Jocelyn Baker – Mommy Sucks You Into Breaking No Nut Nov

You’re a bored housewife, doing your weekly chores..the house ALWAYS seems to be a little bit more messy every week. Suddenly, you get a rapid fire of texts coming through. It’s just your best friend asking you if you’re participating in “No Nut November” What the hell is that? You have no idea, so you ask her..for her to text back immediately to ask your husband. WTF! He’s in meetings all day so no luck there. You do a quick search on the internet to no avail. You are desperate to find out what this strange phrase is, so finally you call in the big guns; Your teenage son. He knows everything that’s hip and happening. Only when you call him downstairs he begins laughing immediately after you ask him what it is. After you calm him down, he tells you. Your face drops and in horror you realize you’re talking to your son about orgasming! He tells you that you’re old, and that’s why you didn’t know what it was. You’re hurt, and aren’t..OLD! You send him to his room and threaten to punish him, but how? You begin to think out loud to yourself..when suddenly, the idea hits you. If he knows what No Nut November is, HE’S participating! You’re going to make your son break his streak. You’re going to put on your best lingerie, trick him into coming into your room and show him that his mom still has it (and isn’t old!) you quickly run upstairs, strip off your boring clothes and put on your hottest lingerie. You call him in and your plan works swimmingly, only it works so well that he’s now asking you to touch him too..Oh no, what have you started? You are a little horny, too..maybe a stroke or two won’t hurt?

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Jocelyn Baker – Mommy Teaches You How To Masturbate

You leave your laptop on the table when you go out, and Mommy decides to snoop through it. While she investigates what you have downloaded, she notices a fairly large porn collection! And man, Mommy is shocked. She decides she’s going to have a little conversation with you about it when you get home. Mommy just wants you to feel good, and she is SO happy to hear that you’ve discovered self exploration over sex. She just wants to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing..So, she turns on one of your porno’s and tells you to masturbate for her! You’re a little shy at first, but it turns you on so you agree. Mommy tells you you’re doing it all wrong, and even offers to help show you exactly how you should be stroking it. A true, complete jerk off instruction. She even lets you cum in her hand!

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Jocelyn Baker – Son Catches Mommy Sniffing Sis’s Panties

Mom sends her son and daughter off to school for the day. Then, she begins her mundane tasks around the house. Dishes, sweeping, and..laundry. When she begins doing laundry she finds a wad of her daughters dirty underwear! Oh what a delight. You see, what no one knows is that Mommy has a secret panty fetish. She slowly picks up her daughters panties and tries to resist the urge to give them a little whiff. But, her desire to smell them takes over and she convinces herself that since no one is home it couldn’t hurt. After Mommy starts smelling her daughters sweet pussy, she’s hooked. She NEEDS more..and so she brings the panties to her bedroom where she begins licking them. Mommy decides she wants to stuff her daughters dirty panties inside her wet pussy while she masturbates, that’ll REALLY get Mommy off. But, while she is doing all this she hears a knock at the door. Who could that be?! Her son?! But..why? He’s home from school early because today was a late start. Oh much has he seen? Does he know Mommy’s little secret? He admits he does and the only way he’s going to keep Mommy’s little secret is if she does something for him. Mommy offers no curfew, extra video game hours, and all she can think of. But after her son watched her stuff her tight wet cunt with those panties he has something else in mind..and Mommy ISN’T going to like it.

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Jocelyn Baker – Moms Secret Pet Play Fetish Caught

Mommy has a secret. When Daddy is at work and her Son isn’t home she likes to dress up like a little kitty. She puts on her ears, her buttplug kitty tail and dresses up in her favorite lingerie. Mommy crawls around on the floor and sometimes curls up in a nice little spot on the couch to take a nap, too. Only today, she wants to have a nice bowl of milk. It’s her first time doing this but she’s very excited. Mommy loves lapping up milk like a little kitty..until, she hears her Son knocking on her bedroom door. She tells him to go away, but he comes in anyway. She quickly tries to cover up and give an excuse as to what she’s’s alll part of her “Halloween” costume. Her son blackmails her, telling her that he’s photographed her dressed up as a kitty and even lapping milk from her bowl, and now Mommy must suck his cock if she doesn’t want any of the PTA moms, or worse..her husbands boss to find out about her little fetish. She can’t risk her reputation being tarnished, and so she does the only thing she can, gets on her knees and opens up to suck her sons cock.

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Jocelyn Baker – Mommy And Son Captured Sex Slaves

Mommy and her son have been captured and turned into sex slaves! They are being put on display for privileged rich people to watch & enjoy. Mommy is told that she must lay back in the bed and call her son into the room, all while a crowded room of people observe and even touch themselves. If Mommy doesn’t want her or her son to get hurt, she will not only listen but enjoy. She does as instructed, and calls her son into the room. He is very frightened as he’s never thought of Mommy sexually AND doesn’t know what’s going on! Mommy explains to him that she is going to pleasure him while she gets herself ready using a vibrator. He seems to get more nervous, and Mommy assures him that she loves him so much and will hold him close the entire time. She even encourages him to lick and suck on her big beautiful breasts to shield him from the people jerking off around them.

