Alyssa Reece – Mommy Says You Can’t Cum

We need to talk. When did you become such a pervert? What am I talking about? I found a pair of My panties in your bedroom! You jerked off into them didn’t you? What kind of a son takes a pair of his mother’s panties from the dirty laundry hamper? You’re sick! Do you think your friends steal their mother’s panties to jerk off to? Of course not! What is the matter with you? I am your MOTHER! How long have you had this sick fantasy about Me? I am going to have to punish you. Drop your pants and take your cock out. I am serious. I am going to make you jerk off in front of Me, right here, right now.Are you shy in front of mommy all of a sudden? You weren’t too shy to steal My panties. You’re rock hard, even though I’m calling you out for being a pervert. Start stroking that cock for me.Show me what you do with My panties.

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