Alyssa Reece – Mommy Swallows

Son walks in to his mother’s room and she is masturbating. She is startled, and embarrassed. You can’t barge in on your mother like that! What were you thinking? I told you to ALWAYS knock before you come in my room! He is embarrassed as well and starts to leave. Wait his mother says. He stops at the door. Did you know what mommy was doing before you came in? I think you heard mommy and you wanted to see me naked. Isn’t that right? I won’t be mad, jut tell me sweetie. I knew it!! You wanted to walk in on your own mother masturbating. I can tell you’re hard through your pants. You are such a naughty boy!

Do you want mommy to show you her tits and her pussy? How about my ass? I want to take your pants off too honey. Wow it’s a lot bigger than I remember. This is so fucking hot, that my own son wants to fuck me. But I can’t let you fuck me, I’m your MOTHER. What is someone found out? I know you want to honey , and I do too. What about if I gave my baby a blowjob? Would you like that? Would you like to cum in mommy’s mouth? Come here sweetie , I am going to sit back and I want you to FUCK my mouth. Fuck mommy’s mouth with your throbbing cock baby, I want your cum going down my throat. Give it all to me baby. Yes cum in my mouth


Download file – 101.2 MB
Download file – 101.2 MB