Kathia Nobili – Good bye fucking with your mommy before you go with your father to holiday

So baby, did you pack everything? What is this long face you having there?! Come on, he is your father and if he wants to take you to holiday, I can’t say no to him! Come on…you know very well how much I love you! And of course I will miss you so much! But if we would like to keep our special relation ship in secret, well…we can’t do nothing to suspicious. So now my baby boy…you hear! Your father is here and pushing the horn…so better if you go now. What are you saying?! You want to fight before you leave? How you even think, that you mommy is happy to get rid of you! You think I have some other man…lover to fuck me…and now when I’m alone…he will come and fuck me every day since you don’t come back?! That’s not fair from you son! You know my feelings for you….you know how much I love you!!! You think this is easy for me, to stay alone here…without you…without my baby! You’ll not hold me in the night…no kissing me…and…for 2 weeks I’ll not feel you, my baby inside me! So please don’t make it harder. You have to go…again your father pushing the horn…he was never passionate! What? How should I prove it to you?! What does it mean? QUICKY? Oh my gosh…what should I say my baby…of course! But it really has to be just quick one! Right here…standing…just take you mommy from behind! To suck you a bit…but baby…you relay need to go. All right…I should say this make me horny and juicy! baby..my baby boy…take mommy in doggy! Feel my juicy pussy all over your cock! And cum…cum inside me…I want to feel my son’s sperm…for whole day…even after when you leave! That’s my good boy! You see…you got mommy pussy like a good bye….and I can’t wait when you come back. I’ll make nice surprise for you my son! Mommy love you so much!

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Kathia Nobili – You cross the line son

What is going on baby?! Why did you call me to come urgently home from work?…What?! Seriously…are you kidding me son? I was sick worry that something happened to you and you just…just want me to watch some video? You must be jocking …I do not have time for this baby! What do you mean…I will change my mind if I know what is the video all about! Let me see it then! …What the hell…where…how did you…where did you find this! Are you completely mad?! Are you going to blackmail me with this! That’s sick! …No, please don’t…I don’t want you father to know about that! Even if this all was happened when I was young and I didn’t know your father…I don’t want that he knows about this party sex orgy! …Well…did you watch it all! That’s so pervert! Watching your mom do fucking around! And now…what do you want from me?!…No…I’m not going to do that with you!…No…I just can’t…! Don’t talk to your mother like that! You have no rights to be with me like that! Please no…I do not have any other choice then to do what my son wants! Oh my God…I don’t believe you…alright…what you want! To stripping for you…to show you my breast…well…that can hurt! What! No…I can give you a hand job or suck your cock…you are my son! Ohhh…no…please! I do it…but it must all stay just our secret! And now what…aren’t you finish with your pervert games yet! You what…you want to fuck your mother…you always wanted and you just find the perfect blackmailing reason why you make me do that, right! Fine…do what you want…fuck me from behind or how you want to …I have no choice here! But when this is all over…I want to make a deal wit you son!

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Kathia Nobili – Early morning sex with your mom

This morning you woke up so early…yes…your hard cock made you! You start to masturbate to get rid of that pressure…but…wait, wait, wait! Your dad is not home! Mommy will be yours…and you sure she will loves your rock hard surprise in your pants! You hear mom is already in the kitchen! You quietly go closer and you see her …she wears only the panties and shirt! So sexy! She realize you there just after the minutes…so you had nice…long look on her perfect butt! Witch didn’t make your cock less hard! She asks you why are you wake so early…but only one look down on your pajama…made it clear! She is in mood for playing too! She start to tease you with her body! Then she lick her hand…make it nice and juicy and starting to jerking your cock! Her son’s swollen cock in her hands …just feels so good! She just slowly coming down…and taking your cock in her mouth! Ohhh…you mom is just the best…she know how to blow you…and make you so crazy…before she let you enter inside her! Her face is so sexy how she enjoys her baby boy’s cock …you just can’t stop…fucking her so deep and make her cum like never before! She is get so horny…that now…this morning…yes…mommy wants you to cum inside her! Cum my baby…cum inside your mommy! Mmmm…so warm! Good boy! AS always…you are mommy’s love!

