Elay Smith – A Real Mommy

Your Mistress Mommy walks in on you watching porn and stroking your cock, she takes advantage of the situation by telling you exactly what she likes and what she wants out of you. Slowly unzipping my outfit to expose my tits while encouraging you to continue stroking for me, I get down on my knees and give you a nice sloppy wet blowjob and let you nut all over my face.

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Carmen Valentina – Mom Is Brainwashed Into Obedient Slave

Mom needs to have a talk with her son about his failing grades, son is more interested in perfecting & playing his special instruments, son begins playing his magical flute as mom rants, mom is brainwashed as the beautiful musical notes float around her, son snaps his fingers & mom is in a trance.

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Tara Tainton – Tell Mommy Whats Been Distracting You From Your Football Practice

Your coach says you haven’t been doing as well at football practice. He thinks something’s on your mind, distracting you while you’re on the pitch? Do you know what it might be? Hmmmm… I think you’ve just given me the answer. I should’ve known… my boy loves breasts! Is it mommy’s breasts that have been distracting you all this time or any woman’s? Well, no matter, I know how to fix you right up – and fix your game! Now, I want you to pull down your pants, grab ahold of that “problem,” and jerk it for me – yes, right in front of me – while directing all of your attention on mommy’s big boobies. Yes, ALL YOUR ATTENTION. Trust me; this will do the trick!

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Nikki Brooks – Family Love

Scene One: Anniversary
The bedroom light comes on and Mom Walks into my bedroom. She whispers, “Shhh baby, it’s early, it’s not time to get up. Do you know what today is? It’s been one year since we made love for the first time! I wanted to celebrate in the morning but I just couldn’t wait. Don’t worry Daddy’s asleep, we just have to be real quiet.” She then slips her hand under the covers and starts playing with my pecker. She whispers, “Oh baby, I love how your thingy is always so hard.” She then slips out of her robe, gets under the covers, get on top of me, and guides my pecker into her, slightly moaning as she does. She leans forward so she is on all fours, throws her head back and starts rocking back and forth. She does this for a few minutes, whispering words I can’t quite make out. She cums with a little cry. She looks at me with an amazed look, smiles, presses a finger against her lips and leaves.

Scene Two: Party with Mommy
There is the sound of a party in the background. Nikki pops her head out of the bathroom door, puts her finger to her lips and then waggles it for me to come in. She asks, “Are you having a good time at your party baby? This all for you. Well my little man is growing up and I want to give you something very special for your birthday.” She then unzips my pants and pulls out my pecker, she gets on all fours and looks up directly at me and asks, “Baby, would you do something for me? When I’m sucking your peepee would you pull my hair and pull my head backwards and forwards so it’s like you are making me suck your peepee? Oh, baby I love you so much.” She then gives me head, thrusting her face forwards and backwards. After wards she whispers, “Wait just a minute before you go back to the party okay.” and smiles.

Scene Three: Cum to Mommy
Nikki leads me down the hallway to her bedroom. In the bedroom, she takes off her robe, puts a pillow in the middle of the bed, and lays naked on the side of the bed so her head is propped up by the pillow and her feet are touching the floor, legs spread. She looks directly into my eyes and says, “Take your clothes off baby, Mommy wants to do it so bad.” She asks, “Do you like watching Mommy play with her self? Mommy loves doing that for you. Why don’t you play with your thing while Mommy plays with her peepee?” This goes on for a little while, Nikki’s face gets very intense during this. Mommy then says, “Now fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy’s pussy.” I move in and start having sex with her. Nikki says, “Harder baby, harder, fuck Mommy hard.” etc. etc.. For a couple of minutes until she raises her legs in the air and tells me, “Fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck me as deep as you can.” This goes on a while until she cums. She lowers her legs and says, “I can’t believe how you always make me cum.” She reaches one hand between her legs, examines her fingers and says smiling, “And I’ll never know how you make so much cum.”

Scene Four: Filling Moms Holes
Mommy (fully nude) is lying in bed on her side very close to me. Stroking my face, she says, “I love you so much, I am so in love, I wish we could be married do nothing but hold each other all day.” She pauses, smiles, and laughs, “But honey we can’t get married mommies and sons can’t get married. You are so silly. Besides I’m already married to your Father.” She laughs again and says, “Trust me, I can’t be married to both of you. We are just going to have to keep our little secret. But let’s have some fun okay?” She gets up on all fours, she tells me to get behind her and look closely at her asshole and pussy. She is playing with herself with one hand while she supports herself with the other. She tells me to get behind her and to start screwing her doggystyle. She starts throwing her head back and forth and rocking back and forth. She says, “Now put your peepee in Momy’s butthole, that’s it, Now fuck Mommy’s ass! Fuck Mommy up the ass! That’s it, fuck me up the ass! You know those bad word’s you shouldn’t say? Call me those words. Call me a whore, tell Mommy she’s a slut. That’s it, fuck me up my ass, fuck me like a whore.” She really screams, “Oh God, I’m cumming!” She collapses face forward. I pullout, after a pause, she turns to face me, kisses me and wearily says, ” I am the luckiest Mother in the world.”

