Alora Jaymes – My Friends Mom Needs Money

I just got out of school and went to Mrs Jaymes house for my next lesson. her and i had made a deal, she was recently divorced and was also the mother of my best friend. she wasn’t able to keep up with her bills and since i was going into the military i wouldn’t really need the money i saved up for collage. so i offered her a deal, if she would teach me the ways of a women’s body then i would pay her for the service and she could pay her bills. she was reluctant but eventually agreed, her first lesson was to strip to her bra and panties and make me jerk off but not let me cum until she said. when i got to her house Mrs Jaymes met me at the door in a bathrobe, she welcomed me inside and told me to follow her to her bed room. when we got into her room she told me to take my pants off and get on her bed. when i was naked and laying on her bed Mrs Jaymes told me today’s lesson would involve a Handjob, she said that was a far as she could go since she had a boyfriend. she started jerking my dick and seemed like she really enjoyed it, she kept reminding me not to cum until she said so, she say girls liked guys who could last so i wasn’t gonna let her down. i cant wait for our next lesson!

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