Mandy Flores – Mom and Son Going All the Way

First scene the son will enter the living room and sits next to you on the couch. Hes been on a date with his girlfriend and afterwards took her back to your home. You ask him how everything went and he tells you it went well and he even made out with her in his room but she was very tired and wanted to sleep. You ask if shes a good kisser, he then responds with “Yeah but not as good as you.” You get angry with him and he apologizes but says he cant stop thinking about what happened a few weeks ago. Still angry you say you’re going to bed, you get up but he convinces you to stay and watch a movie together. Flash forward and the movie ended and he tells you goodnight and gives you a kiss on the cheek, you do the same to him but he leans into your face and kisses you on the lips. You push him away but he then moves in again and starts kissing your neck, you let out a little moan but eventually angrily push him away again and tell him to stop. You then ask him with he wants and he says “you”, you tell him to stop it and that his girlfriend is in the next room, he says its ok shes probably . You stare at him breathing heavily, he then puts his hand on your breast and start squeezing it, you put your hand on his arm but you’re not fighting him anymore and he leans in again and you both start making out intensely. You then start undoing his belt and pull his pants and boxers down. You wait a moment before you start stroking him for about 10 seconds before nervously asking “do you want this” he says yes and you get on top of him, he puts his hands under your shirt to grab your breasts but you then take it off entirely, you then slowly slide his cock into you and ride him gently but quickly pick up the pace and ride him hard. He then cums in a little more then a minute. During the sex you both let out quiet moans but when he cums he lets out a big moan and you put your hand over his mouth and shush him.
The second scene you both wake up in the same bed naked (but under the covers). When you come to your senses you panic when you realize what happened and ask your son to check on his girlfriend, flash forward and he gets back in bed and says shes still totally . You then get really guilty and tell him that you have been feeling really lonely and that you feel like you’ve used him. He tell you not to worry and that he wanted all of this to happen. You tell him to stop saying this because you’re his mother and that this can never happen again. You then say you need to take a shower, you put on your t-shirt with your back towards him and quickly get out of bed and leave the room. When the shower starts running the son will go to the bathroom aswell and sneak up behind you and start groping you. You get angry and try to resist and tell him to stop but when you start feeling his erection against your butt you still tell him to stop but youre not resisting anymore. He says “please just one more time” then when he slides it between your legs and into you from behind you just start moaning and tell him “quickly” he then starts fucking you from behind fast and after about a minute tells you hes cumming, you then turn around and give him a quick 30 second bj before he cums in your mouth. Afterwards you both hug and say you love each other.

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My Son’s Uncontrollable Urges 1080p – Xev Bellringer

My boy started acting strangely. Exactly as the doctor warned me he might. Loss of inhibitions, acting on impulses… inappropriate impulses. I never thought he would walk in on his own mother in the shower, so brazenly… Staring at my wet, naked body as I tried desperately to cover myself. He wouldn’t leave, even stripped his own clothes off! It just wasn’t right for a grown boy to bathe with his mother. But there was nothing I could do, the doctor told me to give into whatever my son wanted. No matter how wrong it was. To wash him if he insisted, running my soapy hands all over his hot, wet skin. Lower. Lower… No, he couldn’t want me to touch his… His hand clamped over mine, making me squeeze his stiff, young cock. Stroking it, faster. No, I… I wasn’t about to make my son cum. He pressed his slippery hands on my body, washing me, exploring me. I had to let him do it. He found his way down between my legs, gently rubbing until I gasped and moaned. Who knows what he would have done to me in that bathroom if I hadn’t run off to bed… I was too afraid to find out… to afraid to discover that I liked it. But he found me in the middle of the night, sprawled across the sheets naked. My son pushed his way into the bed, nestling his crotch right against my bare ass, his hands pulling my hips toward him. I felt it against me, that hard cock again. I laid there, letting him thrust and hump against my round cheeks. But he flipped me over, straddled me, pulled my hands from my breasts to expose my hard nipples. He was going to have his way with me, to use his mother’s body for sexual pleasure… Oh God, it was so wrong… I tried so hard not to like it… but I LOVED it.

