Alyssa Reece – Dirty Loads With Mom

Mom is doing laundry as son approaches. She is surprised to see him right behind her.Oh hi sweetheart, I didn’t see you there. I’m just putting another load in before I start dinner she says.She turns back to the washing machine and son grabs ahold of mom’s ass. Hey! Mom turns to face him.What do you think you’re doing?Son reaches for her boobs but she slaps his hand when he touches her. Stop that! I’m your mother for god sakes! You can’t touch me like that. Don’t laugh. This isn’t a joke.She turns around to fold the clothes on the dryer. Son grabs her from behind and pushes her down on the clothes she’s folding. He starts aggressively rubbing her pussy over top of her pants with his hand. What are you…? Let go of me! Do you hear me? Son pulls down her shorts and panties to reveal her hot pussy. No! Honey, I’m your mother! You can’t…He spits on his hand and rubs her little pussy. Please!

You can’t…. Your father is upstairs, he’ll hear.Son holds her hair in one hand while he rubs her pussy with the other. She starts to moan.This isn’t right… You’re my son… I can’t…Son pulls out his cock and his mom sees it. No, no no no… You have to stop… I’ll do anything but you have to stop, honey!He rubs his cock between her bare ass cheeks. I’ll rub it for you! If that’s what you want – mommy can jerk you off. Just don’t put it in me okay? I can’t fuck my own son… I can’t. Please baby, let mommy jerk you off. Please!He spreads her cheeks to look at her pussy and asshole. I’m serious… I’ll make you cum! You can cum all over me, wherever you want, just like those videos on your computer. But you can’t do this! I’m your mother!He starts to push his cock into her pussy and fuck her.Uhgh! You can’t…. this is wrong. It’s ….Uhhh… fuck. I can’t believe this is happening. Your father… He… is upstairs and…. ohhh… This is illegal… it’s just wrong… You’re my son…. I’m your mom. We’re not supposed to do this.He turns her around and lifts her up onto the washing machine. He pulls up her shirt and puts his cock back inside her.You’re sick (she whispers through her grunts and moans), you know that? You’re perverted… Is this what you want? Fucking mom in the laundry room while dad watches the game upstairs… Is this your sick fantasy? Uhgh… You little …. you fucking… little bastard… I think… I think you’re gonna make mommy cum…He grabs her throat and her veins bulge. Her face turns red and her eyes roll back a little…. She lets out a strained, choked whisper I’m cummmming…..He lets go of her throat and she cums loud and hard. Oh my God! … Holy ! Holy…. ! You made mommy cum… My baby boy made me cum… This is insane….He starts fucking her faster and faster.Oh my God… Don’t cum in my okay? Please whatever you do… You can fuck me again… whenever you want… I’ll suck your dick, I’ll do anything just don’t cum in me… I can’t let my baby cum inside me… Come on… pull it out…. wouldn’t you rather cum on mommy’s tits?? The tits you used to suck on…These tits you fantasized about all your life… wouldn’t you rather cover them in your cum? Or maybe my face? Unghh, it’s so fucking dirty, come on…. cum on my face baby…or…do you want to cum in mommy’s mouth? (She is desperate, pleading. Trying to be somewhat seductive she opens her mouth sticks out her tongue.) I want to taste you… please son… give me your cum… you can fuck my my mouth if you want, you can cum in my throat… you can make mommy swallow every drop…. just give it to me… please…He pulls out and pushes her to her knees. She opens her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out.That’s it, cum in mommy’s mouth!He jerks himself off onto her tongue and her face.I can’t believe you made me that…. Do you feel good about yourself? You’ve turned your mother into a whore. What if your father had walked down here?


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Download file – 134.0 MB