Ariella Ferrera – Quickie While Your Father is in the Shower

Mom can be such a tease around the house. She knows I want her, and I can tell she wants me back. I sneak into my parents bedroom and see mom, bent over, making the bed. While dad is in the shower, I walk up to her and lift her night gown! I push my mother onto the bed, grabbing all over her beautiful womanly body. Her tits are busting out of her bra, and panties are begging to be pulled to the side! I feel mom’s pussy pulsate as I play with her. Watch my big breasted mother grind on my cock like no girl has before! I love watching her, enjoying my long juicy cock, having orgasm after orgasm.. I had to see that ass up in the air, I flip mom over and slide my young thick cock deep into her mature cunt! I know my dad can’t fuck her like she needs, and I am more than happy to supply the dick she craves. I fill her mouth up with my cum, praying dad doesn’t catch us. He would not like having his wife taste another man’s juices, especially not his own son! Mom licks up every drop, and we make a promise to never tell anyone about this!

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Sydney Hail – Moms Regretful Tease

Mom caught me taking a peak at her toned body while she was rinsing off. It’s not my fault she forgot her towel! And when she started playing with herself, it was impossible for me to look away. When she came to confront me a few days later, I was absolutely embarrassed! She massaged my leg, moving her hand closer and closer to my cock.. I feel myself instantly expanding, which she seemed to enjoy. Mom admits to me that she knew I was watching her in the shower. She saw me out of the corner of her eye, and the thought of her own son watching her wet naked body turned her on! Watch mom eagerly suck on my throbbing cock, almost making me cum! She slows down, licks up my shaft and smacks my dick against her tongue. Mom couldn’t wait to have me inside her.. She slides me into her wet cunt, boucing up and down on my dick. She begs me to go deeper, so I bend her over and take total control! Mom’s pussy felt amazing, I could feel her pulsate on me as I made her orgasm! Finally, she drops to her knees with her mouth open. Covering her face in my cum, mom had the biggest smile! I love making my mom happy, now it’s my job to keep her satisified!

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Vanessa Cage – Helping Son Build Stamina

Somehow my mom found out about my… problem. I can’t be the only guy to have this issue, right? Your father went thru the same thing sweetie. Mom pulls my boxers down and runs the tips of her fingers up my shaft. She tugs on my balls and puts the tip of my cock in her mouth. I wanted to cum the second I felt her tongue on my dick, but I was able to hold it back with moms help! As I lay there, trying my best not to blow my load, mom starts to ride me. Slowly, she bounces up and down on me. With her big tits in my face, and tight pussy wrapped around me, I grab my throbbing cock to keep from draining my balls inside my own mom! I can feel my stamina building already as I pound my mom on my bed! She moans and begs me to go deeper into her sweet pussy.. But I knew I couldn’t last much longer with my beautiful mother! Watch me pull out just in time to cover mom in my thick, white cum!

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Tara Tainton – Mom Must Have Cock

My poor son… he tried to create a pill for… energy, I think, for his school project, but there were strange, indecipherable effects on the mouse he tested it on. He was so disappointed. But… then, I found what must have been a sample of his energy pill. What’s a mother to do but try out her brilliant son’s concoction to prove to him that it does work, at least a little bit? It must; he’s so smart! But you know… I remember taking the pill but… all I remember is then losing track of time, somehow, and my son was home from school again, looking at me strangely, and my clothes were strewn all around me. I must’ve… decided to take a nap or something. And I really thought that my son’s experiment would be successful.

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Penelope Peach – BBW Mommy’s Breakup Cure is Cock Riding

Sweetheart, I noticed you looked sad when you came home today. She broke up with you? Well… she wasn’t right for you anyway. Mommy knows her little boy. Mommy says she knows you’re into bigger women because of your porn search history. Don’t worry. It’s normal for boys to get hard for women who look like their moms! She convinces you to let her give you a massage but things escalate quickly. You can’t believe how hard you get as she teases and strips for you. She was right. You like thick women because secretly you’ve always liked Mommy’s body. She sucks your hard cock and finally climbs on top. Her pussy is tighter and better than you ever imagined (and you’ve definitely imagined it plenty of times). You don’t last long but with enough practice you’ll be able to please Mommy as much as she pleases you.

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Sofie Marie – Caught jerking to mom

Step mom Sofie Marie walks in on Son Connor Kennedy masturbating to pictures of her on the computer, and she was so understanding and sweet. She offered to help Connor with his erection, then she overpowers her virgin step son and rides his big cock. THEN, she makes him lick her pussy clean after he cream pies inside her, so Dad won’t get mad.

