Ashley Alban – Gambling Step Mom Ep III

Your wife arrives home late after a long day, and begins to vent to you about how tired and stressed she is after work. As she talks to you, your son comes over and says that he needs help with something in his room. Your wife tries to get you to help him since she is so exhausted, but your son insists that he needs her help, so she walks off to his room. You know that they have been fucking ever since you came home and walked in on them in the act. You have a feeling that “homework help” is a euphemism for your son shoving his dick balls deep in your wife, so you decide to spy on them a bit. Sure enough, your wife is getting pounded by your son doggie style. You’re not even mad; you love your slutty wife.

After they finish up their dirty deed, your wife comes over to the bedroom door and realizes that you have been watching them. She is embarrassed at first and asks how long you were standing at the door. But the two of you are well aware of the situation between your wife and son. You know they’ve been having sex and you honestly find it to be pretty hot. Your wife sees how much you’re into it based on the raging boner you have going on in your pants. She says that she can make you cum as well, so she pulls off her shirt and gets down on her knees.

Your wife begins to suck on your dick. She tells you about how often she has been fucking your son and how well he dicks her down. He has so much more stamina and he fucks her so much better than you. You kind of like getting your son’s sloppy seconds. Before you know it, you’re ready to cum in your wife’s mouth. After she swallows your load, she mentions that she has been considering trying anal for the first time with your son. Giggling, she says maybe she’ll let you watch, before going back into the bedroom for round two with your son.

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Olivia Blu – A Mother A Son And A New Life

Scene One: Mommy Dries Me Off
Mom, wearing only a short bathrobe opens the kitchen door and waves me in, “Would you get in here! What are you doing playing out there all wet? Are you crazy? Come with me to the bathroom and quit dripping on the floor.” I follow her down the hall to the bathroom. When we get into the bathroom, she kneels in front of me and says, “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes before you catch cold. I swear!” She undresses me. She stops, very briefly looks at my pecker and quickly makes eye contact and then quickly away guiltily. Without speaking, she briskly dries me off while making a show of looking away from him. She dries my hair; she makes eye contact and then looks at my dick, she looks back in my his eyes and starts running her hands all over my chest and shoulders. She drops the towel and takes my pecker in her hands and lightly playing with it. She gets a look of wonder and love in her eyes and switches between eye contact and looking at my dick while playing with my dick. She stops, makes the eye contact, kisses me several times lightly, slips the bathrobe off her shoulders and gives me a handjob. Afterwards she gets up and guides me out of the bathroom by the hand.

Scene Two: Mommy is Waiting
The door to the kitchen opens. Mom, wearing only shorts and a blouse/shirt that buttons up in front is sitting at the kitchen table. She turns to me and says delightedly, “Hey baby you’re home! Come here!” She kneels in front of me and gives me a hug. She asks, “Did you miss Mommy at school today? I thought about you all day.” while stroking his hair. She stares into my eyes with a look of love and wonder for a moment. She again looks into my eyes and removes her blouse and undoes her shorts, not removing them just undoing them enough to show her pussy. She switches back and forth from jerking my cock and blowing me and rubbing my dick all over her tits while playing with herself. I cum on her tits, Her mouth laughingly drops open, her eyes widen, smiling broadly she says, “I can’t believe you came that much!”

Scene Three: Touching Mommy
I am in bed, Mommy comes in, smiles and motions me to come with her. We go into the living room. She sits on the couch, smiles and says, “Will you do something for me honey? Take you pajamas off and let Mommy look at you.” Brief pause, the time it takes me to take off my pjs. She stares at my dick for a good 30 seconds. Slowly she starts to rub between her legs. She takes off her clothes and leans back and starts to masturbate quickly and with great vigor. She says frantically and excitedly, “Do you like that honey? Do you like looking at Mommy play with her pussy? Do you like looking at Mommy’s pussy? Play with your dick, play with your dick for Mommy. Mommy loves you so much, oh let me see you play with your dick.” She keeps talking and masturbating until she and I Son cum. She motions me over and we lay on the couch together. She kisses me a little bit more passionately then usual and says, “I’m the luckiest mother in the world having a son like you.”

Scene Four: In Her Bed
I am sitting on the couch watching TV, Mommy comes into the living room, smiles at me and waves for me to come with her. We go into her bedroom and she sits on the edge of the bed. She asks, “Honey, Mommy loves you very much, you know that don’t you?” She smiles and says, “That’s wonderful honey! And have you been having a good time with Mommy?” “That’s great honey. Would you like to do something special today? Okay but I’ve never done this before with anyone but your Father. ” She gets up, tells him to undress and undresses herself kind of semi-stripping. She spins around asks if he thinks she is beautiful, smiles at his answer, lays on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and feet on the floor. She motions for me to come closer. We have sex; during the sex she smiles very lovingly at me. She jerks up when she cums, staying in partially raised position for a few seconds from a long orgasm. A few minutes later, we are laying face to face on the bed with our heads on our pillows. She strokes my hair. She tells me, “I love you so much, you are the most wonderful son in the world. I wish every son was like you. I am so in love with you. I want everyday to be like this.”

