AnnabelleRogers – All Mommy Wants For Christmas Is You

You are home visiting from college for Christmas. I sneak into your room early to wish you a Merry Christmas. You are quite confused as to why I have such festive lingerie on. I admit to you that the house has been lonely since you’ve been gone. I am so proud at how well you are doing at college and the young man that you are becoming. I am shy but I admit to you that I have always wanted you. I really realized how special you are to me since you’ve been gone. Right now all I want for Christmas is you, as I see you have some morning wood. I suck your cock, ride you and let you fuck me missionary until you cream pie my pussy.

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy Gifts You Your First Time 4 Xmas

It’s late, and you’re resting in bed. You awake to your mom standing in front of you wearing her robe. She tells you that it’s officially midnight and that it’s Christmas Day! You’re so excited, you want to jump out of bed. But, before you do, Mommy tells you she has a special gift for you this year! She knows that you are becoming a man, and she wants to give you a gift that you’ll remember forever. Wow! Sounds so cool. But, Mommy says in order to get this really cool gift she has to climb in bed with you. You’re fine with that. Mommy slips her robe off and reveals Christmas lingerie?! And it’s making your cock twitch in a way that it never has while looking at she climbs into bed with you she starts asking you if you have “urges” and you shyly tell her you have been. But, it’s okay! Mommy is here tonight to help you with those urges (it’s all apart of your special gift, after all!) Mommy starts rubbing you, getting lower and lower..she’s making you very excited. She asks if you want her to stop and you tell her no. Soon Mommy takes the Christmas outfit off and is naked in bed with you, now she wants to know if you have ever had sex (but you’re a virgin!) that’s good she says..because your final Christmas present is the gift is losing your virginity. & Mommy is going to be the one who takes it! Talk about the BEST Christmas EVER!

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Missbehavin26 – Mother’s Christmas Gift

Custom video: Son from college visits mom for christmas and stays on her couch. Father is not brought up and assumed to be out of the picture. On christmas eve night mom and her son are having some whiskey and coke and she confronts him about pictures of her she found in his luggage. A lot of pictures from her younger years in sexy dresses or bikinis out at the lake. It’s obvious her son jacks off to pictures of his mom and has a huge crush on her. She tries not to embarrass him and let him know everything is okay. She knows you were always a good little mommys boy that enjoyed cuddling with mom on the couch laying in her arms with her big beautiful boobs in your face. It’s clear he has always thought she was beautiful. They have always been very close. She is secretly excited about this partly due to she being a little buzzed from the whiskey. She tells him she found the pictures earlier and that’s why she wore such a sexy outfit that night – she knew he would be checking her out and taking mental images to jack off to that night on her couch. Well because he’s always been such a good boy she has a special gift for him in her bedroom. She sends him to her bedroom and she secretly goes to change clothes. Cut scene to the bedroom. Son is on the bed and mom enters the room in lingerie (black satin robe?? lingerie underneath?) and proceeds to seduce him. Sex positions – mom rides on top followed by missionary – encourages him to cum in her pussy. preferred clothing (I’ll eventually look through your video previews for clothing ideas) First part of the scene I was thinking something like a sexy, tight fitting turtleneck sweater. When the scene goes to the bedroom she is wearing a black satin robe with lingerie underneath. Requests – most important part is the dirty talk. The phrase “fuck your mother” could not be said enough. Staring into the camera and saying it for 5 minutes would literally make me the happiest man ever however I realize that may not be fun for you! “fuck your mother” and any variant “fuck mommy” “Keep fucking your mother son” etc mommy loves you – you love your mother – you’re such good boy – mommy’s boy – darling – honey – baby Here’s a quick sample dialogue for the finale. Doesn’t have to be word for word but if it is or anything close I’ll be to the moon! Look into my eyes baby. Tell me you’re mommy’s boy. Tell me, say it. Tell me you love me. That’s it good boy. Mommy loves you too. fuck your mother. that’s it, mommy loves your cock in her sweet wet pussy. Keep fucking mommy. you ready son? fuck your mother hard and give mommy all your cum. Cum in mommy’s pussy. Cum for mommy, cum in your mother baby. Good boy.

