Krissy Lynn – Dominated Slut For Her Son

Krissy Lynn – Dominated Slut for Her Son Part One:
Krissy is just saying goodnight to her friend after a nice night. When she comes walking back into the house however her son Nathan waiting her her. He is very aggressive about her having a male friend, and even when Krissy tries to assert her authority, it only makes Nathan become more dominant. She recognizes the look in his eye, but he shouldn’t be looking at HER this way. She is angry, she is scared and, NO, is she feeling like she wants it? His hands are all over her, and her body is responding. She could make him stop, right? Krissy doesn’t find out as she gives in and her son uses her mouth, tits and pussy every way he wants

Krissy Lynn – Dominated Slut for Her Son Part Two:
Ever since her son dominated her, Krissy has been trying to keep Nathan happy. Things have been going well and she accepts the way things are, it’s just a secret between them. But when they are at the movies, Nathan wants her to prove that she’s his.

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Brianna Beach – Mom Meets The Boyfriend

Oh please.. You can call me mom. I think Ashley just got out of the shower, so we have some time to get to know each other a little. I’m just so excited to meet you, my daughter doesn’t normally bring her boyfriends over… Actually, since we have some time, I’d like to get your opinion on something…

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Penny Barber – Special Easter Holiday Handjob From Mom

I need you to hop up, get out of these jeans and into your Sunday suit before you make us late. I will give you your Easter present now if you promise to hurry. I know you are too old for an egg hunt but these say they are for adults. Oh wait, these aren’t fun Easter eggs, these are sex toys! I guess you stick your thing inside the egg? We should test this one out just to be sure but then we really need to run along to church. Oh that just slides right on there, doesn’t it. So stretchy and slippery on your nice stiff cock. This toy is actually pretty fun for Mom and it looks you are definitely enjoying it too. We are running late though so I need you to enjoy it a little faster. Maybe the sight of my bare breasts and wet pussy will help you cream your egg a little quicker.

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Bettie Bondage – Nuru Massage For Mom

Oh, honey, I’m so happy for you, going back to school like this! And to be a massage therapist? You’re going to help heal so many people. So, what did you need help with? Oh, well, I’d love to help, but wouldn’t it be weird for you to see me naked, to touch my body like that? Ok, well if you’re sure, honey. I mean, you are the professional! So, should I just get up onto the table? Ok. So, what did you say this was called? Nuru self-massage? No, I’ve never heard of that. Oil? Um, ok sweetie. All over my…breasts? Honey, are you sure you’re ok with this? Ok…mmm, it does feel nice. My butt? Well, if you’re sure…mmm, yes it does feel good. Wow, I didn’t realize how relaxing self-massage could be. This does feel great. Lower? Um, are you sure? That’s…oh, wow. Uh, this is feeling very exciting, honey I don’t know if…mmm, that feels so good sweetie! Hey, honey…what’s that? It feels like your…oh my. Are you sure? I mean, my butt against you like this, isn’t that a bit inappropriate? Ok, if you’re sure…mmm, it does feel nice. What uh…what body part is that, that I”m rubbing against? Mmm, it does feel good. Oh, sweetie, oh hold on that’s about to go into my…oh, goodness…mmm, that…wow. Sweetie, I don’t know if that’s….oh god, it feels so good. That’s it sweetie, deeper. You’re making mommy feel so, so good!!

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Goddess Juls – The Only Pussy You Get Is Your Mommys

You grew up so much and turned into such a young man. I saw a cute little girlfriend you got yourself. She looks young and inexperienced. But i know that i am still number 1 woman in your life. There is no closer bond than me and you share. Honestly i am not ready to share my sweet boy. I do not approve of your girlfriend. The only pussy you are getting is mommy’s. You are not allowed to have sex with any other woman. Only MOMMY!!! Remember you got your first erection looking under mommy’s skirt? You used to climb underneath the table and look up at my pantyhose. All your first sexual experiences were with me. I made you a man. I know you still stroke to me when you are alone in your room….i know i still make your dick hard. I take off your pants and start stroking your cock (virtual POV). Oh you are so hard for me… You see, you don’t need your girlfriend. I tease you more with my big natural breasts, sexy lingerie and then get on the bed and start sucking your cock (virtual BJ pov). “Oh sweetie, fuck your mommy! I am going to show you what a real woman does!

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Mandy Flores – Mom And Son Awesome Art Project

You arrive home and realize your son is supposed to be sketching a live model for his big projects final grade. You can hear the disappointment in his voice as he tells you she never showed and it was too late to get a replacement. Being the loving mom you are you can’t let him get cheated on this grade and offer to pose for him your self, nude. He is hesitant at first but it’s really the only way he can save this semesters grade. Later you come out in your robe, still feeling a bit shy about opening it, but you know it has to be done, so you lay back and expose your breasts, with no panties, but keeping your legs together so as not to expose your motherly parts too much to him. As you watch him paint you feel slightly aroused, as he makes each stroke, detailing your body, you feel a warmth towards him that you have never felt before. He comes closer to re position your arm to support your breast more and lightly touches it, somewhat startling you, but not near as startling as when you notice the giant bulge in his shorts! You can’t help but stare and when he realizes you have seen it he tries to cover himself in embarrassment. But you are a good mom, and you tell him that a model needs to help the artist no matter what it takes to help him fully realize his artistry. You slowly kneel before him and pull his shorts down. You pull his cock into your mouth as quickly as it comes out and lustfully lick and suck it. He is overwhelmed with lust and asks for you to bend over and take his cock in your pussy, you quickly agree, and feel unimaginable taboo sensation from him entering you, cumming in mere seconds! He continues to pound away at your pussy bringing you to another orgasm until he can take no more. You want his cum in your mouth so bad, wanting every drop to cover your tongue. He has an incredible orgasm in your mouth and you swallow every last drop, making sure to wipe your mouth to recover any that you may have missed, it is so wonderful tasting to you in this heightened sexual state. He asks you to never tell his father, even if you divorce him and you swear not to. Maybe you will do this again he asks, and of course you will you tell him…

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Taboo Mom Natasha – A Deal With Auntie

After the last encounter with her nephew, she got to wondering if he told anyone. To be sure, she invites him over for a talk. What she really wants is another fuck session. She decides to offer him a deal. Teasing him with the prospect of owning one of her tasty panties he agrees to go down on her and relive the incestous sex they had. As they go into the bedroom Auntie sucks him off and fucks him doggy style before climbing on top and dirty talking him. In epic clip fashion, he flips her over and gives her the bang she so craved from her nephew. A loud orgasm and he shoots his cum all over her chest. As promised Auntie gives him her panty, after rubbing it and sticking it in her pussy. He surely wont be able to forget her now. Graphic pov taboo sex you have cum to love. A sure chart topper!!

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