Sophia Sylvan – Mom’s Pinup Photoshoot

I call you in to my bedroom and to your surprise, I’m wearing a satin robe that is barely covering up some pinup lingerie. I explain that I wanted to you to see if I looked nice enough, as a photographer is coming soon. You see, it is a surprise for your father. I get up on my knees and strip off the robe to reveal a yellow satin vintage bra and lacy tap pants. You can’t believe your mother is going to pose for sexy photos and she’s showing you her mature body in lingerie! You start to feel awkward as you get a boner and try to cover it up, but mother notices everything. She tells you how dressing up like this makes her feel, and encourages you to release your boner and jerk off for her. She can’t stand her son repressing his sexuality! Your mother is so open-minded. You can’t help yourself as she tells you how much it turns her on to be watched, admired and jerked off to. She particularly adores arousing young cocks. She says you can spy from the closet while the photographer does his magic, she is even planning to seduce him and you can watch her get fucked. She pulls down her shorts to show her perfect round butt and sweet pussy and tells you to hurry up and come, he will be here soon!

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Natalie Wonder – I Love That You Fantasize About Your Mother

Your mom has gone away for the weekend and you mistakenly think you’ll have the house all to yourself. You have no brothers or sister and no girlfriend. Excited to be alone, you take your clothes off and bring out your favorite lubricant and some mom/son porn videos. Meanwhile, you have no idea your mom asked her sister (your aunt) to housesit. You get comfortable on the sofa and start watching your porn. Suddenly, your aunt accidentally walks in on you naked and masturbating to mom/son porn. You’re terribly embarrassed that your secret turn-on is not a secret anymore. You notice your aunt is very cool and calm about it. You’ve always had a great relationship with her. She doesn’t freak out, call you a sick pervert or make you hand over your porn stash. She doesn’t even seem bothered by the taboo nature of the video. She also doesn’t threaten to tell your mom.

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Natalie Wonder – It’s Okay, Your Kinky Aunt Likes That You Have Those Thoughts About Your Mom

I texted your mom and told her everything’s okay here. If we need anything we’ll call her. This is going to be fun. Are you excited to have a little slumber party with your aunt? No you can’t have friends over right now. It’s late and your mom thinks we’re going to bed soon. I have to be the good responsible aunt while your mom’s away. So how’s school going. Do you have a girlfriend? No? Why? Because none of them compare to your own mom? I get it BUT you can’t keep comparing every girl to your mother. I’ve noticed you & your mom have a very…um…close relationship. You always want to be around her. Even on weekends when you should be hanging out with your friends or chasing girls. Do you have certain types of…thoughts…about your mom? I’m going to be blunt. Does your mom turn you on? You have sexual thoughts about her, don’t you. Listen, you can trust me. What is said here, stays here. I promise. I don’t judge & honestly…I can relate. I have super kinky, naughty thoughts too. I have a feeling we have more in common with each other than we’ve ever realized. You can open up to me. I’ll never tell your mom anything you say. I love my sister but I also want to have a close bond with you, my nephew. Let’s make this a night to remember & spill all our dirty taboo desires. I’m getting turned on already and something tells me you are too. Your cock is growing because we’re talking about doing nasty things with your mom. And guess what…I’d LOVE to watch you do those really nasty, filthy things with your own mom…

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Jasmine Mendez – Mommy Loves You

This is the Season to be naughty & Mommy’s been a really bad girl this year. You’ve caught Mommy Sexting Dad and she’s super horny waiting for him to get Home. You’re feeling a little neglected and ask your mom if she still loves you? This gets a little hot after that.

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Mindi Mink – Yoga Pants Mom JOI

Mindi is reading a book when her son walks in. She informs him she had a great workout at the gym. She likes to stay in shape and loves being limber from her yoga sessions. He tells her that he just wants to hang out with her. He asks her to show him some of her workout routine. She shows him how she does her squats in her sexy yoga pants. He tells her that she is hot… she asks him if he masturbates thinking of her. She is going to help him with the hard on she sees developing in his pants. She starts to take her clothes off and tells him to do the same. She happily admires the size of his young, hard cock. She watches him stroke his cock and encourages him to stroke it hard. She tells him that he can not touch her… She loves to tease him. She tells him how soft and round her big tits are. She scolds him when he attempts to touch her luscious tits. She knows he has been peaking in on her as she changes her clothes. She holds up her panties and tells him to smell them. He loves her scent. She keeps up the stroking encouragement. She starts to play with her pussy and pulls it open to show him what he wants to see. She then starts to count down and wants his cum when she reaches zero. He shoots a big load of cum that she is impressed by… She tells him to not say anything to anyone else, especially his dad.