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Annabellecums – Son blackmails cheating mommy

Mommy is coming in from the pool looking for a refreshment when she notices you sitting there going through her phone. She playfully takes it out of your hands and in panic see’s that you have been going through her dirty sexting messages with a man who is not daddy. So I admit to cheating and even delete the mans number and promise to you that it is only an one time thing. You are not happy with me and say that Dad should know. I try bribing you with getting out of chores, video games, and even having a big party and the whole house to yourself for a whole weekend. But you say that is not enough to keep your mouth shut and you will still tell dad that I have cheated on him. I start to get stressed and angry because this is my only day off this week and I just wanted to relax by the pool. You say you won’t tell if I spank myself hard and shout that I am a “naughty mommy”. So I do, then you want me naked, I am nervous to get naked because we are in the kitchen in broad daylight and the neighbors might see me naked in the kitchen with my son. But I do anyway, I notice you start to get a boner so I ask you to get naked as well. I am so proud to see that my son has a big hard cock. Which is even bigger than daddy’s. Now I am certain that I would love to see my son cum. But I tell you that we have to be quick because daddy comes home in less than an hour. So I let you suck on mommy’s boobs, lick my pussy and ass. Then you want to tie me up for being such a dirty slutty mom and make me suck your cock and then cum all over my mommy big titties.

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Rylan Rhodes – Rylan’s family album

When Mom has big, bouncy, beautiful Tits…the World can be a “distracting” place for a young boy!!! Rylan’s Family Album includes full, bouncy versions of : “Homework” “Horny Berries” “Fuck Your Mother Not Your Sister” & “Practice Having Sex With Mom”.

Rylan Rhodes – Rylans family album pt1 – Homework

Rylan Rhodes – Rylans family album pt2 – Fuck your mother not your sister

Rylan Rhodes – Rylans family album pt3 – Horny Berries

Rylan Rhodes – Rylans family album pt4 – Practice having sex with mom

Carmita Bonita – Stroke to mommy’s phat ass and pussy

You’re Mommy’s good boy aren’t you? I’ve been so lonely son. You know what would make me feel really good? Watching you stroke your hard cock. It’s okay..don’t be shy. Mommy is here and Mommy knows best. Be my good little boy and stroke off to me. Look at my pretty phat pussy and juicy big ass. You’re so much bigger and sexier than your father. Look up my dress, son. See how sexy I am. Make Mommy feel good and stroke harder, faster-that’s it. Cum to Mommy’s ass.

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Maggie Green – Your Friends Horny Mom Catches You Spying and Blows You

Timmy?? Is that you? Oh , I’m topless! What are you doing out there, are you spying on me? I know that your parents own this health club, I work out here every day but I’ve never seen you here. I thought you and my son were going on a canoe trip or something this weekend, what happened to that? Well that doesn’t matter, why are you watching me change? Don’t you have girls your own age to lust after? I have to admit, you grew up very nice and turned in to such a hot stud . And it’s kind of flattering that a young guy like yourself would even want to see me naked…it’s not very often that I get to show off my tits to such eye candy so here, what do you think? Come on, touch them..there you go! Feels so good, doesn’t it? What’s that bulge on your pants? I better have a closer look, It’s been far too long since I’ve had cock in my mouth and make a guy blow his load with my talented oral skills…what do you say? Can your best friend’s mom suck your dick?

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Msparisrose – Mommy son anniversary

Mommy and son have a “sex” anniversary and dad is leaving town so Mommy and son can celebrate. Mommy starts off buy giving a morning blowjob where her son cums all over and in her mouth and she swallows. Later than afternoon Mommy fucks him cowgirl and gets a messy creampie. Lastly, Mommy gets caught masturbating and having an orgasm but wants her son to come fuck her missionary from the side of the bed. After a minute though, she decides to let her son fuck her in the ass till he needs to cum and blows his load all over mommy’s pussy.

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Buddahsplayground – Mommy has something to show you

We both know that there has been some tension between us. I think it is time for you to finally confess how you really feel about me. I overheard all of the naughty things you were saying to your friends about me. Not mean things… just very naughty. A nice boy like yourself has been taught that you shouldn’t have those kind of feelings towards your mom. Well, listen, I think we need to have a talk and I think that whatever may happen here between us today needs to stay just between us. We don’t need to ever tell anyone about what we are about to do ok.

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