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Natalie Wonder – You and Your Friend Share Some Naughty Love With Mommy On Valentines Day

You boys can come in, I was just browsing the computer. Oh sweetie, I see you’re hanging out with my favorite friend of yours. He’s the good looking friend. Almost as good looking as you. Even though your friend is a lot younger mommy still knows hotness when she sees it. Mmmm yes I guess I am coming on to your friend. Although I don’t think he minds. Okay sweetie, mommy will stop embarrassing you. So anyways, you boys have dates for Valentine’s Day? What?! No?! I’m shocked. You don’t like the girls your age you say? So you boys like older, more experienced women I presume. Mmmmmm good to know. So am I what you would call a “hot MILF”? Yes? Mmmmm, it’s getting hot in here now. I need to unbutton my top. Don’t be shy, you can watch. So since we’re all single for Valentine’s Day I don’t see the harm in getting to know each other better, if you know what I mean. Mmmm you boys can’t hide your boners. You can’t help but get horny from the sight of a hot older woman slowly undressing & touching herself in front of you. Sweetie, it’s okay, I know you have a secret desire to see mommy get fucked by your friend. I want him to bend me over the bed while you watch & stroke your cock for mommy while she gets fucked hard. Mommy needs some young cock this Valentine’s Day.

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Cory Chase – Single Moms New Dating Strategy

Son, the school called and said you came home early.. I just wanted to check and make sure you’re feeling okay… I’m just worried that you might feel weird about the other day. Mommy may have gotten a little carried away… I just think maybe we can help each other feel better. I love you so much honey, tell me you don’t feel the same…

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Krystal Star – Mommy Makes Him Feel Better

Mommy heard about her Sons terrible breakup with his girlfriend. She tries to talk to him and let him know that Mommy is there for him. He is so upset and can barely talk. She tells him that he will find another girlfriend and there are plenty of fish in the sea for such a good looking boy! She even let’s him know that when she was younger she had a tough time dating. That made him feel some what better. Mom tells him to see the good in the relationship. That at least he got to have sex! He starts crying again. He tells her that he didn’t get to have sex with her! In fact he didn’t even see her boobs! And now he was never going to get another girlfriend ever and would probably be a virgin for the rest of his life! Mommy felt so bad for him. How could a girl not want to be with her beautiful baby boy. Mom decided it was time he at least got to see some boobs even though he was just his Moms. She starts to take down her top and her Son asks her what she was doing? “Mommy is going to make you feel better. I am going to show you my fantastic breasts!” she says. He couldn’t believe what was about to happen. He had always wanted to see his Mom’s boobs. Last time he saw her tits he was too young to appreciate them! But now she was going to present them to him! Mom moves her hand and they are huge and perfect! She notices that her son was visibly excited by the rise in his sheet! She knew it was wrong but she knew it would make him feel so much better. Showing him how desirable he is! Mommy is going to take care of you now. She tells him to be quiet as she slowly strokes his cock. She jerks him as she puts her boobs in his face. He shoots his load all over! Mommy is impressed with how much man juice her son gives her. She play with it and rubs it on her massive breasts. By this point Mommy is very turned on and asks her Son if he would like to see Mommy’s butt! She does a little strip tease for him and he cock gets rock hard again! She rubs her full round butt all over his cock. “Mommy wants more cum! Will you cum for Mommy again?” she asks. Of course he says. She starts to suck her baby boys cock! She makes him shoot his cum all of her breasts! As she is rubbing his cum all over her boobs she asks him if that helped him feel better?

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Krystal Star – My Three Sons

Finally Mommy was able to get some alone time! That was until her Son Chip found her and started bugging Mommy for of all things another blowjob! It seemed no matter how many blowjobs, handjobs, and boobjobs she gave them, they always wanted more! They were very spoiled! Mommy told him not now and to stop pestering her! Of course that didn’t work and Chip just kept asking her over and over! Ok fine! Mommy drops to her knees and starts sucking her Sons cock! Chip was in heaven! He loved the way Mommy made his cock feel! And just before he was about to cum his Brother Robbie walks in! “Mom what the hell are you doing? I thought I was the only one you did that to?” Robbie yelled! Mommy was caught! She took care of both her boys but neither knew about what she did with the other. The boys started arguing with each other about who Mom loved more! Mommy stopped them and said that there was plenty of Mommy to go around! She summoned Robbie over and took out his cock. Mommy started sucking his big cock lovingly. She make sure to suck both of their cocks equally so not to made either one of them jealous. Chip told Mommy he was going to cum and sprayed it all of her big beautiful breasts! Then Robbie turned her around and gagged her with his cock until he splattered Mommy’s boobs with his cum! The boys high fived each other when Ernie walked in to find his Mom covered in cum with his two older brothers standing over her with their cocks out! He started yelling at them! He could not believe what he was looking at! Then when he finds out that Mom has been giving both of his Brother blowjobs for a while and not him, he was needless to say very upset! His Brothers laughed and made fun of him! Mom broke up the fight and told Ernie to take out his penis. Mommy rolls her eyes and says she would take care of him too! Great now she had three bratty Sons that will all want her mouth around their cocks all the time! Ernie came over and Mommy sucked his cock and told him he was special as well! Ernie was about to cum when Mommy told him to cum all over her tits! Mommy had three loads of her Son’s cum all over her boobs. She rubs all of their yummy cum all over her breasts while they all thank Mom for being the best Mom ever! It’s thankless job but someone has to do it!

