Alora Jaymes – Aunt Gives Nephew Private Lessons

My grades haven’t been that great and my mom had enough, her sister/my aunt was a private tutor who specialized in working with boys to get there grades up. she told me that she had hired her and sent me over to her place. my aunt Alora greeted me at the door and seemed a little nervous, she invited me in and explained her technique which was a real shock to me. she made me promise not to tell and then dropped a bomb on me, her way of motivating her students was with sexual favors! i became nervous and excited at the same time. she said it would be a little weird using the techniques on me but i was her nephew and she loved me, i always had a little crush on my aunt so i was down. she said the best way to start was to give me a taste, she had me drop my pants and then she proceeded to give me the most amazing HJ ever! when we were finshed she said if i did good in school this week my rewards would be even better next time!

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