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Korina Kova – Robo Mom Family Services Modifications

I am your mom and your father left a long time ago leaving tension between us and as we are in the kitchen I am too distracted with texting my friend, you mention that you signed me up for step family services, I laugh and don’t take much note telling you that I meditate at yoga and I don’t need whatever it is that you signed me up for, just then I get a phone call and ignore you as you leave, while on the phone I get a knock at the door, no one is there and its just a white box, I open the box to reveal a beautiful necklace with a curious stone, once inside I can not resist trying it on with my hottest dress, as I am admiring it I don’t notice the noises its making until its too late, I can’t get it off and I am in a panic when a jolt comes over my body and I am frozen, my mind is taken over and I stand up straight while blank, I open my eyes and the mental domination complete, mommybot on route to step family service laboratory, I wake up in a dark room and calling out for help, as I look around I see all the equipment and when I notice the huge machine above my head its too late, a beam shots me in my forehead and I am taken over again, a week later the lab tech is working on modifying my body and enhancing my tits, ass, pussy, and lips and programs my brain to be the perfect fuckbot. The next day you come home to hear me humming in the kitchen, confused on where I have been for the last few weeks you don’t get a chance to ask me, I am cooking and baking and cleaning, and I greet you with a kiss and hug while telling you to sit down while I serve you, I sit beside you when you tell me you are going to take a nap “yes darling I want ultimate pleasure for my boy” you go to your room so confused. When you wake up I am on your bed with my head down, my eyes open and a downloading sound happens, I tell you that I am here to please you, and I start to look for the source of my boys stress, mommy found it, its in between your legs and mommy is designed to take care of it, I suck, fuck, and blow your mind with my new body and synthetic pussy, you cum all over me and I deposit Into my system, what a good boy.

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Tara Tainton – We Don’t Need Your Father Anymore

No, no, why should I have to wait for him? Why… when you’re standing before me, just as hot for it as I am, plagued by the same strange, engrossing phenomenon: my stepson. All I need is YOUR COCK. It all started when I braved taking an experimental drug. I just wanted to surprise your father. Just wanted to give him the best Valentine’s Day gift in the world. For once, in our relationship, I’d have HUGE TITS to offer him. Or at least, bigger than the tiny titties I’ve had my whole life. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it. Maybe I should’ve left well enough alone, but I HAD to try it. I’ve always wanted BREASTS… cleavage… something for a man to grab ahold of and FUCK. It happened so quickly… a rush came over me like a wave of tingling energy. Enormous tits sprouted on my chest, expanding in every direction, until… well, I’m not like “me” at all anymore. But that wasn’t all. The drug also made me unbelievably HORNY. It was all I could do to wait for your father to finally get home to see his “gift,” but then YOU came home first. I could see your reaction to your stepmom’s new appearance, new body, new LUSCIOUS TITTIES. But that wasn’t all, was it? No, you confessed you took the drug too. And now, you’ve got an ENORMOUS COCK just as hungry for release as my own body. We don’t need your father… we’ve got each other.

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Tara Tainton – My Moms A Nudist

It’s hard having a mother who’s a nudist. Well, I grew up with it – it’s awesome but all my friends have a hard time. I usually don’t even bother to tell them. Why would I? They’d get the wrong idea, or expect me to explain, it just think I’m joking anyway. Nothing prepares them for coming over to my house and seeing my mom walk around nude as if… well, as if she’s not!

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Jayne Cobb – Fucking Your Mom In A Tiny Bikini

You and your mom have gone on a vacation and she’s thoughtlessly forgotten her bathing suit, so she sends you down to the gift shop to grab her a new one but you have other plans in mind. You pick out the smallest bikini you can find so you can see your sexy curvy mom as close to naked as possible. She’s a little miffed at first but agrees to try it on and show you why it’s too small, but you just get more and more turned on the longer she tries to show you what’s wrong with it. Once she stops complaining about her body and how she’s too old, and not sexy like the young girls your age, she realizes you have a raging boner! She’s a little surprised, but you can tell she wants it… bad! She reaches down your pants and pulls it out and strokes in and you know she’s desperate to taste your cum. It doesn’t take long to get her on her knees with your throbbing young cock in her MILF mouth. She sucks it so good! You’ve never had a girl your age take as much of your bigger than average cock and your mom really seems to love how hard you are. She can’t stop talking about how your Dad never gets this hard anymore and she’s so horny. She practically begs you to let her ride your big dick and being the excellent son you are, you let her climb on top. Just then, her phone rings. It’s your dad… she has to answer! So while she rides your cock she tells him how great the trip is going, how she misses him and tries SO hard to hide her moans when you unexpectedly thrust your throbbing cock deeper inside her. She looks so cute trying to hide how much she’s loving your big dick. She quickly rushes your dad off the phone, so she can get back to enjoying your big hard cock. It’s been years since she’s been fucked this good. She begs you to take control, so you throw her onto the bed and pound her pussy. You’ve always suspected your mom was a size queen and with how much she’s loving your big dick you know for sure now. You’ll be able to control her with that big dick. She’ll never want to fuck your dad again after having your cock deep inside her. You make her cum hard, and it feels so good you get really excited and bust a HUGE load in her pussy. She feels her cunt filling with your hot load and turns bright red. You’re her son, how can she love having your cum inside her so much!

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