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Zoey Holloway – Stepmom transforms from maid to super babe

I was pretty excited to get out of school early today. Some days college requires to much concentration for me. I was looking forward to going home and laying around in my room until dinner. Ahh, lazy days like these are so much appreciated. I had no more than walked in the house when I saw my stepmom down on all fours washing the slate floor. Sure, I fantasize quite a lot about my stepmom. She has a pretty nice body for her age and she is super cool to me. I have to stretch my imagination when I’m rubbing one out to her though because she always dresses so, how do I say…tacky? I mean I know she is at home all day cleaning and other motherly duties around the house but she doesn’t know how to co-ordinate her clothes at all. She throws on whatever happens to be within reach. Not that I mind when she wears her old jean mini skirt but if she could only do something with her hair and wear some lipstick it would sure help my cause when I’m alone in my room frantically trying to pop a load without getting caught. When I saw her today in her usual jean skirt and old layered shirts I immediately started transforming her in my mind to the perfectly poised and sexy mom I want her to be for my cock cranking fantasy. She wouldn’t make small talk with me, she would arch her back as she is on all fours so her ass is nice and high then invite me to follow her ever so gracefully as she prepares me for a little motherly love on my young manhood. She would be dressed in a hot pink chemise, which showcases her breasts and curve of her hips. She speaks slow and seductively saying how happy she is to have me home early so she can help relive some of my pent up stress from school. She touches me with her perfectly pedicured feet inside her silky pantyhose. I lay back and watch as she slides her hands down her hose, and plays with herself and watched my dick grow as a result of her titillation. I love when she wears stockings because it makes me think of all that goodness wrapped tightly inside. I feel my worries of the day melt away as she strips her stockings off and her panties so she can slide herself onto my knob. Her moist pussy waxes my knob and my shaft as she slides up and down. When my dick is nice and lubed with her pussy juice she uses those mature hands to stroke me off so damn good. She knelt in front of me so I could see her tits and her bush while she milked the cream from cock. She gave me her silky stockings that she thought said Mommy on them but I haven’t the heart to tell her otherwise. It doesn’t matter, she wiped my cum with them and told me to smell them later when I hear my dad fucking her in the next room to remind me what she will do for me anytime I want. A tender loving mommy hand job.

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Raven x – Mommy Needs Your Seed

Something woke you up in the middle of the night. It was your mommy. She was wearing only underwear. You’ve never seen her wearing anything like this before. It was see trough. But you were too sleepy and confused to think about it. She says she needs to talk to you about something important. She wants another baby. Daddy and her were trying for a while now, but it didn’t work. She is sure it’s daddys’ fault. He is too old, so mommy needs fresh seed. Someone who could give her another baby, just like you, beautiful, smart and kind. So she came up with the idea. You could give her your seed, and the baby will be just like you. And it has to be tonight. Mommy is ovulating, so it’s a perfect timing. You don’t need to worry or think about anything. Just let mommy do all the work, and in the morning, you can just pretend nothing happened. Mommy pulls your pajama down and starts stroking you. Her hands are soft and warm. She pulls her bra down, her breasts are big and round. You’re really enjoying the way she’s stroking you, a bit too much, mommy is worried you’ll finish on her hands, so she pulls her panties to the side and she lets your hard cock slide into her wet pussy. She is riding you, her big breasts are bouncing up and down above your face. She is moaning and asking you to cum for her, to give her your seed. So you did. You filled mommy’s pussy with your seed. She lay down on the bed beside you, with her legs in the air. She says that will help your seed get to her stomach. She is smiling and rubbing her belly… I’m sure soon i’ll have a baby in my belly, our little baby, she said.

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