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Jessie Lee Pierce – Mom Virtual Fuck Blowjob Taboo Mommy POV

You’ve brought your girlfriend over to meet your mom, your mom tells you she’s lovely. Your mom gets emotional and tells you her son must really be growing up now, she can’t help but feel jealous that another woman is stealing you away from her. Your mother starts to reminisce about when you were little, growing you in her stomach, birthing you, washing you, and over time watching your body and penis develop. Your Mom then asks if she can see your body, for old times sake and to see how you’ve developed into a man. You remove your shirt and your mom starts caressing your skin, it’s the soft skin that your mom remembers. Now remove your pants, your mom is over whelmed by how beautiful your cock has turned out. Your mother tells you, as lovely as your girlfriend is, no woman in the world will be able to make you feel the way your mother does. Mom wants you to let her show you. Do you remember sucking and feeding on my breasts? I remember the feeling of you feeding on my big breasts… No woman will ever be able to suck your cock the way your mother does, your girlfriend can’t suck your cock like this can she? It feels so much better when your mommy sucks your cock. Mom assures you that no pussy will ever feel as good as your moms pussy, and lays on her back and takes your cock into her pussy. See, there’s no pussy in the world that will ever feel the way your mothers pussy feels around your cock, and there’s no cock that will ever feel the way my sons cock feels inside my pussy. You keep fucking your moms pussy while she tells you her pussy is the only pussy you will ever need until she cums all over your cock. Next mom jumps on top, and rides you while telling you Mom is the only woman for you, Mom is the only woman you need and no woman will ever feel as good as your mother. Mom rides your cock until you can’t help but to creampie her and blow inside her, your mother tell you, you have given her the best present, and shows you your cum dripping out of her pussy. Your mom reinforces gently, that she is the only woman for you, and that your girlfriend isn’t the woman for you, your mom is the only woman you will ever need, the search is over. Your Mom encourages you to make the call and end it with your girlfriend so that you can be mommy’s boy forever.

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Noelle Easton – Taking Advantage Of My Stepson

Another night of unsatisfying sex… I shrug my robe back on and quietly slip away. Walking past my husbands son’s doorway, something catches my eye. I had forgotten why I originally chased after his dad, it was all to get to him. I forgot this cute young innocent body was right here all along. I can’t contain my excitement, I’m rubbing myself through my panties and before long I am climbing on top of him, shushing him and holding his little hands down as he struggles to figure out what is happening. Don’t worry. I’m going to take care of you tonight. I want you to touch me, I want to strip you down and feel that young penis swell with excitement. I’m going to make you have your first orgasm.. and right into my panties! You can keep them as a memento, but I’ll be sneaking back in every night for more of that young penis that I love anyways!

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Little Puck – Mommies Fight Over You Pt 2

Part 2 of Mommies Fight Over You! In Part One it was your New StepMommy Puck that Did Her Best to Please You, But Now It’s Your Birth Mom Codi’s Turn to Fuck Her Special Boy Just the Way He Likes. Codi lies on the bed stroking your cock and sucking on you, letting you know that she is the perfect mom for you, she’s in tune with your needs and desires. Your bratty stepmom Puck is in the back, desperately begging for you to think about her tight pussy and trash talking your mom while she sucks you off. Codi doesn’t care about that stupid bitch, she’s completely enamored with taking care of her son, she lovingly strips down and pulls out her big tits for you, wrapping them around your cock and giving you a sexy titjob. She just wants you to be happy! Would it make you happy if your mommy rode your cock sweetie? You’re dying to feel your mother’s warm wet hole so she slowly slides down on top of you, rocking back in forth, her big pendulous breasts swaying and bouncing as she fucks her son’s hard cock. Your stepmom Puck can’t help but be turned on by watching your cock so hard and erect and she fingers herself while you fuck your *old* mommy. Having these two mothers so turned on by you is enough to make your cock so rock hard you can’t help but explode in your mommy! But even after the dust settles and the cum leaks out of Codi, these two broads can’t help but keep bitching at each other and cat fighting over Who You Love More.