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Dina Sky – Let mommy help you

This is a roleplaying as your mommy who notices your hard on, and can’t help but insist on letting me help. Mommy gets on her knees to be a good slut and suck your hard cock, slipping off my robe and sucking it deep & good. I am getting so worked up submitting to you and making your cock feel so good in my mouth, I ask you to get on the bed so mommy can fuck it. I show off that big ass of mine as I ride you, talking dirty, and enjoying myself with you. You ask if you can fuck me, and I happily insist, spreading my legs, I let you get on top and give it to mommy, making my big tits sway up and down, until your ready to blow that big huge load mommy’s been waiting for, I get on my knees and happily take it all over my face, mommy is so happy to help you with that hard cock & receiving that extra nice load.

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Penelope Peach – Mommy’s Sex Ed BJ

Mommy heard you were asking your father about the female. Shes sure he was thorough but a woman’s take on her own pleasure is so much different. Mommy will show you. She teaches you all about her nipples, getting wet, and how good rubbing her clit feels. She can see you getting hard and ensures you its normal. She wants to see you stroke for her. You watch her cum with her vibrator on her clit and she notices you’re still hard. Don’t worry. Mommy will help you. She gives you an amazing blowjob and begs for you to fill her mouth with cum. You watch it drip out of her mouth and she encourages you to come back with any more questions you have.

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Helena Price – Let Mommie Handle It And Everything Will Be Fine

Wake up son, mommies finally off work. I’m sorry daddy caught us, I should have been more careful but I can’t help myself. I’m so attracted to you it’s scary but you don’t seem to mind. I’ll figure out someplace for you soon and in the meantime I’m gonna make you feel better. Mmm I can tell you really need this too from the way you’re watching me undress. Your cock is throbbing with anticipation as I wrap my lips around it gently. You’re so hard I need you inside me now son. You like when mommie rides you don’t you? My pussy is so wet and I can’t stop cumming. Thats it son take me from behind and pound mommies pussy til you give me a big creampie. Thats mommies good boy, I’ll handle everything soon so we can do this more often.



Andi James – Nonna Makes Me a Man

Scene One: Breaking the news
Who cares that it’s her son? A strong man with a big cock fucking her is better than anything in the world. She fucks her son as often as possible. Spreading her legs on the bed and letting him ravage her body. She’s even moved in with him to give him all the blow jobs and fucking he could ever want. He thrusts again and again, squeezing her big soft tits and cumming deep inside her pussy. As Andi comes down off her orgasm high, cum spilling out of her, she watches her son get dressed for work. They talk about Andi’s grandson and how he needs to hide his internet history better. Nonna is going to make him a man for his birthday this year. “We’re going to have so much fun” Andi smiles.

Scene Two: Happy birthday Brick
“Big day buddy!” Luke says to his son Brick. He’s 18, still a virgin and not very lucky with girls. It’s time to change that. Brick is confused about what his dad just told him about Nonna before leaving for work. “Just go with it” He tells his son. Dressed in her silk robe Andi sits next to her grandson and strokes the back of his neck. She strokes his arm and he feels awkward as her hands start roaming around his body. “Dad said I should have an open mind” Brick says as much to himself as to his Nonna. She reaches down and hungrily takes out his cock, stroking him hard in her hands. She bends down to suck him when he jumps up from the couch. “I have to go!” He stammers and runs to the bathroom. Andi follows the nervous boy into the bathroom and drops to her knees. She’s got him cornered and he’s going to like this no matter what. She sucks him, moaning as she takes his cock deep into her mouth. “Just like that” She whispers to him, lifting up her robe and guiding him in behind her. He thrusts cautiously into his Nonna’s warm wet pussy. It’s not long before he feels himself cum deep inside of her, losing his virginity. What did he just do! He thinks “Happy birthday honey” Andi says to him.

Scene Three: This is real
The stress and exhaustion of fucking his Nonna have finally caught up with him. He takes the longest nap of his life, trying to out sleep his racing thoughts. But his birthday present isn’t’ over yet. Andi sneaks into his room, pulls back the covers and wakes him by sucking his cock. He lays their paralyzed as his Nonna sucks him off. “I want to make your birthday extra special” She whispers. She spreads her nylon covered legs and lets his big young hard cock have it’s way with her. Moaning from the raw thrill of being fucked by her grandson Andi cums endlessly until he fills her up with his loving cum. “Your fathers almost home and we’re going to have some extra fun today” She promises him.

Scene Four: Nonna wants a threesome
“What’s going on” Brick says to himself. Unable to comprehend what’s been happening. His Nanna is dressed in sexy lingerie as she sits next to him touching his crotch. “Are you sure you want to do that, dad’s almost home” Brick says in shock. Nonna just smiles at him as she takes out his big cock. Just then dad walks in to the house. Brick covers himself and tries to explain. Nonna reaches out and grabs her son’s dick in her hands. Her two boy’s big cocks in her hands. “I’m such a lucky Nonna” She whispers as she sucks from one to the other. With her son in her mouth and her grandson fucking her pussy, Andi is in orgasm heaven. They take turns on her until her body is sore and shaking. One after another they cum all over her face with big loads. “Best day ever” She says cum dripping down her face.

Scene Five: Nonna and Her Big Boobs

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