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Nikki Brooks – Mom And Son Share A Dressing Room

“Come on,” Mom said leading you into the dressing room, “and stay right there, stop touching everything.” She had a few pieces of lingerie that she wanted to try on, but knew she couldn’t leave you to wander the store alone. “Oh my goodness, can you please stop whining?” she said frustrated. “Can you give me just five minutes?” Borrrring. What were you supposed to do in the meantime? “Can you stop rushing me?” she asked annoyed. “I’m going to take longer on purpose.” Mom started undressing in front of you – her body now exposed to you for the first time. “You are quite the complainer,” she said removing her panties, then putting on a new pair. “And I guess I can put you to good use and have you be my little critique, so, now that it matches, what do you think?” she asked as she posed in her pink, lacy set. “Does Mommy look cute?” “Why are you tugging at your shorts? I told you that if it didn’t fit, then not to wear it – you always do that. I understand that they become your favorite shorts, but now you’re tugging at it,” she said trying to fix them herself. “Pull it down – why are you covering yourself?” Mom continued to change into her other sexy lingerie piece and your eyes magnetized to her cleavage and beautiful, mature body. Satisfied and done with trying everything on, Mom started looking around for her own clothes and noticed your throbbing hard-on.”Oh…are you kidding me? I’m sorry, it’s Mommy’s fault,” she said, then placed a sweet kiss on you. “I shouldn’t have tried that stuff on in front of you.” She asked if you wanted to play with it for a minute to get rid of it, and let you know that you couldn’t go out into the store like that. “You came into the dressing room with your mom, you can’t walk out with your pee-pee hard like that, sweetheart, people are going to think very crazy thoughts,” she explained. Mom let out a stressful sigh, then decided she better take matters into her own hands. You were too shy to pull out your pee-pee in front of your Mom, and she had a nail appointment that she needed to be at soon. She wrapped her soft hand around your cock, pulled down her top, and let you stare at her big tits as she jerked you off. It felt amazing, but she didn’t stop there. She smiled and made a “shhhh” gesture, then slipped your cock into her mouth and invited you to use her pussy to get off.

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Goldie Blair – Mummy Is Pissed Again

Goldie the Milf has found your Taboo porn mags, she is drinking her wine looking through the mags dressed in sexy lingerie when you her POV Son comes home ,seeing her scantily dressed and showing you what she has found decides to start cock teasing you with her drunk dirty talk as she sees you like Taboo mags wants to see how much you like the real thing with your sexy MILF Mom. Suddenly you push her down on the couch shocking her she tries to slap you but sees your hard cock which she isn’t sure if to act on or be shocked you want to go that far?!She says that maybe we should just look at the porn mags together to subdue your Taboo urges but you want your Mom and f*rce a BJ with her shocked mouth almost cumming in your Mom’s mouth! Before pushing her back and taboo fucking her, she soon goes from shocked to seducing encouraging you to fuck your Mom harder! Until you explode your cum all over her tits and face.

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Jessica Starling – Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex

Dating life hasn’t been easy for your newly-single mommy. There aren’t a lot of good men out there. She comes home from a failed date one night, crawling into bed next to you, wanting to tuck you in. She expresses her disappointment in her dating life and tells you her lack of success hasn’t been making her feel attractive. You assure your mommy she’s beautiful, making her blush. She wishes more men were like her baby boy. She tells you she wants to be close with you tonight. You make her feel better about herself, more than anyone else. She moves her hand to your crotch and starts rubbing. You’re confused, but mommy says it’s okay that she’s touching you. She just wants to make you feel good, the way you make her feel good. Mommy has been thinking about this for a while. After each failed date she’d come home and touch herself… and think about you. She doesn’t need or want anyone else. She takes her big tits out of her sexy red dress and tells you to suck on them before begging to let her fuck you. She gets on top of you and rides your face first. You have an excellent view of your mommy’s pretty pussy and her tits as you lick it. Then, she starts to mount you, telling you she’s going to be gentle with her baby boy. She bounces up and down on your cock. Her pussy is dripping, she loves fucking you. She tells you it’s okay to want to fuck mommy, and it’s okay she wants you inside of her. Mommy begs you to get on top of her and pound her pussy. You fuck her missionary as she moans in ecstasy. You pull out and cum all over her stomach. She tastes it. Mommy tells you she’ll never need another man again.

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Melanie Hicks – The Younger, The Better The Cock

Melanie heard about a younger boy with a big well trained cock. She could not resist the temptation to try this young cock for herself. She searched everywhere to find him. She even went to strange parties to find clues and had to fuck a lot of younger guys to finally find him. She arrived and showed off her amazing body to “Little Johnny” and then she was amazed at how big his cock was. She did not waste anytime introducing herself to his mom and then she takes him to the living room and fucks his hard younger cock! I think I am becoming addicted to your cock she moans as she cums and begs for him to cum deep inside of her wet pussy!

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Goldie Blair – Mummy’s Tit Boy

Goldie Cock teases you in nothing but vintage stockings and garter belt dirty talking and JOI you POV as she gropes and slaps her big tits ,spitting on them to lube them up for a big dildo cock to slide between them as she says how good that would feel if that was your cock buried in her cleavage! Goldie then fucks herself with the dildo getting you to jerk off the the rhythm like you are fucking her til she commands you to cum with her.

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