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Lady Fyre – Super Snow Day with Mom

You wake up early for school & see mommy masturbating on the couch. She’s been waiting for you to get out of bed so she can tell you the good news: You have a snow day! She asks what kind of fun things you want to do today. Bake cookies? Watch cartoons? “Let’s start with hot cocoa,” she says, and tells you to enjoy the Christmas tree while you wait. When she comes back she touches your footie pajamas & starts rubbing against you, which of course makes your morning wood even harder. She notices & says, “This will be our first Snow Day activity” as she starts jerking you off & gives you a blowjob. You have the best mother. “Since it’s a special occasion”, she says, “you can have sex with mommy,”… as if you need a special occasion. Your mom often gives you her wet, tight pussy when you’re horny. But today mom is horny too, so she wants to do lots of positions. She climbs onto your throbbing morning erection & puts you inside her. She rides your young cock in cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. “We can even bake cookies later. Would you like that?” The prospect of warm, sugary cookies excites you, as does getting to spend the whole day with mom. You don’t dread time with your mother like some of your friends, but they probably don’t have a horny mother who loves having sex with her son. “This is so cool,” you think as you get close to orgasm. Now mom wants to try a new position in honor of Snow Day. She says it’s kind of like d0.ggystyle but sideways. You enjoy this position but decide that missionary also feels amazing. It’s so cool that your mom lets you experiment with her body, and she enjoys it too. “Remember to tell me before you cum,” mom says, and she cums hard on your cock. Mom can tell by the look on your face that you’re about to cum too, so she pulls you out & jerks you off until you explode on her breasts, stomach & pussy. This is going to be the hottest snow day in history.

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Official Fat Pussy – Mommy’s Special Gift

Mommy knows you’ve been naughty. Sneaking in on mommy in the shower and while she fucks your father. Well guess what? Mommy added something to your Christmas List, SURPRISE! It’s her! Now sit back and enjoy your mom sucking your cock off, titty fucking you and fucking you until you come all over her precious tits and beautiful face!

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Ashley Mason – Mommies Lil Helper

I was decorating the tree and getting ready for Christmas when my son came home. He was watching me decorate and I noticed that he was getting excited. I told him to come into the back room and help me wrap presents. I couldn’t help but relieve him. I gave him a nice sloppy blowjob until he shot off all over my huge tits.

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Tammie Madison – Stocking Stuffer

Even though you are old enough to know better, Mom still tries to disguise the truth about Santa. She always claims to be Santa’s little helper. This year is no different. On Christmas Eve you come into the living room to find Mom wearing a Santa hat and filling your stocking. She catches you peeping on her and has a little giggle about how silly it is to keep up the facade. As she laughs, her robe slips open and you notice the slinky satin number she has on underneath. Mom catches you peeping and that as well, so she slips off her robe to reveal all to you. There is no time to hide your reaction or to feel embarrassed about your instant erection from seeing mom like this. She notices it through your pants straight away and is pleased. Without any hesitation, Mom makes it clear that there is one thing she would really like for Christmas: she wants you to be her stocking stuffer. There is nothing she wants more than good old creampie filling from her sweet boy. What better gift could you give her for Christmas than the very thing she asks for?

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Christmas Break With Mommy

Oh baby, I’m so happy to wake up and see you sitting infront of me! I thought for sure with all of the snow that your flight would be delayed but here you are! This is absolutely the best Christmas present you could ever give me! I’ve been so lonely since you left for college and I am so absolutely thrilled that you came home for Christmas break. You know honey, I have a present for you too… you just have to close your eyes to get it. Go ahead, close your eyes… Ok, open your eyes! Well, what do you think? Do you like this sexy little Christmas outfit I picked out just for you? I saw it in the store and I just knew you would love it. It reminds me of all of those sexy times that we spent together before you left… that special relationship we developed before you moved on… I really missed you sweetie. I missed the way you taste… the way you feel… and I really missed your. your hard cock. Oh baby, I want you to give mommy a present right now for old time’s sake. I want you to give me your hard cock and I want you to creampie my pussy for Christmas! The only thing I want for Christmas is your hard cock deep in my wet pussy.

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