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Little Puck – Mommies Fight Over You

Your stepmother has you alone in the living room, coyly teasing you as she slowly unbuckles her corset. Aren’t you so happy you have a new mommy? Shouldn’t we have a special relationship now as mother and son? She sees how hard you are pounces on your dick…god it’s so much harder than your father’s…oh fuck! all of a sudden your *old mommy* walks in…and she wants to prove that she’s truly the best mother for you. Stepmom and mom battle it out with bitchy verbal catfighting, exchanging nasty words while stroking your cock nad making you feel so loved and desired. Your stepmom gets the first chance to please you, riding your cock doggystyle and pounding you into her newly waxed pussy. But the Old Mother Model wants a turn too…

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OfficerJane – Mommy Blows Pervy Son

My son did not listen to me and clean his room. As I’m yelling at him, I notice him staring at my big juicy tits and decide to have my way with him (only if he doesn’t tell dad)! I tease his cock and balls with my mouth before I gag on it. Since he’s a good boy and promises to keep this our little secret, I let him cover my face in cum!

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Bettie Bondage – Mom is a Cougar Part II

Ever since that day last week, all you can think about is seeing your mom like that again. It’s been awkward, both of you avoiding each other, not wanting to talk about it, but you think that maybe she wants it again, too. Sometimes she smiles at you, just a little smirk, before quickly looking away like she’s embarrassed. Sitting on the couch, you decide to call her bluff – to stare and not stop until something happens. Finally, she puts her book down and says that you should talk. “What happened was…totally wrong,” she says, but you can tell there’s a part of her that wants to say something else, something more. You can sense it. You ask her to talk to you about it, about what happened, and the two of you start to discuss how you feel about it. You make it abundantly clear that you enjoyed the experience, enjoyed watching her touch herself for you, enjoyed jerking off to her naked body. You can see that she’s getting more and more aroused as you tell her this, so you keep it up, rubbing at your hardening cock through your pants until your mother confesses that she wants it to happen again. That’s all you need to hear to pull your throbbing cock out and start stroking. She’s lost in lust the second she sees how hard you get for her, touching her breasts, sliding a hand between her legs and moaning as she watches you. You stroke just how she tells you to, long, slow movements all the way to the base of your cock, making precum leak from the head, which your mother tells you she’d love to lick clean. “But no touching,” she says, “that would be very, very bad.” she takes her breasts out of her shirt, teasing you with them, before bending over and pulling down her yoga pants, unsnapping the crotch of her leotard to reveal her already soaking wet pussy, which she fingers for you, giggling and moaning at how transfixed you are by your mother’s sexy body. She lays on the couch and tells you to get closer, to stroke right between her legs. In just one movement, you could be buried inside her, and the thrill makes your balls draw up tight. If you came right now, you’d cover her in cum. She reaches between her legs, and asks if it would be ok for her to touch it. “Just with my hand?” she asks, tentative but overwhelmed with desire. When you say yes, you feel your mother’s hand wrap around your cock, tugging you closer to her as she moans with delight. She strokes you while she plays with her pussy, jerking you off, grazing the head of your cock against her pussy, delighting in how crazy it makes you. You can’t keep back much longer, and she can tell. She strokes you faster, asking if you want to cum all over her. “Cum on me,” she begs, “cum for me!” she strokes and pumps your cock until you unleash a huge load across her mound, her stomach, and her tits, covering your mother in a thick load! Once you’re done coating her in your seed, your mother’s eyes drop to her messy body. “Oh god,” she says, “we really shouldn’t have done that!”

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Little Puck – Nasty Sloppy Mommy Gag Finger And Facial

“Hey sweetie, we need to have a talk. It’s nothing bad, don’t worry. I just noticed that you’re a growing boy, and growing boys have needs. Don’t they, sweetie? I see the way you look at Mommy, you need Mommy, don’t you? Yeah, you do. I’ve been wearig low-cut tops for you, no bras, waiting for you to make the first move… but you’re just such a good boy and so shy, you need Mommy to take control. Here, go ahead, grope Mommy’s breasts…see how does that feel? Omg! oook! you’re getting so big! Now Mommy’s gonna take care of everything…” Mommy gets on her knees and handles your penis. She loves sucking and spitting all over your dick, making her titties wet and glistening with spit as she gags on you again and again. She becomes more sluttish and whorish the more she gags, she begs you to make her submit to you. Her mouth getting wetter and dirtier as she gropes youur dick with her hands and mouth, loving on you with all her Mommy might. She can’t help herself from fingering her wet sloppy cunt as she sucks on you until finally she can’t take it and begs for you to touch yourself and masturbate for her while she fingers her pussy on the couch. She cums hard and rubs her wet pussy juice all over your dick and sucks it all off. She cums hard again and again…she’s totally mindfucked by how amazingly fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son’s cock! She gets sloppier and louder and crazier as she sucks and strokes you til she’s begging for your huge load and you can’t help but release an epic fucking nut on her face! But what she does next with your cum totally surprises you…but it’s such a fucking turn-on you can’t wait to see Mommy wants to do to you next…

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