Alison Tyler – No Words Necessary

Alison and her son decided to go to a movie together for mother’s day. She puts her hand on his thigh and starts rubbing it. When he goes to say something to her, she leans in and kisses him then tells him how this reminds her of when she was younger, making out in movie theaters. Things quickly get hot and heavy as they make out and grope each other. It doesn’t help that she’s isn’t wearing panties, tempting her son to slide his fingers inside of her. She strokes his cock until he cums all over her hands.

Alison and her son walk into their hotel room only to discover that there is just one bed. She calls the front desk but that is the only room left. Since she thought they would have separate rooms, she didn’t bring anything to sleep in, so she just wears her silk robe. As she sleeps, her son can resist the temptation of slowly pulling the covers down and admiring her big, sexy tits as he rubs himself. He gets too worked up and starts groping his mom’s ass and stroking his cock. She wakes up, catches him and offers to do it for him- this one time. After he cums in her mouth, they agree that this never happened. In the hotel room, Alison seems upset and her son wants to know what is bothering her. She says how long it’s been since she and his dad divorced and everyone wants a younger woman. She strips in front of him and wants to know who would want her. Her son definitely wants her and they fuck intensely, giving her multiple orgasms and he cums inside of her. She lets his cum drip out of her satisfied pussy before they cuddle up and fall asleep.


Download file – 864.6 MB
Download file – 864.6 MB