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Cory Chase – The Strangest Thing

I walk into my son’s room completely shocked. You will never believe what I just saw. You know our neighbor? I was walking by and I saw her fucking her son in the kitchen. You know what? I need you right fucking now. I touch your penis through your pants, and before you can say anything I strip out of my clothes. It was so hot, so forbidden, you don’t even know. My panties are soaked. I want some of you right now. I pull out your cock and suck you hard. Just let mom do everything for you. I slide you inside of me and fuck you just like the neighbor. Oh fuck it feels so dirty. Your going to cum in me aren’t you baby, oh yeah cum deep inside me, fill your mother full of cum! After you cum, I’m going to suck your cock clean like a good mother.

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Cory Chase – Mommy Will Show You Hers

Scene One: Morning
Softly my mother brings me to her bed and sits me down. In a sweet voice she whispers that it’s ok. “You’re growing up to be a big strong boy” She kicks off her heels. “Don’t you like this new dress?” She asks me. Her big tits are spilling out of the tight dress and I can see the edge of her forbidden nipple. “You like the way mommy looks?” I’m half excited half terrified as her hands run over her body. “Tell mommy how pretty she is” she reaches down and touches me, her big tits in my face. Mommy tells me to pull down my shorts and show her what a big man I’ve become as she spreads her legs and touches herself. “Let me help you with that” Mommy smiles at me and slides her wet mouth on me. Sucking and licking and making me shake with excitement.

Scene Two: Bush
“You taste so good in mommy’s mouth” She whispers to me. I’m unable to move as my mom takes advantage of me and makes me feel so good. My dick is drenched and rock hard in my mom’s mouth. “Let me sit on top of you” She says. I’m confused about what’s going to happen as her hips pull me inside of her. I fit perfectly inside my mother and she slides up and down on me. I’ve never felt so in love in my life. Her big tits in my face, my mommy moaning in my ears. “You’re my big boy” She moans as she lays back on the bed and guides me with her legs. “I want you to cum on mommy’s bush like a good boy” She commands. Something comes over me as her pussy gets tighter and tighter. My vision goes white and I shoot stream after stream of cum all over my mothers hairy pussy. “Oh my god baby” She screams in pleasure. “I love you so much” She says, kissing me and I collapse on top of her, spent.

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Lady Fyre – Babysitter Milks Your Cock

You’re in a cabin the woods on vacation but you can’t sleep so you’ve been trying to masturbate. Your little brother is in the room next to you, and you’ve kept him awake with your grunting. He woke up the babysitter to have her check on you, and when she comes in she realizes what the problem is. You’ve been trying to jerk off using two fingers, and she takes your cock out of your underwear & shows you how to use your whole hand. She tells you to pay attention because this is the only time she’s going to jerk you off. She explains that she really needs the job, and your parents were cool enough to bring her on the family vacation. If she can’t keep you boys quiet, she won’t get to come on more trips. You’re not cumming fast enough, so she shows off her butt a little. You still won’t cum, so she finally pulls out a bare breast. That seems to do the trick, and you cum hard with her hand around your cock. You were a little embarrassed when she first walked in, but this turned into the best family vacation ever.

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Lady Fyre – Spying On Auntie Again

Are you spying on me again? You really need to talk to your mom or dad about the changes going on in your body. This is my private bedroom & I should be able to relax here without you spying on me. c I know that you like to stare at my legs, and you love it when I wear pantyhose. If you’re aware of what you like, then it’s time for you to learn about what’s going on with you. Sit down & I’ll show off a little for you. I know I shouldn’t be doing this because I’m your aunt, but you need to learn about a woman’s body. Your mom would be so mad if she knew about this, but I’ll give you a handjob. I suppose it’s better if you learn from me than from some girl who’s going to hurt you or break your heart. You’re so lucky to have an aunt like me. I want you to cum & get back in bed before your parents notice you’re in here. They would be so mad at me, and I don’t want to upset my sister. No cum for auntie & let all that tension out.

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Lady Fyre – Smoking Hot Teacher Schools You

You’ve been so disruptive in my class. All you do is crack jokes & play the class clown. I’ve had enough of it. I invite you into the teachers’ smoking lounge, and you think you’re in big trouble this time. I sit down & light a cigarette. The suspense is strong as I take a long, slow first drag. Then I look at you as I blow out the smoke. I tell you that I’ve often noticed you staring at me. You look me up & down with your gaze, and I know what you’re thinking. I need to relax before my next class, so I’m going to undo some buttons on my blouse. You should make yourself comfortable. An idea strikes me: maybe you’d be less of a problem student if you just release all that tension. I make you unbutton your pants, and I begin to slowly suck your cock. I order you to remove your pants, then I fuck you in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl & doggystyle. This is amazing. You never thought you’d get to see your hot MILF teacher naked, let alone have sex with her. I explain that it’s a much more efficient solution than calling your parents, and I expect that your behavior will improve greatly. Finally I order you to cum inside me. You give me a creampie, and I let it drip back out onto your cock. Then I light another cigarette & suggest you hurry along to class because I’m not writing you a late pass.

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Penny Barber – Bedtime Cuddling With Mommy

It’s a special night and Mommy is letting you sleep with her! You’re so excited to be all snuggled up to me and I’m just so warm and pretty in my red babydoll nightgown. You just can’t help getting an erection under the sheets! Of course I notice, but instead of getting upset with you, I decide to show you a special way that Mommies use to put their good boys to sleep: a nice, deep, romantic blow job!

File Size : 625.0 MB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:08:40