Korina Kova – Escort Step Mom busted by Step Son

The scene starts out with you in the bathroom getting ready. Maybe wearing a dress with your hair done. You are on the phone with your husband telling him you have to work tonight and probably will stay late at the office (does not know you are an escort lol). There is a knock on the door and you tell your husband you have to go since the new client is here. You open the door and literally you are speechless…as it is your stepson, Steven. You tell him to get inside the room so no one will see. You are angry and ask why I am here. You find out I am virgin and wanted to lose my virginity. You begin to understand and ask for me to stay. However, there is one catch, I cannot tell dad/your husband about you escort as a second job. I agree and you begin to strip out of your dress. You begin to pull a condom out of your purse, but then mention I should feel a woman pussy for the first time and how wet/tight your pussy is. The scene has you riding a mannequin, blowjob, and lots of dirty talk. Towards the end of the scene, your phone rings and it is dad/your husband. You ask me to be quiet as you continue to ride my dick. In your phone conversation, you mention you will be home soon and suddenly you scream “Oh Steven cum”. You catch yourself and explain that you are texting me. The conversation quickly ends and throw your phone on the bed. The scene ends with you asking me to cum inside you.

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Goddess Victoria – Knock Up Your Big Tit Mum

I really want to give you a sibling, but there is no man in my life. I’ve overheard your friends talking about me being a milf – I suppose I did have you quite young. You’ve grown into such a handsome, sexy young man and I was wondering… do you think you could knock me up? Slip that throbbing young cock into your mother’s pussy and squirt me full of your hot cum.

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Lynda Leigh – Hot Step Mum

Lynda is your hot step mother and she is being very bad. Lynda knows how much you like her and how wrong it is for you to be in her bedroom. Dressed only in her sexy underwear your step mum is teasing you and encouraging you get your cock hard. Lynda is going to demonstrate what she wants to do to your cock. Using her cock shaped dildo Lynda gives you the perfect blowjob. Watch and listen to Lynda as she enjoys demonstrating her blowjob technique and encouraging her naughty step son to join in.

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Lady Fyre – Christmas Morning Wood

Good morning sweet boy. Santa came & it’s time to open your presents. The whole family is waiting for you. What are you hiding from me? Playing with yourself under the covers? It would be so embarrassing if you came out with morning wood. It would be hard to explain to our relatives. Have you tried to take care of it on your own? Is this how you were doing it? Let mommy show you how to do it right. It’s not working? Well, we really need to take care of this. I probably shouldn’t be doing this to my own son, but I just can’t be embarrassed in front of your father’s family. They just aren’t understanding of that kind of thing. So I’ll give you a little blowjob, and that should make it easier for you to cum. Oh honey, you can’t take much longer. They’ll wonder what we’re doing in here. I’m going to try one last thing, and if this doesn’t work, I’m going to say that you’re sick & you can’t open your presents. You want to open them, don’t you? Don’t EVER tell your father about this. I’m going to put you inside me, and it’s going to be really intense. You HAVE to tell me if you’re going to cum. You have to be quiet. No moaning. Does mommy’s pussy feel good? I guess this is your first Christmas present. Oh my! I didn’t expect it would feel good for me too. Phew! That was close. You didn’t give me much warning before cumming, but I’m glad we got rid of that morning wood. Clean yourself up & come open your presents. Merry Christmas sweet boy.

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Alexis Fawx – We are going to fix this problem

I may be over stepping my boundaries by telling you this but I do not approve of the little skank you are dating. She is the type to accidentally get pregnant just so she can trap a good guy like you into life long commitment. I don’t have time to be a grandma nor do I want to be a grandma so I have a solution to this potential problem. I want you to give me all of your cum so you have none to give her on your date tonight. That’s right, you are going to fuck your step mom silly so your balls are empty of that baby batter. I got myself fixed long ago so there is no chance in giving me your baby but you will give me every last drop of hot cum.

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Sara St Clair – Breaking the Ice with Mommy

Scene One: All alone with Mommy
Dressed in lingerie your mom comes in to talk to you about your father leaving. “It’s just you and me now, ok?” She says rubbing your leg. She’s there if you need anything you need she is there for you. She knows boys have urges, and you can talk to her about them if you need too. “What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t take care of my son” She says stroking your legs. She touches your penis and feels how hard you’re getting. She asks if you want to touch her breasts and slides off her top. Taking off her panties she shows you her pussy. “I don’t want you to get overwhelmed” She says seeing how nervous you are and gets dressed. “I love you” She says giving you a kiss good night.

Scene Two: Stress relief
The next night mommy comes to tuck you in. She tells you about her stressful day. “You know when daddy was here he would help me with my stress” She says quietly. Will you help her with her stress? She takes off her robe and rubs her body against you. Taking off her bra she lets you touch her big beautiful breasts. “I want to wrap my tits all over your cock. Would you like that?” She asks and takes your hard penis out of your pants. She moans as she licks and sucks you. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world as your mommy slowly sucks you until you can’t take it anymore. You cum in her warm inviting mouth and she sucks you dry. “Mommy just loves your cock” She whispers to you. Remember this is just between you two.

Scene Three: Helping Mommy
Your mother calls you into her bedroom. “Remember how mommy helped you out last night? Now it’s your turn to help mommy out” She says to you. She’s completely naked as she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs. “Will you be a good son” She moans and instructs you how to lick her pussy. You lick her until she can’t take it anymore. “Will you put your cock inside of me please” She begs you. She cums from the naughty feeling of her son fucking her. “Now I want you to lay on the bed so mommy can get on top of you” She smiles and slides her hot body on you and fucks you silly until she cums. You feel it coming this time, your penis shooting again and again deep inside of her. It almost makes you pass out. “Mommy feels your cum inside of her, you’re such a good son. Mommy loves you” She whispers.

Scene Four: Alone time with Mommy
A couple of days later mom calls you into her room again. “Your friend told me you were sad today” She says. Your girlfriend broke up with you and mommy wonders. “Why do you even need a girlfriend? You have mommy now” She reaches out and touches you. She takes off her top and lets you touch her big breasts to feel better. “This is my favorite feeling ever” She whispers to you, taking off her clothes and sucking on your penis until it’s hard and wet. You feel like you’re going to explode in her mouth but she stops herself. “Mommy wants you to make her cum” She tells you. You get on top of her and fuck her at the edge of the bed. Mommy looking up at you with the love of a mother to a son as she cums hard. “Mommy wants to taste your cum ok?” She says and starts jerking and licking your penis. You’ve never cum outside of her before, but seeing her with cum in her mouth and on her face, licking and loving it, is amazing. “Mommy loves to taste her cum. You make me such a happy mommy” She tells you happily.





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