Alana Cruise – I want to see you explode for me

Your professor stops by your house with your study guide because she knows you are not feeling well. You have not been attending classes regularly and she suspects that you might not really be sick. Her suspicion is that a good orgasm would make you feel better and you agree, so you take your dick out and begin to rub one out. It is hard for you to pay attention in class because Miss Cruise is so sexy. She lets you see her tits while you are stroking off. This is your dream come true, but it gets even better when she confesses that she thinks you are hot. Then she lets you look at her pussy and she has a bush. You love it. Finally she lets you see her pretty ass. It is such a nice ass and you would love to put your face between her cheeks. It is not much longer until she encourages you to release your semen for her. Are you feeling well enough now to attend class tomorrow?


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