you groping her But you cant touch me like that.. Your my son….. I cant deny I did like you touching my breast. You father doesn’t touch me like that anymore. You show me how hard I’ve gotten my good boy and you confess you want to penetrate me. “Thats Bad..that’s wrong”. How about mommy touches you instead.. I stroke you and your cock keeps growing and growing as I go up and down. Mommy’s making you so excited. You confess craving mommy’s pussy but we cant no we cant, your my son. Mommy get nervous and stops stroking you. Mommy’s easy and horny she agrees to start again but we cant tell anyone and this only happens this one time ok. No one will ever know. Stoking and softly touching your big cock mommy teases you getting you close then making you edge. This is only happening once so Im going to savor it. Gripping your cock mommy starts again and even opens her mouth making moans teasing and pretending your cock is in her mouth. Finally ready to let you cum mommy softly jerks you very softly and opens her mouth and squeezes her tits together for you to cum all over her. One small jerk and you explode all your young seed that’s built up over the years onto mommy.

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Gartersex – Spy on mom workout turns into sex

You love to watch mom in her tight see through workout tights working her muscles on her gym. She feels your eyes on her and turns around teasing you, asking if you would like to work out with her. She giggles and keeps on with her routine when she notices your cock is getting hard and asks you to join her. Sucking your cock deep and letting you titty fuck her. She then bends over and lets you pound her pussy and finally climbs on top of you and rides your cock until you both cum.

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Bobbicruz – Impregnating mom

My son comes into my room to talk to me while I am getting ready for bed. We talk about how he is a big boy, about to have his birthday. He comments on how fine I look and I am a bit embarrassed telling him it is inappropriate. He gets out his cock and I am shocked. He puts my head down onto his cock making me suck him. I am not impressed but at the same time aroused as it has been a long time since I have had cock, a single mum for a while now. He wants to fuck me but I do not want to. He rips off my clothes and pushes his cock into me. I try to stop him but he is large now, a young adult. I enjoy it so much, having a large cock in me, but I want him to stop, it’s so wrong. He says hes going to cum in me and I beg him not to, fighting between my urges for cock and the thought of being pregnant with my sons baby. He is too strong for me and fills me with his cum load, I cum with him, unable to control myself but also ashamed and worried.

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